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With life, we all know only one way of manifestation and that is through action. Life has another way to manifest itself, and that is through the power of observation and participation.

Yes, you have an observer in you that can directly look into life. This observer sits beneath the chaos of your mind. To experience the observer, you have to slip inward beyond the mind.

Life unfolds naturally both in the outside as well as inside world with an observer. With an observer, you see the present life with absolute clarity and know what are the changes needed at the moment. With the observer, you participate in life without interfering life at every moment. This allows you to play your part well as well as also allow the life to unfold out of its natural way.

The observer in you can help you to experience the magic of life. Life has its own way to unfold and all it requires from your end is the direction. All you have to do is tell life what you want and direct all your energy in that one direction and then sit back and experience the magic of life.

No way am I trying to suggest that you don’t act, but with an observer, your action remains in alignment with the ways of life and thus remain effortless. You need effort when you push yourself against the winds, but when you move along the wind; the force of the wind is enough to take you through.

When it comes to the growth and improvement of the outside life, we all are familiar, but we never try to understand the unfoldment of life that is happening in us. Life does exist beyond the periphery of our mind.

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When we become an observer of life, we not only see the unfoldment of life outside but we also notice the unfoldment of life inside of us. This magic of life within us can only be experienced by connecting with an observer in us.

All our desires are meant to be fulfilled if we know how to hold our self with it. We don’t know the law of time and patience. Every desire takes its time to manifest. It’s just like a child in the womb takes nine months or the time it takes for the seed to turn into a fully fledged tree and ripe its fruits, in a similar way any desire you have takes its own time for manifestation.

The art of patience has to embrace every aspect of life. With life, no desire is big or small, but all it takes is its own time for manifestation. If you know how to hold yourself with the desire, there is no-thing of this world can stop you from manifesting your desire.

Life wants your participation but then life wants to take its own course. You need to know when the time for action is and you need to know when it’s time to pull yourself back.

Life doesn’t happen only when you are awake, but life continuously works through you even while you are at sleep. The magic of life lies both in action and in non-action. You play your part well and then allow the life to do its job. This requires big trust in life. Slowly when you learn to observe the ways of life, trust develops on life on its own.

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Deep down inside, you have life’s wisdom that is part of the whole cosmic universe. You are not separate from life, but deep downside there is something which is part of this cosmic universe.

When you connect with your deeper self, you connect with the inner wisdom that becomes your guiding force in the outside life. You don’t have to look for the solution anywhere else, but the way exists in you all the time. All you have to do is take your attention inward and ask for the guidance from inside.

When you receive the signs from inside, all you do is walk the path and take your life forward. All the signboard with the outside path exists inside. Life doesn’t want you to stress out or go through the process of pain or suffering, but when you disconnect yourself from the natural ways of life, you call yourself for the trouble.

Life proceeds with the intention and intensity. It’s the intention that gives the direction to life and it’s the intensity that allows you to take necessary actions to take your life forward.

When we live at the level of mind, we like to take everything in our hands, and thus we experience lots of unnecessary problems in life. When we understand the process of natural unfoldment of life, we participate more with the ways of life rather carrying everything in our heads.

Life brings you to the right people and right situations and right events at the right time. All you need to do is keep moving forward and at the same time stay open with the ways of life.

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All your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not life, but the experience you go through at the moment is the actual life that is happening to you at this moment.

If you don’t connect with the life that is happening at this moment and remain caught up in your thinking, feeling or emotions then you disconnect yourself from the actual truth of life.

The observer in you stays connected with the life that is happening at this moment. When the past and the future are not visible to you at the moment, you run to chase the thoughts of the future or get affected by the experiences of your past. But when the whole truth, i.e. past, present, and future appears to you at this moment, you see the natural unfoldment of life from past to present and from present to future and thus stay connected to the life that is happening in this moment.

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