Patience is the key to all the problems of Life


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Patience is the key to all the problems of life. At times you caught up into the situations, where neither you can move forward, nor can you go backward. The only place remains for you is at the moment. You feel stuck at the moment. You have no clue whatsoever what to do in such situation.

Is there a way out of such situations?

Yes, there is a way. You embrace the moment and show patience at the moment. You know now, life is not moving forward, and thus you don’t have too many options. All you can do is embrace the moment and show little patience in the moment.

Many people have a tendency to spoil the moment if they don’t find anyway. But that doesn’t bring the solution rather it makes the matter more complex.

The wisdom of life suggests you show patience in the moment.

Patience can help you to unlock the doors of life without a key. The life has a magic in itself. If you know how to stay with life, life itself shows you the way, which otherwise remains hidden from your perspective.

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It’s hard to believe, but life as a whole is kind to us. When we are mean to people around us, we carry the same perception of life. We also feel life behaves in a wicked manner with us. But that’s not life.

Life as a whole is full of love and kindness. The one, who opens himself to life, receives his love and kindness, and the one who only lives in his perception about life, miss to see the truth of life in the moment.

Our mind is receptive to the outside chaos. It’s easier to pick bad things than the good ones. You can think about the bad events whole day long, but your mind doesn’t respond the same way when you experience something good in your life. You have to be careful with the ways of the mind.

It takes no time for the mind to get carried away by the chaos of the outside world. In such moments, if you don’t have clarity towards your life goals, it becomes easier for you too get carried away by the confusions of the outside world.

The life has its own ways to function. You need to understand the ways of life and align yourself with it.

Whenever you are on the path of achieving some big goals, it’s important you stay on the path little longer. Don’t get carried away by the momentary confusions, rather hold yourself on the path, and you will surely find the way for yourself.

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When you stay with the things little longer you receive clarity with the things.

Imagine, if you have been asked to see the painting for just 30 seconds and ask you to describe the painting and at the same time if you have given time to spend 30 minutes with the same painting.

We all know that more time we spend with the painting, the better we will describe the painting.

The same applies to the life’s problem. If you stay with the problem for little longer, without running away from it, you will see the problem with better clarity and with better clarity, you will always find the best suitable solution for the problem.

There is always a silent way to march forward. Life is never in a hurry. It’s only human’s mind that wants to achieve everything in the moment. You can always walk at your own pace. Sometimes, there are too many things going on in our mind that we miss to see the truth of the moment.

It’s not necessary that everyone notices our progress but if you can take those few steps every day to take your life forward, then that’s sufficient to take your life forward.

Not everything happens at a time. Life unfolds one step at a time. The one who learns this golden rule follow the path of one step to take his or her life forward.

Don’t try to solve all your problems at once. You will never be successful in doing so. Just do what is needed for this day, and then come back another day to take your life forward.

When you think your life is in deep chaos, just take one step at a time to come out of the chaos.

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When you see all the chaos in the moment, it simply dis-heartens one’s spirit, and this stops the person from moving forward.

Life can never defeat you unless you choose to give up. If you choose to stand for yourself in the midst of all the chaos, there is no way you can be left out without success. You only lose when you give up from inside. If you can hold yourself strong from within, no way the life’s situation or events can over-power you.

Life needs direction. Either you give direction to life, or life can take you in all the different directions. When you give direction to life, you show life what you really want out of it. The direction itself is not enough, but you also need necessary action in that direction.

Life follows a strange process. You just cannot comprehend the ways of life within your mind. Life can open the doors for you when you have least expected. You cannot think to run away from the problem and expect the desired result for yourself. You have to be with the problem and do everything to solve the problem before you expect the life to show up.

The act of patience is to open yourself to life. You stay open to life in the moment. You remain open for the solution. There is no need to run for the solution, rather solution appears naturally from within.

Life works in the collaboration of human efforts. You put the necessary effort and then allow the life to show up. The act of patience is to allow the universal life to show up in your life.

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