Observe the Nature of things, to Understand the Natural Laws


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Things includes people, situations, and different experiences of life. When you observe the nature of things, you connect with the natural principles of life. Say, when the sunrises, you turn the lights off, and when the sunsets, you turn the lights on.

Your movement depends upon the nature of the existence. You cannot choose the timing for the sunrise or sunset, but you can definitely understand the movements of the sun, to choose your actions accordingly.

You don’t decide the patterns of life, but you simply understand the patterns of life, and drive your actions, accordingly. It’s like a flowing river. You don’t decide the flow of life, but the mind can simply understand the flow, and change the direction.

If someone fails to understand life, its only because he fails to understand the natural patterns of life. The natural patterns of life that manifests life on earth, the same patterns of life, is followed by our inner system.

“There are alchemists who reads the omens and signs of life with their sharp presence or awareness in the moment and make necessary changes with their path of life and there are sages, who look inside of themselves and understand the natural principles of life.”

The life can be understood both ways outside as well as inside. When you observe the nature of things, people, situation, or different experiences of life, it gives you a glimpse of the patterns of life and you can decide your path accordingly or you can also look inside, and observe your inner world, to connect and understand the same patterns of life.

With life everything is included and nothing is excluded. All that you perceive through your mind and senses, reveals whats going on inside of you, in the moment. It’s not the outside life that brings happiness or sadness to you, but its your own inner thoughts in the moment, brings the joy or sadness of life.

Whenever the person face the situation, there are already many thoughts and emotions goes through his mind and in such moment whatever he perceives, the situation or person doesn’t reveals the reality, but the mind and senses only perceives, whats already going on into the mind.

You might have noticed that the same person triggers different thoughts and emotions into you, but in reality, in those moment, you are never really present with that person, and whatever the thoughts and emotions that is already going on, in the back of your mind, reveals itself in the moment, in-front of that person.

The mind only has the power to deceive you, till you hold your ego in the moment, or you have a sense of personal identity that you carry into your mind. The time you drop your ego or personal identity, it becomes easier for you to drop the mind, and experience different aspects of life, as an observer.

The alchemist or the sage, both understand the natural principles of life, or read the signs by dropping the mind or bringing their awareness in the moment. It’s not possible to remain present in the moment all the time, unless you experience different parts of your mind.

Till you hold your personal identity tight, you cannot experience life beyond the past experiences of the mind. It’s the nature of the mind, to relate with everything from the past, and never view life, in its natural form.

It’s not that you are the only one, who perceive life in that way, but everyone around you too perceive the world, out of their own beliefs, that they have developed over the time, out of their own experiences and impressions of life.

Its like everyone perceives the world, through his or her own perception developed over the time, through his or her own experiences and impressions of life, while in reality, the life is a an ever-going process every moment, that can be viewed, if you realize the third eye, i.e. the realization beyond the mind.

Everything on the existence comes out of natural principles and follows natural principles. Every person has its nature and every individual have limited circle, where he can very well understand the nature of everyone, in his circle. If the person is ready to drop his personal identity or ego, it becomes easier for the person to directly look into the reality of life.

“Life is simple, based on natural principles and anyone who grows or expands in life or achieve success or failure with life, is always aligned with this natural principles of life.”

To understand the nature of life on existence, try to understand this way.

If you consider the existence of god or creator or higher force, the life moves from higher vibrations to lower vibrations and as the vibrational force decreases, the energy level too decreases.

Anything i.e. physical vibrates at a lower vibrations and holds energy for the movement or growth or expansion.

As the vibrations and energy of the physical body, mind and heart increases, it gets closer to the natural principles of life.

The process of evolution is all about taking the mind, heart and body from lower vibrations to higher vibrations. The source of any form of energy is vibration, and the source behind life too.

The individual ego as well as different experiences of life, at the level of mind, heart and body with the ego separates one, from the whole. The ego or will-power can be used to separate oneself from the whole or the same ego or will-power can be used to unite oneself, with the whole.

The mind holds a space within itself, that gives an individual the sense of realization to be with the whole. Once the person experience the whole within himself, it becomes easier for him to understand the natural process of life and to become one with everything that exists on earth.

The life at the level of vibrations and energy exists in its purest form. Only when the vibrations turns into an energy and enter into the mind, heart and body, out of ego or personal identification, the energy takes shapes into different subtle thoughts and images of the mind, feelings and emotions of the heart and energy of the body.

The life on the existence can survive because of the lower vibrations. The sense of identification with the body, again decreases the vibrational level of the entire body, and as the individual experience the detachment with the body, out of understanding, and connect with the subtle part of the body, i.e. the thoughts, emotions, sensation and breathe, the vibrations of the body starts to increase.

The law of attraction works through the vibrations released by the body, heart and mind and not only with the thoughts and emotions. With the inner attention on breathe and sensation, every individual has the power to increase his energy level and vibrations.

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  1. Nature is the only thing we should find, understand and live in. Going against the nature is to go against your own religion. Nature is the only religion we should follow.

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