How to Stay calm During a Crisis?



Either an upside down swing of an Indian economy or the political chaos of the United States of America, it’s very important to keep your head straight in the moment of crisis. Looking at the outside scenario, it’s easier to assume things, out of our understanding and this assumption, adds fear and anxiety in our lives, and force us to act out of fear.

If you really wanted to understand, what’s going on in your country, the first thing you need to focus, is to keep yourself absolutely calm and peaceful during a crisis. You cannot allow outside situations to over-power you, otherwise, it will be impossible for you to judge the present situations of your life.

Unless your mind is absolutely calm in the midst of the crisis, you cannot see things clearly. If you cannot see things clearly, it’s obvious for you to rush and make the corrections in the outside situations.

Many times our mind itself assumes things for the future, and begin to act accordingly, that adds further confusions to our lives.

To have absolute clarity with the outside life, you have to have your own life. You have to see yourself as an individual, who is part of the whole. When as an individual, you are stable in yourself, it becomes easier for you to see the things, that is happening as a whole.

If you yourself are not stable, then no matter what goes outside either good or bad, your mind will always project your own perception on the outside life.

Remember no situations, people, events, experiences or impressions of life are good or bad, but it’s you who add your own perception towards a different situation, people, events, experience or impressions of your life.

An individual is a person, who can not only see his own life with clarity but also can see his position in the community as a whole.

When you yourself are clear to you, you always knows, what steps needs to be taken in the moment, to overcome any form of crisis, or sometimes with the clarity, it may also be possible, that you don’t have to do anything, as things are already unfolding on its own. Your role remains in simply guiding life in a right direction.

An individual who lives in himself always carries his own schedule and his own planning with life, which is independent of what happens outside. The planning and scheduling certainly include the aspects of the outside world, but the daily life is not absolutely dependent on the happening of the outside events.

When you have your own schedule for life, you always have clarity with everything that is happening in the outside world.

No matter what happens in the political or economic fronts, the natural process of life follows its own pace. The life as a whole is always bigger than what is happening in different parts of the country.

No matter what the humans think or president thinks, the life as whole still follows its own pace, independent of everything that is happening on earth.

Every person should first understand that he is individual, and should design his life accordingly. Unless you have individual plans for yourself, even the little change in the outside situation, will be enough to knock you out from life.

Unless you are the contributor to life, life always seems like a burden to you. Always carry an idea to contribute towards life and this life will never be a problem for you.

The crisis affects only to those, who expects to have something from life. Either in your personal or professional or spiritual life, if you are there to contribute, no part of life can ever be experienced as a crisis to you.

Life carries solutions for everything. No matter what exists in the world, comes only out of human thinking. When everything comes out of human thinking, then you too have the mind, that can understand any aspect of life which comes out of human thinking.

Either it’s the political drama or economic crisis, it’s easier to understand, with the clear mind. The clarity with life comes from inside. You have to be clear with what you want out of life, and on the journey, no matter what you encounter, becomes clear to you.

It’s very important to get on an individual journey, to have the clarity with the life as a whole. Unless you have a life of your own, you always remain a spectator of everything that is happening in the outside world. If in the outside world, life switch on the right side, you too move on the right side and if the life switches on the left side, unfortunately, you have to shift on the left side.

When you are on your journey of life, you don’t simply follow what is happening outside, rather you sit and observe. You only pick the things that are essential for you and move forward on your path.

To avoid the crisis in your life, rather act out of fear looking at the outside situation or following the herd, be patient and observe the situation. Try to study the pros and cons of everything that is happening outside. Don’t try to project your own perception on life rather simply hold yourself back and try to get clarity out of it.

The natural process of life is such that it unfolds with the time. If you can just hold patience in the moment, you can notice the unfoldment of life with absolute clarity.

Just by observing life, you begin to receive clarity of it. But to receive the clarity you have to have the patience to observe life.

If you are in a hurry you only add confusion and chaos to life. It’s only with the peaceful mind, you can have the solution for any problem of your life.

In the midst of crisis, there is always an opportunity for the awakened one’s, and sorry to say, but disgrace for the poor ones. Life as a whole always has a standard process, which is not biased to anyone. You always have the option to look into the standard process of life and adjust yourself accordingly. If you can adjust yourself according to the ways of life, you never felt short of life and right things will always unfold at a right time for you.

Always have clarity with your life, no matter what’s happening in the outside world. Try to take advantage of the outside situation and figure out the possibilities, of how every unfoldment of the outside situation can serve you to take your life forward.

If you are open to life, life is open for you in every situation, even during the crisis, but if you yourself holds the narrow perspective towards life then it’s not the outside chaos, that holds you back with life, but it’s your own perspective that doesn’t allow you to see things clearly with life.

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