Improve upon Yourself and Life (Understanding) will come to you


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Ignorance chase life, understanding allows you to create a space in you, where life comes to you. It’s all depends on you. Either you want to chase life or you want the life to come to you?

The biggest struggle the person ever have is with his daily problems of life. The harder he tries, the more he fails. Then where is the ultimate solution to all the problems of life?

The only solution with life is, improve upon your inner being, and the solution that is needed for your problem will appear in front of you. You don’t have to chase anything, but anything that you need, creates a right intent and much-needed space within you, and in your life, and you will receive it.

You create life with what you see. You see things, with what you understand. You cannot see other than that you understand. The same thing or the same situation can be viewed by two people differently. The reason is understanding. One person understands one thing in one way and uses his understanding to accomplish his desire, while the other person may view the same thing differently and act differently to attain the same desire.

Life happens with understanding, and understanding can only be improved upon, and cannot be run after. When you know understanding is the base of everything, then why not devote your entire life to it, and your whole life will get sorted out.

Here the point is, you see life from inside. Either the situation is a problem or solution appears inside of you. If your perception is not clear, even if the things are absolutely clear, you cannot have a clear view of life, and if there is a complication in the outside situation, but if you are clear from the inside, you can figure out the solution for it. Life evolves within and more and more work is required inside.

Improve your being, and the understanding of life will come to you; and then with the understanding, do, be or achieve whatever you want out of your life.

All the chaos with life exists inside and all the improvement with life too is needed inside. When you are crystal clear from an inside, you can take on anything with life.

It’s true that, when you live life, there are situations that seem like a puzzle and solution of it doesn’t appear instantly. But, the time you begin the real work inside, everything that seems like a chaos in the external reality, begin to appear clear and with the clear mind, you can solve any puzzle of your life.

Understanding is a smooth flow of life. The problem is not a problem, but the inefficiency to solve a problem is a problem. Anything you do, you are bound to experience the hurdle. You just cannot get away from the problems of life. Anything you try new, you face a problem. Now, unless you solve the hurdle you cannot move forward. So the hurdles are there, but a solution too exists for every hurdle. You need an understanding that allows you to connect with your deeper self, where all the solutions of your life’s problems exist.

Life comes out of your daily choice and decision, and your daily choice and the decision come out of your understanding. If you simply begin to work on your inner self, you can come up with better choices and decisions in your day to day life.

All the dust you gather on an everyday basis creates the perception of a simple situation as a problem. The only reason is your attachment to your problem. When you are attached to things, you cannot see things as it is. When you begin to clear all the things that don’t serve you with your life, and detach yourself from it, slowly the solution of the necessary problem, begin to appear on a surface.

You can understand in this way. If I ask you to stand at a distance from the wall, and tell me, the color of the peacock on the wall? It will be easier for you to tell me, but at the same time, if I get you closer to the wall, where peacock stands right closer to your nose, will you be able to answer the same?

The same happens with life’s problem. We don’t see them from a distance, but we get so attached to it, that it sits right in front of our nose, that we don’t know what to do with it. The real work is needed in developing your understanding because once your understanding is clear about things then your intelligence will not allow you to entangle yourself with everything, and you will maintain a safe distance with every situation, event or experience of your life.

When you carry within you, that is not important in your life, then it fills up the space for the things, which is important, and thus when you really need things, which are important to you, doesn’t come to the surface, because you have already filled that space with useless things.

Everything with life that you need comes to you. All you need is real work inside. When you look for the solution with life outside, not only solution appears in multiple options, but sometimes you don’t even find any solution.

Life is a free flow and free flow takes place inside. If everything is flowing smoothly inside of you, life is good, and things go smooth, but if there is a problem inside, everything will appear like a chaos to you.

Create life, that allow you to have a free flow from inside. This will happen when you improve your inner world and create life more out of understanding.

When your focus remains only with the basics, you move on with life, simply improving upon what you have. With life, nothing is more important than the understanding of life. Once you understand what life really is meant for, everything else becomes clear to you.

Life has been designed in such a way that you don’t have to chase anything, but all you have to do, is to utilize all that you have to the best of your ability and have an intent to improve upon it, everything you want with your life, will show up at a right time.

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