It’s You, who Design, Run, and Modify your Life


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In general, people are thrown into the middle of life, and they continue from there onwards. When you are born, life was already in place. You picked with life, from the middle. When you see life from the middle, you only see yourself moving on the path.

You cannot much do, with your life, because the pace of life keeps you moving. Before you create or make some changes with life, you need to get off the path and develop little understanding about it.

In the middle of the path, you don’t get much confidence. It’s only when you develop a little understanding towards life, you begin to try something different with life. These are the people, who show courage to look into their lives and stand up for themselves. but still, there are few, who simply get lost in the middle of the path, and never try to see life, beyond their usual path.

People don’t know, that they have the power to design their life, the way the building and car get designed. They also have the power to run their life, the way they want, and if the need arises, they can also change and modify their life.

The most important thing here is, with all the process of designing, running, and modifying the life, you still hold the power to stay detach with the process of life. You get into the process, when the need arises, otherwise, allow the process to continue, without interference. The process continues, doesn’t mean, you don’t get indulge into it. You too participate, but once you understand the process, it doesn’t impact you much, but you stay on a higher side of life.

With too much indulgence, you get caught up in life. Then you don’t run your life, but life takes over you, and you lose control over life. When you don’t have any control over life, forget about the creation, but you cannot even make the little change with life.

The reality is, you can only design your life, if you can detach yourself, from life. With attachment, you have to follow, what your mind wants you to do. You don’t remain the creator, but life forces you, to do things, in his way. Most of the people, simply drag with life. They don’t even run their life, but life makes out the work, from them. This is the only reason, why change is hard for people. They cannot even imagine, to bring a little change in their life. Even if they do so, they go back to their old routine.

Look at your life, and ask yourself, do you have any control over your life? If you have control, only then you can create something fresh out of it. Only when you can consciously manage your life, you can bring the necessary changes with it. The process of life evolves in a way, where you not only manage your life but while going through the process, you understand the process of life and rise above it.

We all are thrown into life. The life on the existence already exists when we arrive on earth. So, we are already in the process of life.

All we can do, in the middle of the process, is understand the process. When you are in the middle of the path, all you can do is, understand what’s going on, with your life. In the middle of the path, you cannot think to design a new path for you, but you can always try to understand your present scenario.

To create something fresh, needs understanding of the old. If you don’t understand how old was created, or how you have been placed, in the past, you cannot create something fresh out of it.

So, the most important point, before you think to create something new with your life, is to understand what already exists.

Don’t try for something new, or don’t try to bring the change with it, but simply try to understand what’s going on, with your life. Once you understand, what’s going on, with your life, a fresh path will emerge, out of your understanding.

Simply understanding of the past takes you higher with life. You begin to make different choices and decisions with life. You don’t simply repeat the process from the past, but you look for something fresh all the time.

If you begin with a new choice, without understanding, your choice again will be from your past. Remember, with life understanding is the key. Anything you choose or decide has to be, out of your understanding. If you go without understanding, you only act out, from the past, and you call for more trouble.

These happens, when people make choices and decisions, with a momentary inspiration. They inspire for a moment, and they plunge into a thing. Later on, when inspiration gets down, they don’t know, how to move forward, and they get back to their old routine. People who walk down the unknown path, don’t necessarily take the absolute clueless path. They at least know themselves. The unknown

People who walk down the unknown path, don’t necessarily take the absolute clueless path. They at least know themselves. The unknown path may be unknown, but they are familiar with themselves and with their abilities. They know, what they are capable of, and how much they can stretch with their potential.

People resist to change, avoid the change, or even if they bring the change, it doesn’t last for long. The reason is, they don’t understand, the real purpose behind the change. The change they wish to have, with their life, is temporary, while with life, you can only bring the change if you look for permanent change.

Life doesn’t consider, temporary work. With temporary work, you go back to the same old routine.

With life there is a time for everything. There is a time to be with the old thing, and there is a time to create new, out of old, and there is also a time, to bring the necessary change with life, when required.

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