Life is Bigger than Your Dreams and Desires


Life is bigger than your desires. The same thing can be seen as a threat to an individual, or the same truth can be embraced as a sign of safety and security. When life is bigger than you, it becomes its responsibility to take care of your every need. This happens, when you believe in life, deep within, from your mind and heart.

The life that we experience outside, the same life exists in all of us, and the time we get one with that life, we realize life beyond our ordinary self, and experience oneness with life.

Life is Bigger than your dreams and desire’s, but this fact is hard to understand at the level of mind. In the mind, we all carry an individual identity “I”. that doesn’t allow us to perceive the world, beyond our plain logic, reasoning, and imagination of our mind, but when you look into the existence, the vastness of it, resonates with this truth of life.

Sometimes to understand something is one thing, and to make it a part of our life, is another. It’s not possible to embrace life unless we understand all the aspects of our life, and nothing remains for the mind to ponder over, and in those moments the mind surrenders and life speak to us.

Life happens when we drop all the understanding of our mind. The mind is useful to fulfill the needs of our life, and for the creation and manifestation of the physical world, but if you truly wish to know your true identity, beyond your individual self and know life, you have to transcend the inner life, beyond the individual identity, to get one with life.

Before we reach the stage of complete oneness with life, let us see what we can do with our mind, to get us closer to both our inside as well as outside life.

“Yesterday is simply the accumulation of your past, and tomorrow is your future. The present day comes out of yesterday, and the tomorrow will reflect your present day.”

To understand life, you don’t have to understand everything, but simply observe the life that you have lived yesterday, and the whole past will be clear to you. If you wish to know your future, read your today’s action, and the future will be clear to you. The insight in the future can come by developing an insight, to look into your present day.

People do think that their life is a large part of the mystery, but they are not bothered, to look into the simple phenomenon of everyday life, where all the mystery of life lies.

“Everyday mystery of life is better understood when you prioritize your everyday life. ”

The time you prioritize your day, you pour all your energy and focus in a day, and this allows you to connect directly with the natural process of life. With the focus, in the moment, you simply drop all the past, accumulated over the period of time, and give everything to the moment, to create the better future for tomorrow.

The understanding towards life comes from the past actions, i.e. from yesterday. You cannot learn anything in the present moment. It’s not possible to the mind. The present moment is simply for the action. The understanding towards life comes later when you sit and evaluate your past or say yesterday.

One more thing with life that needs to be understood, is that understanding and wisdom, doesn’t happen in a day, although it takes only a day, to understand the entire life. The process of evolution takes us through the journey of life before we come to the real understanding towards life.

If you have set your day right, and simply evaluate your past, you certainly develop understanding out of it. The understanding of life develops, by every day’s evaluation of your life, and thus it asks for patience.

All the good things in life come with its package and so does the bad things.

The understanding you accumulate over the time, can anytime slip in the moment. You might have seen many times, the sages with the highest wisdom, sometimes, gets off the track or their behavior seems below the human level when they get into the dizzy situation.

This happens when you lose the understanding in the moment. The life is all about energy in the present moment, and the experience of the energy happens, in the form of feelings and emotions.

The energy and feelings & emotions, continuously flow in a circle within the body, throughout the day. Sometimes the energy is high and sometimes its low. It decides the quality of thoughts and feelings & emotions in the moment.

If your awareness is low in the moment, you can slip with your understanding, with the situation or people. No moment of life can be taken for granted, as the energy is so volatile, that it can slip down or upward anytime in the moment.

The only way possible to hold onto your understanding is to remain aware at the moment.

People assume that their mind and heart is not in place when they are angry or frustrated with life, but the reality is, it’s because of the current energy level, they go through different thought process or feelings & emotions in the moment.

The nature of the inner energy, is to complete the circle in a day, and the time you are not aware at the moment, and if the energy slips downward, your understanding too gets lower in the moment. if you are aware, you can simply avoid the situation, or remain pause into the situation.

The awareness in the moment comes out of the energy level, you hold in the moment. At different times of the day, the energy is positioned at the different point, in the body. The awareness allows you to keep in check with the energy level and makes you more responsive in the moment.

Life is certainly bigger than your perception and your individual personality, and you can certainly enter into the higher realm of life, if you are open to life, beyond, who you really are and what idea you carry for life.

“When you know everything, you know nothing, when you don’t know anything, you always know, at least how to respond in the moment.”

“There are moments in your day when you don’t understand life, say the situation or response of people, are the moments of surrender and acceptance.” 

You don’t have to fight with the situation or people, but simply accept what it is, and trust the existence, to provide you the better understanding towards the situation or people.

Set your priorities right with life, and hold patience with life, and this will help you to develop better understanding towards life.

Don’t take any part of life or day or moment of life for granted, but simply remain aware all the time with life, and this will save you or people around you, from bigger problems of life.

It’s not necessarily that you have to go through each and every experience of life, to learn the lesson out of it, but the awareness in the moment, is enough, to give you the right lesson’s and understanding towards life.

Sometimes life takes time to provide us the right kind of understanding towards the situation or people, but when you look deep down yourself, you realize that understanding or response to the moment, is always available at the moment, but simply your own chaotic mind, doesn’t allow the solution to come to the surface.

The more you move towards the simplicity of life, with your mind, you unclutter the large part of your mind and connects yourself with the natural process of life.

Many of us, are not open to life, but simply would like to hold onto our own little understanding of life. This understanding doesn’t allow us to develop deeper insight, that can help us, to look life beyond our personal self.

When we develop an intent to know and understand life, that I assume everyone holds, for themselves, and simply remain open to life, by doing every bit of a thing, possible from our end, then life certainly talks to us, in our language.


  1. Actually, to dream is not to live your life. People have never satisfied when their dreams are achieved. Thus, they keep dreaming, don’t wake up and live their lives.

  2. Incorrect…

    When you know everything you know nothing…. When you do not know you know something…..

    very wrong… indeed…

    That statement is incredibly wrong and very un etiquette (disastrous) for whom shall live by these statement. ..

    Is a catastrophe upon the soul to live life by trial an error…
    hence “Crash & Burn”

    Many do not get a second a chance in life… Therefore knowing is ultimate….

    Hence: there exist a “RIGHT WAY AND A WRONG WAY to do everything”

    Khalil Aliy

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