How to tap into the Pure Intelligence of your Mind?


When the mind perceives an object, it holds the feelings and emotions and past experiences with the object. When you make the choice or decision to an object, the emotions, and your past experiences will only allow you to see things from the past. With the pure intelligence of the mind, you walk into unknown.

You rise above all your feelings and emotions and the experiences and impression of the past and directly get into the experiences of life.

Imagine, if you have been asked to sell your house, with half of its price, and at the same time, you have been asked to sell another property (which doesn’t hold any ownership). Focus only on perception. How do you perceive one property with the complete ownership and another property, that doesn’t hold any ownership?

Compare the experiences and emotions you hold for your property and at the same time, with another property without any ownership. The property (without ownership) only remains a property, while the personal property carries all your emotions and experiences with the property (although even the personal property is not more than a property). To view the things without any attachments is to tap into the pure intelligence of the mind.

Pure Intelligence.

Pure intelligence looks at the matter as matter, emotions as emotions, thoughts as thoughts, energy as energy and with the focus, differentiate them from each other.

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When you perceive the object or human being, in appearance it’s physical, but that’s the not actual reality of a person or an object. On top of that, if you cannot look into the subtle reality of the person or an object, it’s still fine, but if you perceive the things or a person, out of your experiences and impressions that you hold for that person or an object, then in that case, you differentiate yourself from the true reality of life.

With the pure intelligence, you don’t get caught up in the illusory reality of your mind, rather you directly look into the truth. The external reality is full of physical reality, but it’s the subtle reality that is behind the physical reality, and it needs the pure intelligence to look physical and subtle reality together in the moment.

The average mind cannot even look at the physical reality, as it is, but it only sees what goes in his mind. It requires little intelligence to see the truth of the external reality beyond the appearing reality of our mind.

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Each person carries his own perception of the world, and certainly, it’s different from the another. Even the experiences of enlightened beings, when coming into words, are expressed differently. Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna have talked about the same experience, but when it came into their expression, it differed, as everyone expressed themselves differently of the same experience.

The mind is divided, pure intelligence is whole. When you take your attention inward, beyond the point of attention itself, you can experience the pure intelligence of the mind.

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Pure intelligence can look into the past, present, and future of the situation. Pure intelligence holds the solution for all the queries of the world. It’s not the solutions are part of the pure intelligence, but the queries in relation to life too come out of the same awareness field. The query of life arises to take you into the deeper experiences of life.

The pure intelligence is the state hold by the sages, after long years of practice. This pure intelligence does exist in all of us, and it can be tapped if you look within. This state can be achieved only with the attention of the inner world.

Functions of Mind.

The experiences and impressions of the mind are the very obstacles to tapping into your highest intelligence.

The functions of the mind start with pictures and images. When your attention is in the outside world, you don’t realize what’s going on in your mind. Feelings and emotions in different situations is an indicator of positive or negative images you carry in your mind for that moment or situations.

The thoughts of the mind depend on upon the pictures and images, that is not visible when your attention is in the outside world but feelings and emotions are the best indicators of what’s going on inside.

When you don’t feel good about something, don’t act unless you change your inner state. If you still act, you attract the similar energy and situations in your life.

Your emotions in any given situation is the best sign to indicate you to proceed further or take a pause in the moment.

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

The mind thinks the different quality of thoughts at different times of the day. In the morning time, when the inner flow of energy is higher, you write down a quality of thoughts, and as the day progresses, and your energy slips down, your quality of thoughts to get reduces with it.

Mind, Emotions & Senses.

Mind, emotions, and senses are a strong force, that makes the physical body act. You will never realize this unless you live life out of conscious choice.

Make a simple choice to wake up one hour early then your usual schedule, and decide to put your physical body at work ( of your choice ). You will see the control of your mind over the body.

Practice following the same schedule every day. Every time you miss, you see the power of the mind, emotions, and senses over the body.

If you allow the life to happen on its own, you give the power to mind, emotions, and senses and thus it becomes hard to break the old habits of life. Initially, to break the patterns of the old habits, it’s important to use the power of choice and will-power to execute that choice.

When you relate yourself to the thoughts and emotions, you act upon it without doubting them, but the time you see them as a separate identity than yourself, you start to develop control over it and guide them in the direction of your choice.

The past experiences of life have a tremendous control over human beings, and thus, it gets difficult to get out of it, in a direct way and experience the reality of life. The surface reality of the mind has a limited access to life, but if you connect to your heart, the horizon to perceive life expands and slowly as you move on the path, you connect with the pure intelligence that allows you to break all the boundaries of life.

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  1. Our intellect mind and personal identity usually get in the way of experiencing a fuller and more blissful life. Many could not perceived reality as what it is, without the help of pure intelligence of their mind.

    A sensible way is to be aware of our personal identity in a situation and give a thought to the other possibilities in nature. For a start, do a baby step in empathising with other people and things in nature. It may be the way to go!

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