Importance of Process in Life

Importance of process in life

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I was preparing tea early in the morning. I have put the pot on the stove, put the necessary ingredient and waited in my lobby to get the tea ready. The sunrise was beautiful. I was looking at the sunrise, birds chirping, and a beautiful morning. After 5 minutes, the tea was prepared.

I was having my tea and experiencing the beautiful sunrise and the thought struck my mind.

To have a cup of tea, I followed the process. I put the things into the process, experienced the nature and the tea was prepared. It wasn’t required my presence.

There are so many things happens on its own. All it requires is a process. The same process can be applied to eventually everything that we desire in life.

All we need to know is the process. The effort is required to know the process.

From the time I started grooming myself through different mentors; one thing I learnt from all of them was to get into the process.

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Whether it was for a healthy body, or forming a new habit, or learning a new skill or achieving a goal in your life, you have to get into the process. Get into the process and manifest anything you desire in life.

If you observe our life cycle it’s a process. Everything from birth to death comes out of a process. Whether it’s a child, or food, or anything that is visible to you, comes out of a certain process. It’s the process that makes the things happen. You have to connect with the process, and the things you desire will eventually manifest itself.

In the morning, I was looking for a tea, and I knew the process. The desire and the process were clear to me, and things manifested effortlessly. One thing you have to figure out is what you want in your life and what is the process?

These two things can solve your problem in life. Always remember that we all don’t want the same thing. We all as an individual’s strive for something else.

 Although we may be walking the same path, but we always have a different destination to reach. Even sometimes the destination remains the same then the purpose to reach the destination becomes different.

 Most of us, our struggling to make both end meets. Money is the major concern for almost all of us. Our destination is the same, but the purpose to reach the destination may be unique for each one of us. This understanding helps us to drop the idea of competition, and we can grow on our path by serving each other on our path.

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 If you observe closely to the life of people who have already surpassed the money problem into their lives, you will notice one thing common in each one of them.

They all are smart. They all see things that a common man doesn’t. The most important thing is they set up the process for themselves out of which the money flows. They spend their time and energy into the process. They build the process. Once the process is in place, they work to expand the process. They don’t run after the money rather they build the process out of which the money flows by themselves. They take care of the process, and rest of the things is taken care by itself.

It’s important you change your perspective towards life and try to look everything in terms of process. Well everything in the universe comes out of the process. If you experience any sort of problem in any area of your life, try to see the process. There must be a problem in the process.

Whether it’s a health issue, family issue, money problem or some other problem in your life, it’s in the process. Take time out for yourself, and probably now a days we all have plenty of time for ourselves.


There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Whether it’s a personal life or professional life, everything is a process. You have to set the process right and everything else will fall in place. If you find the problem, see through the process, and you will come up with the solution.

Before few days, I was discussing a topic with my friend. The topic was how you figure out that you are wise. Not knowledgeable but wise.

The problem is everyone considers themselves to be wise and thus nobody works for it.

He asked, is there any way to figure out whether you are wise or not?

I said, “Yes”.

You have to consider yourself ignorant. That’s the only way to become wise. Only then you will look for the ways to be wise. Only then you will listen to people, rather only speak and speak, because you consider yourself wise.

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You can only remain open to life, if you think there is a chance of improvement in your life. If you think you already know everything you simply stop the process of growth into your life.

Everything goes through the process; even we humans are not exception to it. Even you are going through the process. The process that takes you from the path of ignorance to the path of becoming wise. The process where you are ignorant about your true identity to the process where you realize your true self.

Every day you look for the things that add wisdom to your life. Not knowledge but wisdom.


Mindfulness in the Modern World

The process of life can be visible to you if you stay present in the moment. You have to be aware of the life that is happening around you. It’s the awareness in the moment that allows you to look into the future. It’s the awareness in the moment that allows you to see the beginning and the end of the process.

The simplest way to connect with the process of life is to be aware of the life in the moment. When you are in the moment, you are part of the eternal process of life that is happening every moment. When you are with the eternal process of life, everything that appears in front of you in the moment becomes crystal clear to you.

Importance of Process in Life

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