How experiences change your perspective?

How experiences change your perspective

Have you ever wondered, in this moment you think or feel about the situation, people or experience of life in a certain way, and very next moment, all your thoughts and feelings simply switch into an opposite direction?

How does this happen and where does it happen and is there any way to rise above all the internal and external shifts of life?

Yes, there is a way. The way is to understand the whole process of life. Life expands and contracts in you. Usually, when you are unaware of what is happening in your internal and external world, you simply rotate in a circle, which is created out of your external experiences and internally expanded impressions of external experiences of life.

When life expands, it creates a circle, out of your experiences of life, and you go on adding and subtracting different experiences into that circle.

You never get to know, that you are into the circle, unless you consciously choose to understand, how life is happening to you.

Life is not only about going through different experiences, but you also have the choice to know, how the life takes place in you.

As the circle of life rotates in you, your perspective too changes with it. You are neither concerned about the changing perspective nor you are bothered to know about the repetitive circle of life, that you follow.

All your momentary joy, happiness, love, care, and all your positive thoughts, feelings and emotions is the result of the expansion of life in you. When the life expands, you experience the momentary joy of life, and when the life contracts, you experience, all the pain, suffering, stress and pressure with life.

Remember, both expansion and contraction of life is part of the process of a rotating circle in you. Neither you can experience the joy forever; nor can the suffering hold you up, forever. The circle of life takes place naturally.

Your role in life is to know the life circle and move deeper into it. When you experience the joy or happiness with life, you never bothered to understand, your feelings but you remain lost in your happiness, and the same happens at the time of pain or suffering. When you suffer, you never really look what is happening inside, but you only look for the external reason for your suffering.

You get so attach with your joy and suffering of life, which you never bothered to get to the source of it. Joy and suffering both can be understood inside.

Remember joy comes from inside, and even suffering comes from inside, and there is nothing outside, that can give you either joy or suffering with life. It’s all about the life circle, which creates a different perspective when it rotates inside.

Life has nothing to do with positive and negative, and it all depends on the individual’s understanding, how well he grasps the process of life, both within and outside.

You can read the changes in your perspective if you remain aware of it. Rather changing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, if you can only remain aware of it, you begin to understand the process behind it.

With life, everything comes down to attention and awareness. Attention is part of the mind and very narrow and asks for lots of practice before you move deeper to the state of awareness. Attention is part of the awareness field, but in attention, it’s difficult to hold yourself in the moment, and the attention slips by again and again from the present moment, while with the awareness, no matter what goes outside, you can still remain present with your inner awareness field.

The truth behind the happiness is, when you stay aware in your happy moment, slowly you will find that your happiness doesn’t last long, and in no time, you move to the neutral state.

The feeling or emotion of happiness or joy is always momentary, but it’s only your imaginations, that extend your momentary happiness, for some more time.

If you remain aware in the moment of happiness, you will notice that it doesn’t last long, more than few minutes. The same applies to your feeling of sadness or suffering. The time of happiness and suffering remains the same. It doesn’t last long. It just exists in you, like a pinch on the skin.

If anybody comes and pinches you, you experience momentary pain. Exactly for the same time, you experience your joy and sadness and not more than that. It’s only in your imagination; you lengthen your happiness or sadness in your mind. All your different experiences of life are like a pinch in the moment.

When you are ready to bring your awareness into your joy, you certainly shorten your moment of joy but at the same time, you also learn how to shorten your pain and suffering with life.

The magic of awareness is such that, as soon as you remain aware of your joy, slowly your joy begins to fade away, and you move into the neutral state. With the awareness of the neutral state, slowly you move into space, where you experience pain and suffering in the moment.

If you can manage to remain aware of your suffering, you can take your understanding, beyond the usual happiness and suffering of life.

Life simply follows a circle in you, where out of its process it expands and contracts and you experience different experiences of life, out of the perspective you carry in the moment. Now, mind you, the perspective too comes out of the expansion and contraction of life and has nothing to do with you or with your experience.

You don’t even create your perspective towards life, but perspective towards life too happens out of the life circle that rotates around you.

The time you can hold your awareness at the time of suffering, you create the space within you, to allow your awareness to slip backward.

The more you remain aware with all the internal and external changes of life, more you allow yourself to move deeper towards the source.

You can choose to remain lost in the illusive external reality of life, or you can choose to take the same awareness inward and experience the source of life, which is the root of all creation.

Anything that happens in life is no fluke or by chance rather everything that happens in the universe is followed by a natural process. The same process takes place in you, and the time you choose to understand the internal process of life, the natural process of the universe will reveal to you, within.

You are no different than the cosmic order of the universe, and the same cosmic order followed by the universe, too happen in you. With life, you don’t have to do anything, but hold yourself in the moment.

You only lose your touch with life, when you get carried away by your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You don’t have any clue, where life is leading you, but you simply follow your mind and move into different directions with life. Your role in life is to remain aware with all of your internal and external changes, and as you remain aware with all of your different experiences of life, slowly your awareness will move deeper to give you more clarity with the process of life.


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