Life beyond Ego


” I ” is a sense of individuality. Each person is different from another, because of personal ego. Everyone carries their individual identity that helps them to carry the life forward on earth. You grow, develop and evolve in your mind. You grow with “I”.

The personal ego is the narrative identity of the mind. The life is not limited to your individual self, but there is more to life. The source of life exists beyond any form or image or identification of ” I “.

The source of life exists in all of us. God has not created human as an inferior to him, but the part of him exists in every individual. When the source of life is realized, you experience the bliss and wisdom with life.

The personal ego or “I” is developed in mind out of life’s experiences. The human is born in the physical body. As soon as his understanding develops, he begins to associate himself with his body. Later on, his physical appearance becomes his identity of the mind. Both the internal and external experiences of life revolves around the identity of the mind.

Life in the Physical World.

From the five senses, eyes are the most powerful senses in the body. The eyes can see and mind can form images. The images and pictures of the mind initiate the process of thoughts and emotions.

The process of evolution initiates with the physical world. In the initial stage, the person seeks pleasure for his body and survival for life. He tries to fulfill his appetite with the physical pleasures and securing himself with the basic needs.

God has given free-will to everyone and create life out of choice. There is no restriction on anyone, except the one that the individuals have levied on themselves. When the person uses his free will out of understanding, he comes closer to the self.

God has created the existence, and everything that happens on earth, and thus, anything that happens on earth serves the purpose of life in one or the other way. If the sages like Buddha and Christ lift the life on earth, the world war takes life to destruction, both serves the process of evolution. As Buddha and Christ create the path to self-realization and attainment of god, world war keeps us cautious about the destruction by our own hand.

If the sages like Buddha and Christ lift the life on earth, then the situations like world war take life to destruction, but in a way both serves the process of evolution. As Buddha and Christ create the path to self-realization and attainment of god, the situations like world war keep us cautious about the destruction out of free-will.

We all carry free-will with our life. With the free-will, either we become buddha or christ and attain the path of self-realization or we can allow the free-will to take us to the path of self-destruction.

Life of Emotions.

The life serves the process of evolution. At the bottom of the spine holds the life’s energy. As the person evolves, the life’s energy moves upward. All the natural talent and art is born out of emotions. Unless your heart is filled with love for what you do, you cannot present your best self to the world.

In the process of evolution, the heart evolves and expands its capacity to give and receive more to life. The people who live from the heart are more joyous and loveful towards life. They enjoy both their personal and professional life.

Everyone looks at life with their own perspective, and the life of emotions is the life of love, and thus growth is experienced in a record time.

The millions of people are attracted to the talented people, not because they are different but their inner world spread the energy and vibrations of love through their work.

Life of Creativity & Innovation.

Life of creativity & innovation is an idea or thought expanded with the imagination to bring it into a reality.

This happens after working on a particular project for a long period of time. So many people exist on earth, but few get the privilege to create something unique, that can serve life on earth. The creative geniuses are born and live in the mind.

Life has its different phase and everyone has to go through these different aspects of life. Everything that happens on earth is in perfect accordance with the law.

The creativity and innovation always flow with the expanded mind. The creative people goes through enough practice to achieve the grip on the skills.

The continuous improvement is the essence of life and serves the process of life. The creative mind always makes little improvement all the time, that lead them to be the best in their respective field.

The ” I ” is an individual identity, gifted by god to every human-being. Each individual is unique and carries his own identity in his mind. The ” I ” of a person attach himself with all the different experiences of life.

The “I” of a person can bring him closer to the source or separate from the source. When the “I” considers himself, the sole creator of life, it separates itself from the source. The “I” of the mind is not more than bubbles of the water in the mind. The bubbles come and go but water persists. The “I” of the mind to emerge and disappear in the mind with different experiences of life.

When the person realizes the source of life from within, the individual identity disappears and understanding towards the process of life flows from within.

Each human being carries his individual identity ” I ” along with the divinity. The process of evolution is to recognize the ” I ” within that separates itself from the higher self. There is a life beyond ” I “, with the self. The life with the self is of wisdom and bliss.

The Self beyond ” I ” .

The God is full of wisdom and bliss, and this can be felt in the presence of self. The self is the state of samadhi in the East and in the west its the state of self-realization. The self-holds the life’s energy that allows the wisdom and bliss to follow.

Before the self-realization, the life’s energy is locked and the process of evolution goes slow, but as the self is realized and the life’s energy gets unlocked, it helps the person to complete the process of evolution at a rapid pace.

Everyone has their own understanding about Enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state, where the person can experience no mind or absolute wakefulness in the moment.

When you identify yourself with the identity of the mind, you seek information from the outside source, but after realization, all the knowledge and wisdom of life flows from within.

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