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This post was most recently updated on February 6th, 2018

The life follows a certain pattern, that flows inside out. If your interest only lies in the external reality, than you only experience the half truth. For the other half you have to move inward.

All your life you run outside to satisfy yourself from inside, rather the process of life flows inside out. With the outside achievement you cannot satisfy yourself from inside, but once the process of life gets clear to you from inside, you can achieve anything in the external reality, but then that will not be, to satisfy your inner world, but the relevance of those expressions, will be to show your best in the world.

If you live inside out, you don’t have to look for the inner satisfaction, rather your every act will satisfy you from the core.

The mind is so tune to live with the external reality, that it forgets that the outside reality comes from inside. It never even tries to figure out the truth behind the external reality. When your expression flows inside out, you come from the source. The source of life is not the mind, but the energy that allows the functions of the mind.

Life is all about direction. You need to know, on the first hand, where your life is moving. Each individual ahs to spend time with himself to observe his life. Your life should not happen by chance, but it should be well within your control.

Your present life is the result of your past choice. Once you make the choice with the path, the result definitely appears on the path. Your present choice can become your future, if you remain aware with your present choice. The past choices of life can be overcome with the present choice.

You need to know where you stand with life. Once you know where you stand, you can alter your path. Knowing yourself opens the gate of wisdom.

You don’t find the life lessons outside, but within. Life is not happening outside, but its happening within. All the necessary changes and adjustment needs to be made inside. life is no magical but you create magic out of life. magic doesn’t exist outside, but you come to life to create magic out of life.

Your growth with life, depends on personal development and personal development depends on, how well you understand the process of life. With life there is no struggle but understanding. Once you understand the flow of life, you don’t fight or resist with the flow, but you adjust yourself with the flow.

The law of nature is so tremendous in his offerings that if you really try to make the things better, you get the support from the existence. The life in the universe carries its own intelligence. Everything that happens inside of you, gets noted. You recieve not according to your actions, but how your energy, mind and heart moves with your action. The action with the body is just the surface reality, while what allows you to act in a certain way, depends on the movement of energy in the body.

Life has its own way to offer, but it expects you to make equal efforts. To get more, you have to become more.

All your thoughts, feelings and actions shows your inner life. Your actions holds the blue-print of your inner world. Life doesn’t happen by chance, but you nourish your inner life day-in day-out and ultimately it reflects in the outside world.

Believe in the offerings of life and trust the process of life. Life at any moment of time is always fair and even. Your mind is one with the life on earth. The cosmic intelligence of the universe, knows what goes in your mind. You can deceive yourself, but you cannot deceive the cosmic intelligence. You only appear different from the cosmic intelligence, in your mind, but the time you get in the process of understanding the nature of your mind, slowly your individual identity, begins to shed away from your mind

Every person is made self-sufficient, and at the same time connected with others, for his outside needs. Yes, its true that you dont need anything inside, to satisfy yourself either for your emotional or mental needs, but when it comes to the physical needs, you have to move outside. In the physical world, one way or the other we are connected. You just cannot survive alone on this planet. Even the Buddha needed people to satisfy his basics.

Life never keeps anyone with nothing. You always have something that other needs, and at the same time other person to have something that you need. Nature plays the role of getting two of us together. The cosmic intelligence is very well present in all of us. As an individual we need sufficient energy inside, to connect with that cosmic intelligence.

The sages know the truth of life, as they observe the world with the highest wisdom. We all have source of life inside, that can be realized beyond the surface reality of the mind. The process of awakening is the process of opening of the mind. When the mind completely opens up, you realize the sublte body inside. This subtle body includes the mind and the life energy. The mind and the life energy is a separate body inside. It’s just that when its attached to the physical body, it appears to be, as a part of the physical body.

The one who works on himself to understand the process of life, the truth of life is revealed to him. Life is no different or biased to a common man or the sage, but the one who is willing to strive for the truth, knows the truth of life, and the people who are lost in the physical and subtle reality of life, only experience in the sleeping state.

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