One Step at a time to cover the Thousand Miles

one step

A thousand miles can be applied to your personal life, professional life or spiritual life. Either you wish to improve your personal life, grow with your professional life or move deeper into your spiritual life.

All that life asks of you is one step at a time. If you can consciously take one step at a time, you can do anything with your life. You can expand your limits to eternity. No-thing of this world remains impossible for you.

Remember one step at a time, doesn’t ask for efforts, but all it asks for is perseverance and patience. You have to hold yourself with life. You have to stay with life little longer. You just don’t give up on life.

One step at a time and you are there. You don’t have to leave anything, but all you have to do is keep moving consciously.

When you read the life as a whole, you notice that no part of life happens all of a sudden, but everything in the universe follows a slow and steady process. Everything that is natural manifest without any real effort.

In the moment, life happens without pushing and pulling. Life knows how to manifest in the universe, and life knows how to manifest through you.

Neither that first step is the trouble nor the thousand miles. The only trouble with life is your perspective towards life. You already know so much about life, that your own understanding doesn’t allow you to move forward with life.

When you look closely at your own life, you realize that life is not happening out of understanding, rather life is simply coming out of your past. The past leads to the present and the present leads to the future. It’s the natural way of life.

The way the life unfolds outside, you hold the similar life in you. The life in you too unfold in the similar way, the way it unfolds outside in every living things.

The life as a whole is no separate from you. It’s only when you consider yourself separate from life, everything around you seems like a problem.

Everything that exists around you can become your support system or the same environment can ruin your life, and it all depends on your perception.

The life is that, which you perceive. It may seem that you perceive the truth of the moment, but unless you experience the absolute truth of life, you can never understand the absolute truth out of which the present moment has arrived.

Everyone falls into the trap of perception. The perception can deceive you with life. The perception is part of the mind. The perception is not the absolute truth of life, but your perception only comes out of your individual experiences with life.

The life as a whole is  far bigger than your imagination. If you surrender yourself to life and keep moving forward, life can certainly carry to your destination.

With life, all it requires is the trust. Life does get improve and the life does get better if you consciously take your life into that direction.

Your perception at every step of life only shows you what you carry inside of you and not the actual reality of life. This truth can only be realized by you if you can look into your mind and experience life beyond the surface reality of the mind.

At no moment of life, the life can be blamed. Either it’s the outside life or the inner flow of life, it’s always there to nourish and support us. Life only offers us what we ask from life.

We never see our own desires of the mind and go on blaming life. The outside intelligence is not biased to any person desire, and anyone who walk with the natural process of life, the higher intelligence, fulfills his desires.

All the ideas, beliefs and different notions about life are savored by our mind. We cannot see life dropping our own perception towards life, that makes us hard for us to walk through life.

Taking one step at a time is no big deal, but when it comes to life, even if you know the path, you just cannot move forward. To move forward needs inner strength. You have to have an inner connection, to walk through this life.

Life is simple and it’s not complicated at any point. The thing is we are not strong enough to even walk the simplest path of life.

We have all the reasons to sit by the side of the path, and wait till the life comes, and push us forward. The majority of the people life wait for the luck, or chance to fall on their side.

There are very few, who shows the willingness to take that one step at a time. It’s sounds easy, but when you begin, you understand the real process of life. As you move forward, even that one step demands everything out of you.

Unless you have patience with life, it’s hard to take that one step and move forward with life. You have to learn to live with the process of life. Life has nothing or very less to do with the mind but everything to do with the process.

Taking one step at a time is nothing but the process of life. This is how the life unfolds in the universe. Life has nothing to do with the big bang, but life evolves out of a slow and steady process.

Life reveals itself at every step. Each day life unfolds in the universe. You have to bring your mind to this moment. Your present step of life will take you to the future. The future will be revealed by taking one step at a time.

Neither the path of life is a problem nor a thousand miles are the problem, but the real problem lies in you. The way you see the life, you create life accordingly. You have to understand the ways of life. The understanding towards life will help you to create the right perception towards life and with the right perception both the path and the destination will be experienced in the moment.

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