Inward Attention is the Way for the Highest Spiritual Experience

spiritual experience

The experience of the source is the ultimate experience of life. Everything falls apart and what remains is an experience. This is the beauty of life. With the outward attention you manifest the physical reality and with the inward attention, you realize the truth of life.

When you take your attention inward, you get on the path of spiritual experience. With the outward attention, you manifest life, and with the inward attention you realize the truth of life.

The most important thing with the mind is the attention. Wherever you put your attention, your energy begins to direct in that direction. Knowingly or unknowingly it’s the attention that manifests your reality and even attracts the similar life to you.

Direct the attention in the direction of your desires, and create the life of your choice. To direct the attention, first of all, you need to learn to hold your attention at the moment.

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You never realize what’s going on in your mind. It can move in the direction of its choice, and you have no control over it. If you simply repeat the experiences of your life, it also because of your mind. With the unconscious state of mind, you go on repeating the same process of life.

Life is never fresh. The freshness of life is only experienced at the moment. The moment is always fresh. No matter what happened in the past, but if you can direct your mind to the moment, you experience the freshness of life.

The truth of life is revealed inside.

What is the truth of life?

The process of life. When you realize what life is, that’s it. That’s all you wanted to know about life.

With the outward attention life can only be experienced but never be understood in totality. It can only be understood and realized with the inward attention.

Inward Revolution

The base of the mind knows the truth. The truth is realized when you drop everything that has been acquired with life. Whatever you experience floats on the surface of the mind. On the surface of the mind, forms a life-cycle that you go on repeating birth after birth.

To experience the truth of life, you have to slip beyond the surface reality of the mind and experience the base of the mind.

The base of the mind is pure awareness field. Nothing exists in the no-mind state. All the dreams, desires, and sensory experiences float on the surface of the mind.

Whenever you observe life, you only see with the mind. When you through the senses, you again see with the mind. The life can be seen and experienced with the mind, and there is no other way to experience life.

You experience life with the sensation. No matter what kind of experience you have, you can only experience it through sensation. Now, the magic of life is that, when you come face to face with the truth, it’s the sensation that gets detached from the body. The ultimate truth of life is experienced beyond sensation.

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth

The sensation is required for the subtle and physical experiences of life, while the truth is experienced beyond all the sensory experience.

You activate the life energy with the inner attention. The life is not limited to the subtle or physical reality but you have something more inside, that allows the process of life. You have the life energy or kundalini energy that allows the process of life within.

With the inner attention, you activate the life energy that opens the door of wisdom and bliss for you. Wisdom is to know life, as it is. The life is not complex. Only the mind is complex. When you know how to drop the garbage of your mind, life is simple. It’s flowing effortlessly. No push or pull requires with life.

When you flow like a water you know how to find the way. Your mind too knows how to find the way, if you allow it to do so. The realization of life within connects you with the natural flow of life.

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The life happens through you. The process of awakening is not to land up in heaven, but to see things in its natural form. Naturally, life is beautiful.

Life transcends moment by moment effortlessly. You don’t need to hurry with life. Life needs your presence. Once you are present with life, the truth is revealed as and when required at the moment.

The mind has the tendency to serve the past and the future, while the life as a whole only serves the moment.

The Miracle of Mindfulness

The task to remain in the present is a huge thing for the mind. Unless the mind knows its truth, it cannot stay in the moment. The mind can only remain in the present moment if the absolute truth is experienced by the mind.

The mind is like a mirror. It reflects everything that gets on its surface. When you drop the surface reality of the mind, the movement of the life energy can be read by the mind.

The mind can remain all the time with the movement of life energy. Sometimes the life energy opens up in the body to charge the body and mind, and sometimes it remains relaxed at the bottom of the spine. All the movement of the life energy can be noticed by the mind.

The inward attention brings you closer to the self. You live with different ideas, beliefs, imagination, dreams, and desires but the true self-resides behind all these personalities of the mind. The true self acquires the outside personality over the time.

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You have to experience that self within which is without any personality. The self without individual personality experiences the truth of life inside. The nature of the mind is revealed to the self. The life energy is revealed to the self. The source of the self and the source of the life energy and the mind is revealed to the self.

The self or ego is formed in the body when the life energy along with the mind enters the body. The idea of self-remains in the mind, till the life energy is attached to the main nerves of the body.

In deep spiritual experience, life energy can be separated from the physical body, and in those moments you lose the sense of self in the body. The highest spiritual experience is only possible in deep meditative state.

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