Curiosity is the Mother of Invention

Curiosity is the Mother of Invention

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, at the time of stone age, but with science and technology, only curiosity can be the mother of invention. What do you think to give rise to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, the Internet, or the things that you experience, in the recent times?

It’s only the curiosity of different individuals that allowed them to explore the different resources available to them. In the recent times of science and technology, the majority of us are above the basic needs of life and have the liberty to explore different aspects of life.

It’s not only the opportunities but our understanding too has reached new heights. It’s easier to avail the resources, from any corner of the world, that’s needed for the experiment or to avail the information requires to proceed with life. All that’s required is a willingness of a person, which is the only thing that is missing from the life of people.

Life is never boring but the people are boring, who refuse to put their put forward when it comes to trying something new or to explore life. Everyone simply repeats the same circle of life.

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You cannot create something original, by repeating the same circle of life. Something fresh is required if you really wish to make a difference to your life.

Just remain curious about with everything and every moment can become the opportunity of learning, experimenting and experiencing different facets of life. You grow with different experiences of life, and different experience happens if you experiment with your life. No experiment is possible without knowledge, learning or diving into the unknown.

Courage on the unknown path is built over the time, but first, it requires for you to get into the process. You don’t have to worry about the path, but all you need is to do is initiate the process and trust life. Life is always more than kind to take you to the higher level, where fresh and new experiences are always waiting for you, to take you further on the path of life.

You cannot bring freshness, by repeating the same old process of life. If you simply repeat the daily process, without having real progress with it, your life simply reflects the same.

People do get bored with life because they don’t have anything new to offer to life. Normal tendency allows people to think that life should offer them excitement every day, rather, in reality, life wants you to act differently every time so that you can expect different result out of your efforts.

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Life is, was and will always remain the same if you don’t pledge to change yourself from within. You cannot expect anything fresh from life if you are not willing to explore life or bring the real change from within.

The same life can be viewed from a different perspective. Once you learn the art to view the same life with improved perspective, you will learn the art of change and to get better with life.

You don’t receive any magic spell with life, but your everyday efforts to improve upon your life, allows you to grow and get better with it.

Visualize the situation from the past, that you think have created a problem for you, and try to imagine the steps, that can allow you to bring the best out of it.

If you can figure out the solution, in the back of your mind, it will become easier for you to implement into your life. Once you are able to do with one situation, you can apply the same principle to every situation of your life.

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If your attitude and intention towards life, is to make the things better, it will become easier for you to rise above the conventional methods and be more creative and innovate with your day-to-day life.

It’s all about choice and decisions at the moment. It’s not only the action that derives the result, but it includes the non-active part, i.e. imagination, that leads to creativity and innovation with life.

When you need something, or you look for things out of necessity, your reach always remains small, and you cannot look beyond, your usual perception towards life.

“It’s only the curious mind, that allows you to see things, that cannot be seen with the naked eyes.”

The Power of Curiosity

The nature of the mind tends to think negative side of life, and this happens not only with the average mind but even to the highly intellect people.

Only the difference between the average mind and the man of wisdom is that the other one knows, how to control his mind and direct it in a right direction. While the mediocre one’s, simply gets lost into the impressions and experiences of their daily lives.

The nature of mind works the same for all individuals, but it depends on the person, how to make use of it.

You can rise above the daily or repetitive process of life if you develop the capacity to look beyond your surroundings. If your mind is occupied, by what’s going on around you, all the time, then it cannot think or imagine things, that can serve to explore different facets of life.

Life has many faces and each day you can explore new face of life if you are willing to drop your present self. The life comes to those, who are willing to drop themselves and ready to embrace life.

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Learning, knowledge, and education don’t happen to people, but you have to reach to it, to bring the real difference to your life.

When you are born, the mind and heart already get filled up, till the time you turn twenty or thirty, with different experiences and impressions of your surroundings.

Simply to break the chain of the past belief system, may seem like a huge task, however if you initiate different tools, into your life, it can serve you to open your mind to new possibilities. Slowly as you move into those possibilities, you begin to drop the past experiences to create an altogether a new life for the self.

The idea of heaven or hell is not somewhere at the top of the sky, but it’s only the experiences of individuals in their mind, with their understanding and wisdom on this very earth.

“Curiosity and imagination goes hand in hand. If you are curious about something, it’s easier for you to roll over your thinking over the subject or object. You can explore your imagination, only if your mind, and body is absolutely in the relaxed state.

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Life is a process of evolution, where you grow and evolve by experimenting with life. Either you choose by yourself, or life can anytime put you into different situation’s or experience, that may seem impossible for you to handle at the moment.

The forced situations and experiences of life, only come to you, to take you forward with life, no matter if it brings the pain and suffering in those periods of life.

With life, if you can stay open without any preconceived idea about life, you can always embrace the weirdest situations and people, and make the most out of it.

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