Planning is Essential part of Life.


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There are events of life, which is fixed and mend to happen in your life, unless and until something from nature forbids your plan. Planning is essential part of life, which you cannot avoid, unless you ask for the mess in life.

When you plan, you set the things in order, and remove the known obstacles from the path. You may not plan everything, or everything you decide, may not fall in place, but this doesn’t mean, you keep your entire life on fate, luck or chance.

You decide the events and situations of your life, and when you are the deciding factor, that means the outside situations of life, comes through you. You have the power to make or break the situation. Not only that, but the coming events of life, also depends upon your present choices with life.

When you plan your future in advance, the situation may or may not go according to your plans, but when you have already done which is possible from your end, you leave the space into your mind, that serves you, to bring the necessary changes in the moment.

Life works in order. When you observe the nature, it follows the certain order. There is no force, but the natural flow. This is how, you can design your life, through planning and proper execution. You too can naturally flow with the experiences of life, if you plan the things  in advance.

When you plan your life, you allow the mind to remain in the present moment, for the longer period, as the things are already settled in, into your mind. With the present state of mind, it becomes easier for you to switch from one thing to the another, if the situation demands in the moment.

The human mind expands with different experiences of life. The situation and events of life are simply an experience, to expand your inner world. When you expand from inside, you develop better perception towards life. When you see well, you can plan your future in advance in better way.

Life is all about choice and decisions. Your choice and decisions in the moment decides your life. If you don’t value your own choice and decisions, you don’t give much effort into it.

Sometimes you make choices with life, with which you are not comfortable in the moment, or for the future. With such choices of life when you know, you cannot move back, the only option remains for you, is to give everything to it, in the moment.

When you know, there is no way to move backward, the only step remain for you is to proceed forward. By giving everything to the moment, you cannot change the past choices or decisions, but certainly you take control of the present and the future.

With each experiences of life you grow, and this thought should always be in your mind. Remember the outside situation and people come and go, so that you can develop and shine with it. If you allow the situation and events of your life to pass, without taking responsibility towards it, than the moments of life pass, and you remain as it is, remaining unchanged.

This is the story of everyone. People tend to avoid the situations of their life, thinking they will get away with it, but they forget that they miss the opportunity to grow and expand from within, when they skip away the responsibilities of their life. Its not necessary that you over-burden yourself with the things, but you can always take one step at a time.

“People don’t learn from the past, and thus they don’t grow and evolve with life. Your own life is enough to teach you all the wisdom of life, if you pay the right attention to it.”

When you plan with your life, and move forward with it, even if the things fall apart, you don’t have anyone else to blame for, but you yourself remain accountable for it. When you take accountability for your life, you also take initiative to bring the necessary change with it. Things don’t move by itself, but it asks for necessary level of energy from within, to bring the change with your life.

When you blame someone else, or consider accountable to anyone else other than you, for the problems in your life, you remove all the chance to make any improvement on yourself.

All the events of life is to serve the individuals growth and development. Even if the situation or experience of life includes many individuals, growth with it always happens on a personal level. Each one looks at the same situation, with different perspective, and what they learn out of it, and how they respond decides the growth and development of a person.

If you take accountability for your part, you commit yourself to give everything to life, despite of the rest of the individuals doesn’t show up, with their capability. If you stand up for yourself, somewhere down the line, you set up a right example for others, to consider themselves accountable for their part. Yes, you cannot act thinking others role in mind, but inspiration to others remains a complementary part, if you aspire to play your part well with life.

“Every soul have a desire to grow and expand both from within and outside. When you expand from inside, you develop understanding towards life, and when you expand outside, you express the best of your inner-self, through creative expression.”

The physical manifestation of life, comes from expressing your best self, with the best of the ability, in your own way. Life holds ever-expanding nature, both within and out.

For most of the people, planning fails, as they plan their life around creating wealth, and with the things that already exists on earth. Their life-style and efforts, too depend upon it. They are less interested in understanding life and to make the most out of it.

Life is uncertain for those, whose base is incorrect. If you make the physical life as your base, you will certainly face the uncertainty with life, and the fear out of uncertainty only arise, when it gets difficult for you to understand the situations of life.

All the planning of life fails, if you don’t try to understand how the situation and events of life take place. The understanding towards life, takes you inside. With the understanding, not only you expand from inside, but you create and innovate more with the outside life.

When you understand and plan your life, you don’t force your plan upon life, but you align every steps of life, with the natural laws and remain flexible with life. You understand the natural process of life, when you try to learn and observe your everyday events of life, and grow with it.

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