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Understanding is, why am I doing what I do, what will be the result out of it, and what’s the best way to do it. To observe before you act, allows you to increase your presence in the moment. With the presence, you see more. You have more options to choose from.

If your each act, is out of understanding, you develop a specific path for yourself, where your every action comes out of understanding, and you have enough space for the improvement with your actions.

The wisdom of life is to understand that, you can only create life out of understanding. Your life cannot be bigger than your understanding.

You can only act, out of which that you know. If you take actions without understanding, you create chaos in your life. Action out of understanding is to act, with the clarity of mind and even if the things are not clear and still you act, with awareness you can create the path for yourself.

Life can only be understood with actions, but if you don’t spend time to observe your actions, you cannot correct your mistakes on the path. Observing and understanding life goes hand in hand.

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More you observe life more you develop understanding out of it, more you understand, better you act in the moment. People only get lost with life, when they follow the path of others. If you stick to your own understanding and get better with it, you can create your own path for life.

The doubt and fear creep in when you are not sure of yourself. The real growth and progress are only possible when you observe, evaluate and learn from your actions. Once the real growth happens from within, all your fear and doubt drops with life.

Is it not a smart choice to act out of understanding, so that you can limit your thoughts and emotions to your action, and doesn’t allow the mind to wander in a different direction?

Your mind itself takes you off the path. The mind is the creator and the mind itself is the destroyer of life. If you don’t observe and understand the nature of the mind, you can never develop control over your life. It’s all about the mind.

The actual reason to observe and understand your act is to understand your mind. When you observe life, you don’t observe anything outside but within. In a similar way, all the understanding of life happens inside.

Observing and contemplating on your daily actions, brings clarity to your mind and create space for further progress in life.

The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

As your understanding grows, you bring quality to your actions. You can only be interested in others if your own life doesn’t interest you. If you are learning, growing and understanding life, your own life is self-sufficient to bring you all the joy and happiness of life.

Waste is a part of the Process.

In life, there is a waste. Not everything is useful with life. But at the same time, you are not responsible for the waste. It’s a process of life. Don’t consider yourself to be responsible for all the evil in the world or within yourself. If you have it, accept it and try to improve upon it. The change begins with acceptance and not resistance.

Whenever you try to create anything in life, say for e.g., a product you will find a scrap or waste, but the product is only be made, by removing the waste. You never have a complete product, but you have to remove the waste before you produce the complete product. Even diamonds and gold are not pure but carry the waste.

Our role in life is to accept the waste and move towards the finer form of life. You cannot cling to the waste or unpleasant experiences of life and waste your time with it. Accept even the unpleasant aspects of life, and move on to create the better world for yourself.

Use the Little Intelligence.

People hesitate to take actions because they don’t trust themselves enough. It’s important to understand the process of life. The process of life works in a certain way, where each day, you have been given little intelligence to work upon. If you work on that intelligence, further intelligence is provided to you, to move further with life.

Trust yourself and trust your intelligence. It’s part of the whole.

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Where is your attention?

Your attention is the key to life. Is your attention on the things, that you want with life, or your mind only dwells with the concerns of the world?

Any thought or idea that doesn’t bring you closer to life, only adds chaos to life.

The chaos in life is not knowing what to do at the moment. Your life has to be absolutely clear in your mind. You need to know all the time, what you are up to. You cannot allow the life to slip by at any moment. Understanding helps you to clear the path, within yourself before you move out to act.

You may try everything outside, but unless you look for the solution within, you never get the permanent solution with life. The permanent solution to any problem of life is to drop the outside world from within and follow your inner understanding step by step. You reach the stage, where every moment of life adds wisdom and bliss to life.

It’s hard to drop the world from outside, but as you get clarity with life, the mind itself drops the outside world and follows the inner path. Life is easy, and you can fulfill all your desires of life if you can put your mind to action and trust your intelligence.

The little light that resides within, holds the power to brighten the whole existence, if you trust it enough.”

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