How to Observe your thoughts in Meditation?


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To observe means to see. When you observe, it doesn’t asks for your involvement, but your role is to simply allow the things to happen. Meditation is to observe life, both internally as well as externally. You don’t participate, but you observe.

Natural tendency of the personal identity, is to participate in everything that goes in the outside as well as inner life and gets himself merge in it, without understanding the real importance of it.

To observe one’s own life, allows you to rise above the mundane process of life, and simply observe life, so that you can understand whats going on, both in your physical as well as subtle world, and with proper understanding of it, you can rise above it.

You can observe your life, not only in meditation, but also while you are part of it. Usually life is divided in two parts, personal life and life at work. You can bring the power to observe, in both the respective life, to understand them, for the better.

How to Observe life?

To observe means to see. Only see without any real participation. Let me tell you, the mind is capable of participating with life, simultaneously observing both your physical as well as subtle world at the same time.

In meditation, you disconnect yourself from the physical reality and connect with your subtle world. You can observe even your physical life, the way you observe your subtle world, of thoughts, emotions, breathe and sensation in meditation.

The day you live today, is what life is all about. Whatever you live today, is the accumulated impressions and experience from the past.

Nothing happens to you or come into your life, that you haven’t acted upon in the past. It may be in this life or may be the previous lives, but you only receive what you have offered to life, in one or the other form.

You create the future, out of the experiences and impressions from the past, and thus your future can never show you, anything other than what you have already lived in the past or the extended version of your past.

When you begin to observe your daily life, you see the people, and things around you with your senses.

Before you have initiate the process to observe, the same people and the things around you, have created certain feelings and emotions within you, that have gone unnoticed, as the mind was lost in creating the future out of the past, or may be fulfilling the needs and desires of life.

When you initiate the process of observing with your daily life, you begin to see the people and the things around you, through your senses. More you observe them, more you connect with the breath and sensations within your body.

You not only observe the people and things around you, but you also begin to observe the subtle movements, that take place inside of you, at the same time.

The subtle process of life begins with the image of the mind, that later turns into a thought process. Feelings and emotions comes out of the thought process and you experience it, into the body through sensation.

When you are not connected with the subtle reality of life, you are simply driven by your mind, to fulfill the needs and desires of the outside life, without understanding the real importance of it, within your life.

These life takes you no where, and you go on repeating the same circle. With the power of observing your physical world, you connect with the subtle world of thoughts, feelings and sensation.

Every situation, people and things around you creates thoughts, feelings and emotions within the subtle body and you experience it through sensation.

Slowly as your awareness grows while observing your physical world, you also begin to observe the different movements at different times, in your subtle world.

When you become more and more conscious with the sensation, you will simply detach yourself from the things, situation, people, events or experiences of life, that creates pain and suffering to you.

When you directly observe your sensation, all your pain and suffering will be aggravated to their highest degree, in the moment.

When the attention of the mind is divided, you don’t feel much pain in the moment, but when all your attention, is into the sensation, all your joy and suffering is amplified, and than you are not bothered to experience the joy or suffering, but you look for the way, to rise above, both the feelings.

“To connect with the sensation of one’s own body, is to get in touch with the fire. You cannot hold fire for too long, and thus you begin to drop the things, situations, people, events, experiences and impressions from your life, that doesn’t make you feel good or neutral, in the moment.”

With the power to observe, you don’t gain much, but drop many things, from your life, that simply aggravates your pain and suffering in the moment.

The situation or experience that seems more joyful to the mind, but lead to the disastrous consequences at a later stage, you begin to sense, such experience in your subtle world through sensation, and detach yourself from such experience’s, to avoid the consequences at a later stage.

You observe your life, both at the physical and professional front, and you don’t try to accumulate, but you drop the things that doesn’t give you neutral feelings through sensation.

When you think negative about someone, or not so good about someone, you begin to create negative feelings and emotions inside of you. Through sensation, before you express your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to others, you experience it for yourself.

By getting in touch with the sensation, you make sure, not to keep anything even in your subtle world, that can cause further suffering to you. You don’t have to work towards detachment, but once you experience the burning inside through sensation, it simply gets drop from your life.

More and more you de-clutter your daily life with the power to observe, more life’s energy you accumulate on a daily basis, to hold higher awareness in the moment, and take you higher in the subtle world.

The process of life is such that, as the life moves forward, more wisdom and bliss enters into your life, and you come closer to the natural process of life. If your life seems far away from the natural process of life, that means, you are moving far away life.

The source of life is not the brain, heart and body, but you have the life’s energy and pure empty space of higher vibrations, that allows you to experience life, in a human form.

When you observe your sensations, both in your personal and professional life, and rise above the situation, events, people and experiences of life, that bothers you, you begin to have more time, to observe your deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions in meditation.

Meditation enhance your power to observe with your daily life. In meditation you observe only subtle world, but with your daily life, you observe both your physical as well as subtle world.

“To observe is to connect with pure consciousness. With the power to observe, when you become successful in neutralizing your sensations, with all the different situations of your daily life, you begin to experience the no-mind state.”

You reach to the state, whereby, while experiencing your daily life, no situation, events, people or experience hold enough power to create sensation within your body, that means no situation of your daily life can overpower you, in the moment.

You move deeper and deeper into the no-mind state, to experience the life’s energy, which is the source of brain, heart and body. When you connect with the life’s energy within the body, the same life energy gives you an experience, of pure consciousness.

In general, you relate yourself with the personal identity of your mind, that has come out of, the daily experiences and impressions of life.

Once you experience the consciousness within the body, you stop relating yourself with the personal identity or day-to-day experiences of life, but all your energy gets diverted, towards pure consciousness.

Meditation can help you to connect with the subtle world, but then it depends upon you, how to enhance the meditative experience and stretch into your daily life, and turn the entire life, into a meditative experience.

Life is very much possible with pure consciousness. With pure consciousness, you don’t observe life, to understand, but you become the observer, and be one, with the natural process of life.

Your each act, comes out of the natural process, and every moment of life, becomes full of bliss and wisdom. You live eternal life, in this very moment, above the mundane process of life, rising above the fear of birth and death .

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