Your Intensity with Life brings the Change around you


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Everyone is looking for a change in life. Some they stand for the change, while others want somebody else to stand up for them, to bring the change into their lives.

The point is, if I wish to change the life around me, is it possible for me, or it’s just the probability of life?

The answer is, every individual holds the power to bring the change around him. It’s all about the intensity you carry with your efforts. Life remains standstill if you don’t stand up for yourselves, or what you believe in with your life.

It’s not some superpower, that brings the change in your life, but you have to work your way out, be it your personal, professional or spiritual life.

“Life is open for all, and the one who asks the right question, is surely guided in the right direction.”

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We all are made up of five elements. Air, fire, earth, space, and water. The most intense and powerful element is fire. Fire is energy. All the other elements of life come out of energy. Energy is the source of all the other elements of life.

Life is possible because of energy. If you can arouse the fire in you, you can change any part of your life. To bring the change with life is to change the lower energy into higher one.

The life around you changes, when you transcend yourself from inside. We all are made up of same elements and the time we release the positive energy and vibrations in the environment, we attract the similar energy into our environment.

Wherever you are placed right now, your environment carries certain energy. This energy comes out of the energy released by every individual in that circle, through his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Every city, state or country carries the energy of its people. People into the city, state or country have the power to change the life around them for the good. It’s not about the city, state or country, but it’s all about the energy of the people.

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If you begin to radiate positive energy and vibrations around you, slowly you attract the similar energy from the people around you, and the things begin to change around you. You may not think of the city, state or country, but certainly, you can stand up, for your surroundings.

We all have some part in our personal or professional life, that needs a change, and we wait for the life to happen on its own. These may sound harsh, but if your personal life, professional life or say spiritual life is not where you expect it to be then there is nobody else to blame for, but it’s you.

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Sometimes there are situations, or events in our life, of which we are part of, along with many others and we feel that because of others, we are let down, or thrown back with our life, but these are not true, when you look at life, from the perspective of life itself.

Life has given absolute control to each individual that not only he can transform and transcend his life, with his inner energy and power but he can also uplift the life of people around him.

It’s not about how many agree or disagree what you think or feel, but it’s all about the right energy. If you can radiate the higher energy, all the negative and positive minds, along with all the negative and positive feelings and emotions, begin to resonate with your energy.

You don’t have to wait for others to change before you bring the necessary change within your environment, but you simply have to change yourself from within, and all types of life around you, will begin to respond.

Either you get pull down by the lower energy level of your environment and people around you, or lift them up, by spreading positive energy and vibrations towards everyone in your circle.

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Be it the personal or professional life, any shift you wish to bring with it solely depends on you. If you are clear with what you want out of life, nothing can push you around, but if you can put your mind, straight to, what you are looking with life, you can bring the necessary change with it, and you can have the desired success.

The change with life happens first within you and then you work on it, to bring it into life. You have to be absolutely clear inside, what you are looking with life. Once you are clear inside, you can direct all your energy for its manifestation, in the outside world.

Everything with life is law of relativity. You attract what you release, in the form of energy and vibrations. You have to figure out the way, how you can raise and sustain your inner energy level.

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Life is what you believe. You have to believe yourself, before you expect the life around you, to get into your belief. You have to stand alone for the change, with all the might and everything around you will respond with time.

All the situation, people, and environment begin to respond if you stay with it. If you stand up, for life, everything is possible for you, but if somebody who gives up with life, its nobody else but you.

Every individual carries the part of god in him, and thus holds the power to change anything he desires on earth.

What is change?

The change means to take life, in the direction where it gets better for everyone. You want life to be on a higher side. You want life to be better. If you want something, and if you can hold yourself with it, life responds to your desire. The only thing is, you have to stay with it, till the end.

You have to prepare yourself to stand in the odd times. With life, things are possible, when you stay little longer. Future is not pre-written, and what already exists around you, comes from the past action. If you can put your mind, heart, and body for the change, you certainly can turn it, into your reality.

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You cannot bring change by repeating the same process of life. It requires a different approach to create something new into your life. You have to be open for experimenting with your life.

You have to be creative. Only then, life shows up, the way you want, or else you always have your old path, that will simply rotate you in the circle, and leads you nowhere.

Life comes alive with the change. When you believe in something and make it alive, you open the path for many. No change is small or big, but the idea to make the things better, even on a small scale, makes a huge difference too many lives.

There is only one thing that brings the change with life, and that is the fire that you hold inside. You have to unlock your energy and vibrate your positive energy to an extent, whereby, everything around you, begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

The energy that you hold inside is like a storm, which can wash off, all the old things, and create a new reality for you. This is the idea of Jesus about heaven. There is no other heaven, then what you create here for yourself. You can choose to be in heaven or you can create your own hell. It all depends on you.

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