Non-Action leads to Perfection, & not the Action.


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The world craves for action, but life  comes out of in-action or non-action. Action and inaction or non-action is a living philosophy from eastern religion. It’s not only the effort that manifest life, but there is complete effortlessness, behind the effort that manifest life.

Look at the existence and nowhere you will find the effort, but plain life happening by itself. There is a sheer force of higher vibrations and energy that manifest life.

As a human, you may think you have limited control over life and most of the time you wait for the life to happen, but actual in reality life manifest itself according to the energy and vibrations. Your role is to connect with that energy and vibrations and than life presents itself through you effortlessly.

Knowing the natural art of manifestation, is what enlightenment is all about. You simply get one with life and allow the life to work through you.

The energy and vibrations in the effort manifest life. When you simply rely on effort, you never make it with life and you always feel short of life, but the time you learn the art of raising the vibrational frequency of your mind, heart and body, life manifest naturally through you.

The process of physical manifestation asks for equal match of vibrational frequency inside, before you see it becoming your physical reality.

“Whatever you experience in the physical world, holds its subtle reality, and the time it takes to manifest something in your physical life, is the time you take to create in your subtle reality out of an images, thoughts, emotions and energy.”

If your life’s idea is simply based on action, than you cannot connect with the natural process of life, that begins at the subtle level and not that, which you visualize through your senses.

Action and nonaction both is a state of mind. At the time of action the mind is active to manifest thing, while non-action state of mind, is the space where you create the subtle reality within yourself and give it a proper shape, form, energy and emotions, so that it becomes the reality of your life.

When you work hard or take actions, it may seem like you are giving everything to life, but the result doesn’t reflect your actions. The truth is, the actions you take are measured on the basis of thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and energy you put into your action, and not simply on your efforts.

The quality of your action and result depends upon the quality of the subtle reality you carry inside, all the time.

When you simply relax out of action, it may seem like you are not acting, but on the contrary in those moments of time, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy are constantly moving inside and planning your next move. In such conditions, you never get the chance to relax or get into an inactive or non-action mode.

Non-action is the state of mind, where you can completely put your mind, heart and body behind and can deeply relax in your being. Its the state of realization of deeper self, the more you move deeper, the deeper being reveal itself, removing the different layers of lower life.

The more you move deeper, the more you come closer to the truth of life. At the deepest layer, you find neither the thoughts nor emotions, nothing to achieve and nothing to lose, nothing to accept and nothing to discard, not even yourself, with which you have identified yourself in a different ways.

The idea that we are an individual, is an illusion in itself, and when you explore the deeper layers of the inner world, you find nothing but the pure emptiness like a sky, but full of bliss.

In the empty space you don’t find any wisdom, but when you come from that space, the life reveals to you, in the natural form and than the natural process of life, gets clear to you, and this is what the real wisdom of life is. The wisdom of life is not to know everything, but simply know the simple process of life, how the things takes place.

When the child looks at the big numbers, he never understand how the things takes place, but when you simply understand the process of addition, subtraction and multiplication, all the numbers are revealed to you, in its natural form. You understood the source of it.

In a similar way, the source of life is understood inside, and not in its physical or subtle manifestation but much deeper into your being.

The duality of mind is when your action differs from what’s going on inside. The mind, heart and energy follows a singular order, while the ego or self-identity differs from it. The mind, heart and energy has to follow the natural order, and cannot obstruct the natural order, while the personal identity wants to drop the natural process of life, and manifest everything in the moment.

The dual mind is the illusion of the personal idea of life created by the chattering mind and the senses against the natural process of life, that exists both in the existence and within each one of us.

“We all are connected in a sense that, we all have the same goal to achieve in the end and the same responsibility to fulfill on the path to realize our higher self, and with it we have the natural process of life, that goes through each one of us, to achieve our goal and realize our higher self.”

Your understanding with the natural process of life depends upon, how well you know yourself from within, and how deeply you are connected from within.

Life is happening inside, and if you are searching for the life’s solution outside, you are only looking for the half solution, never to reach to the permanent solution for the problem of your life. Sooner or later the same problem will arise to knock you down.

But when you touch the deeper reality of life, and come with the solution from inside,  you receive the permanent solution for all the problems of your life. Non-action includes logic, reasoning, evaluation, contemplation, intuition, imagination and at-last no-mind state or absolute nothingness.

“Only by doing things or taking actions, or simply relaxing with life or non-action doesn’t produce real goods, but you have to understand the natural phenomenon of both the action and nonaction and create a fine balance with it.”

The understanding produce result out of both the action and nonaction, and the time you connect inside, you grow and evolve with both the action and nonaction part of life.

The more you grow and evolve from inside, the more you connect with the natural process of life and then you don’t force yourself to manifest life, but when the right balance is created inside, the life gets manifested effortlessly outside.

The action and nonaction is a new reality of the future and connects you with the natural process of life.

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