Life revolves around Absolute Truth, Natural process, and Life Energy

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What matters with life is absolute truth, the natural process of life and the life energy that allows the daily functions of life. When you think about life, what matters the most to you?

Do you think about the truth or strive for the truth?
Do you ever think, how the process of life happens in the universe and within you?

Have you ever notice, what keeps the daily life moving, without real effort?

This is the existential queries of life, for which we all strive for, at some point in time in our lives.

With life, the absolute truth can be postpone for a while, looking at the daily problems of life but cannot be avoided.

The natural process of life that allows the daily process of life, but you never try to figure out the truth behind it. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter with life, as long as our desires with life are fulfilled.

We never try to question life beyond our useless desires, that goes on changing every moment. The problem is not the desires, but the real problem is you. You go on chasing the desires, and changing the desires every moment and don’t know, what leads you to all the pain and sufferings with life.

The physical body that allows us to experience life, but very few of us, are really sensitive towards our body. We can put anything inside it, without even considering what will be the result out of it.

The physical body is an instrument that allows us to experience different facets of life. The life energy is part of the physical body. It’s the physical body that allows you to accomplish your dreams and desires and serves you to experience the most memorable experiences of life.

If you don’t care for your physical body, you call for your own pain and suffering with life.

To experience the life you need energy. You don’t need thoughts or feelings to go through the process of life, but you need life energy. It’s the life energy that takes your life forward. All your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are part of life energy.

The quality of your thoughts and feelings depends on the quality of your life energy that is flowing within you. If the quality of your life energy is good, your thoughts and feelings reflect that, and if your life energy is too low or too little, it reflects in the form of mood swings or negative thought patterns.

People hold this misconception that they think negative thoughts or hold negative feelings. This misconception can be broken very easily if you turn your attention inward and begin to experience the energy behind your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts and feelings are constantly changing every moment. If you take care of your life energy, you don’t have to do anything with your thoughts or feelings rather it moves naturally in order.

There are two ways you can allow the natural flow of life energy within the body, and i.e. with the right kind of diet and with proper exercise.

The life energy is part of the physical body. Physical body needs right kind of diet and exercise to grow and nourish itself. When the life energy is flowing rightly in your physical body, you can accomplish anything in life.

The problem with us, is we get stuck with life. There are many who unknowingly takes care of the life energy, i.e. the physical body, but then they forget to dig deep in life.

Life is not limited to the physical body or life energy, but it follows the natural process, which is essential for every person to know. Unless you know, how life works in you, you just cannot become one with it.

In the universe, we all are connected. The same process works within everything that exists in the universe.

It’s like two apple phones. If you see the making of two apple phones, they both have been designed out of the same process. The same applies to everything that exists in the universe. We all come out of the same process.

When we take our attention inward and figure out the natural process, that works within us, then we don’t have to resist or reject any part of life, but acceptance to every moment of life comes effortlessly.

When we see the natural process of life, working through us, we can also see, that everything that comes to us, in the form of people, situations, events or experiences of life is only because we have attracted them to us.

The universe follows a natural process, and it begins not with the mind, but with the life energy or spirit. Anything that exists in the universe has a life energy or spirit in it.

It’s the movement of life energy or spirit that creates your life or attracts different life situations or experience towards you.

When you consciously move inward, to know the truth behind life, your attention shifts from the outside life to the inner life.

Then you cannot get caught up in the thoughts and feelings that take place inside, but you search for the deeper truth  behind it.

Your inner natural flow of life connects you with the natural flow of life that takes place in the universe.

You don’t attract life with the mind, but you attract or create life with the energy. The physical body is a physical instrument with which you work to manifest life on earth, while the mind is a subtle instrument that directs the body towards desires.

Although subtle but the mind is no more than an instrument. To understand the subtle instrument, your attention has to move deeper into the mind, so that the subtle nuances of the mind can get clear to you.

The natural process of life follows a circle in the universe. The same circle takes place in you. The circle is limited to twenty-four hours of the day. Every twenty-four hours of the day, the circle repeats itself.

You can read the same circle of your outside life, or you can experience the same circle of life within you. The circle of day and night is part of the circle of daily life. The circle of different seasons is part of the larger circle that holds the life on the existence.

The life of a human simply follows the circle of twenty-four hours and thus it’s important to know the daily circle of life.

The daily circle of life can easily be known, by just staying aware of the daily activities of the day. You go on living your life, along with it, you are also aware, about how the life happens day after night and night after day.

This allows you to broaden your perspective towards life. Life is not limited to the circle of birth and death, but also have the process of rebirth. So the natural process of life works as birth, death, and rebirth. Life goes on moving in a circle and takes a different form.

Now, when you understand the natural circle of life, you also understand that the life is not limited to the natural circle of life, but there is a higher truth exists in you, that allows this natural circle to takes place.

There is something in you, that never dies, even you go on taking a circle of birth, death, and rebirth. That absolute truth in you remains ever present in you, irrespective of your repeated circles of birth and death and rebirth with life.

Life revolves around the absolute truth, natural process, and life energy. The absolute truth of life is not hidden from you, but you never create a desire to know the ultimate truth of life. You can very well rise above the physical body and the circle of life in you and become one with the absolute truth if you begin to look for the ultimate truth in you.

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