How inward attention helps you to connect with the life?


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Life happens in two ways. One that takes place in your mind, and another that happens moment by moment. Your mind can wander in thousand and one direction, but the outside life takes place moment by moment.

When your attention turns inward, you connect with the existential process of life. You move with life, moment by moment. The mind still deviates in a different direction, but with the inward attention, you can bring the mind, back to life, that is happening at the moment.

Even if you imagine something in the mind, you have to be in the moment, for its physical manifestation. You cannot complete the task in imagination.

The thoughts and imagination of the mind can be positive or negative, but the existential process of life is neither positive nor negative, but it’s simply, is. What you put in comes out. You need to know, what to put in, so that you can harvest it, later.

The thoughts and imagination of the mind, is for the individual, while the existential process of life, considers everything. Nothing is more important, for the existence than the process itself. The time you understand the process, you don’t fight with life, but you align yourself with the process of life.

Inward attention.

 With the inward attention, you cannot get lost in life. You stay control of the present moment. Life unfolds in the present moment, while the mind creates all fear, anxiety, or stress out of imagination. The imagination is good, to see the future, but you can only remain control of your imagination if your attention remains inward.

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When you consciously put the attention inward, you direct all the energy in the present moment. When you are absolutely present in the moment, you can see the things clearly, of the outside world.

With life, it’s all about the attention. Wherever you place your attention, all your energy is shifted in that direction. Either you create a positive image or negative image; you give all the energy to it. It may not necessarily become the part of your physical reality, but those images of your mind, at the moment, will be enough to drain you out.

Life doesn’t happen, the way your mind imagines things or think thoughts. The nature of the mind is to imagine things from the past and create the future, into the imagination. Your thought too follows your imagination.

Now, if you are not aware of your mind, your mind is capable enough to take you on a ride, that will lead you nowhere, but can exhaust you, completely from inside, at the moment.

Manifest your dreams.

The subtle world of your thoughts and imagination doesn’t become your reality unless you put the physical efforts into it. To manifest the subtle world into the physical reality needs a physical effort. Either you act with physically, emotionally, or with your mind, the action is required.

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Most of the energy is lost with life, in unnecessary thinking and imagining things, of the past and the future. All the stress, pain and suffering is, only because of thinking and imagining things, into the past and the future.

Unless you get control of your mind and have a choice to direct it in the desired direction, it can compel you to act on anything.

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The mind needs direction. The nature of the mind is to think thoughts and imagine things. Sometimes too much thinking, compels us to act, as our mind is directly connected to the body, with the sensation, and when you think too much, the body is compelled to act, as all the information of the mind is passed on to the body, out of sensation.

Many times you attract, the similar situation, events or people into your life, the way you think or imagine things.

The life follows a continuous process, and the way you think and imagine things, you attract the similar life, in the form of situation, events or people.

Inward attention keeps you aware of, everything that goes inside of you. Once you know, your mind is directed in the negative direction; you can take off your attention, from those thoughts, and direct your energy into a different direction.

Attention on the breathe, is the best tool, to take off your attention from negative thoughts of the mind.

One Breath at a Time

Everyone knows that at the moment, not everything serves you, and only the task on hand is important, but still mind out of its usual habit, likes to travel in the past or the future. With the inward attention, slowly you develop the power over the mind, to see, in which direction it moves, and how to direct it, in the direction of your choice.

With each day, you have some tasks, which take you forward with life. When your attention remains inward, it becomes easier for you to direct the inner energy to those tasks.

On top of that, many times, you lose the energy on thinking or feeling about things, which no longer serve, any purpose in the present life. When you keep the attention inward, you accomplish more and suffer less with life.

The existential process of life has its own way to function. It’s not bothered about the time and space, and it unfolds its own way.

The existential process of life is less concerned with the outside situation, events or people, but has its own way, to serve every moment of life. It considers all the aspects of life and does justice to every moment. The existential process of life is never in a hurry and has its own way to move forward.

Follow the process.

Just imagine the process of a newborn baby. Do you think the existential process, ever run out of time or think to hurry? It knows, the perfect time, and unfolds its own way.

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The process of life is never worried about time and space, and neither thinks about the situation, event or people. It simply follows its own process, and in the process serves everyone.

With the inward attention, you truly grow and evolve with life. You still suffer, and you still go through the pain, but that’s the process of life, and that’s how life unfolds.

When your attention turns inward, you direct the mind, out of the past and the future, and connect it with the breath, sensation, thoughts, and feelings, of the moment.

If you have negative feelings or negative thoughts, everything becomes alive at the moment, with the inward attention. With the inner attention, it doesn’t mean that the minds do not create negative thoughts, or you don’t feel negativity at the moment.

The only benefit you have is the choice at the moment. You choose either to act, out of those thoughts or feelings, or you would like to wait, till you replace it, by more powerful and positive thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You begin to understand your personality, your response into different situations, events and with different people, with the inward attention.

Finding Your Inner Power, Your Potential

The life cannot be understood outside, but only when you direct all the energy inward, to understand the inner world. All the puzzles, mysteries, problems and queries of life, too can be solved inside. Your subtle world holds the power to change the outside reality, and the outside reality holds the power, to change your inner world.

It’s not possible to directly look into the outside reality, so the best way, to understand the changes of, both the outside reality and the inner world, is to direct your attention inward.

When your attention moves inward, you get familiar with all the changes that take place inside, out of every experience that you go through with the situation, event, and people.

Once you get familiar with the inner changes, you make sure, not to get affected by the outside reality, rather to take control of your life and begin to change the outside reality, by making necessary changes with the inner world.

Knowing the inner changes is the process of life. This is how the life functions. When you know your thoughts, feelings, and imagination, you get to know the process of life. You move deeper into the thoughts and imagination and see, where do your thoughts and imagination come from?

Know the source of everything.

Once you begin to pick the source of it, you begin to take control of your life, and write down, absolutely new script for yourself.

More you can hold onto the imagination and begin to work on it, sooner it becomes the part of your reality. All the beliefs turn into a habit, sooner or later. Either you change your beliefs or change your habits, both ways; you can bring the changes with life.

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Your deeper beliefs can be known, by keeping your attention inward, while the daily habits can be known, by studying your daily life. Till you are into the body, you cannot escape the process of life, but at least you can know the process of life, and become one with it.

The whole effort with life has to be drawn to know the process of life and to become one with it.

Once you become one with the existential truth, it doesn’t matter, what remains or what gets lost with life, what gets created or what gets destroyed with life, the only thing remain, for you, is to stay with the eternal process of life, and allow your life to unfold with it.

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