How to Search for Meaning in Life?



The meaning in life exists in everything. It all depends on how closely we view life. At any moment of time, we already have lot many things already running in our mind. This doesn’t allow us to see the actual meaning out of the moment, and we only see what already exists in our mind.

When you listen to someone, do you really listen, what he or she is trying to say, or you remain busy comprehending the things of your mind?

We never bothered to see the things of the moment, rather only perceive life that is already running in our mind. This makes us difficult to see the truth of the moment.

Every aspect of life holds its meaning into your life if you closely look into it. No aspect of life happens by chance, rather everything that you do in your life holds a specific meaning into your life.

When you search for meaning in every aspect of life, you connect with life at a deeper level. All the relationships that exist in your life have a direct key to life. Just by understanding the relationships with the people around you, you can understand the very nature of life.

People are lost in words, but never try to figure out the real meaning out of it. The words stand different rather the meaning out of it, stands completely different and sometimes even opposite. Everyone simply picks the words spoken by others, but never look for the actual meaning that person tries to convey. This adds confusion to life.

Somebody says something else, but just by picking the words, the other person simply misses to understand the actual meaning out of it and comprehend the words out of his own understanding. This happens in day-to-day life, and people go on correcting others, but never look for the truth behind the situation.

Everything that you do on a day-to-day basis is interconnected. One thing leads to another. You cannot consider any one part of your life really important, and give lesser importance to other aspect of your life. Every situation, events or incidents are inter-connected. One thing leads to other. If you are unaware of the life happening around you, you miss to see the truth of the moment and stay disconnected from the life that is happening as a whole.

All our senses can serve us to connect with life at a deeper level. We never remain aware in the moment, and thus cannot see the life that is happening at this moment. Our mind always remains a distance from this moment and wandering somewhere in the past or the future.

Simply seeing the life around you, allows you to see the truth that you otherwise miss to see in the moment. Simply seeing in the moment is an art, which is developed out of practice. In ancient tradition, many sages insist their followers, to practice the art of seeing or observing life and connect with the truth of life.

When you simply observe life without giving any thought to it, you simply shed the things of the mind and directly connect with the life of the moment. Seeing expands your perception of the mind.

In any situation, if you think less and see more in the moment, any complex situation can become clear to you or problem to any situation can come to the surface. Seeing allows you to drop the beliefs of your mind, and you see the moment in its natural form.

The same applies to the listening skills.

The art of listening too has a quality to connect you with the deeper reality of life. Remember the life lies much deeper than your mind can imagine. The truth is, when your mind stops to think, the actual life starts from that point.

When you listen closely to the people around you, you understand the actual message they are trying to convey. Many times it happens that people are trying to say something else, but they use different words for their expression. At that time, if you are not all ears to them, you are bound to come up with something of your own.

The actual meaning is always lost in transition be it between people or by directly interacting with life.

The meaning of life is not something that you create, rather you discover by staying absolutely present in the moment.

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The truth of life lies at a breakeven point. At any moment of time when you say you give up, it’s not you who gives up, but it’s your mind who gives up. In those situations or in those moments, if you rise above your mind and hold yourself to the moment, you experience the truth of life. You just have to rise above the things of your mind.

The taste is another part of the senses that gives you a glimpse of the depth of life. When you consciously eat food, not only the food taste’s well but you directly connect with your stomach. You realize that while consciously eating, you only take that is required for your body, and nothing more and no less. When you consciously taste the food, you realize what works well for your body. You also figure out the right proportion of food that is needed by your body.

Just the taste of the food will tell you is it good for your health or not and the necessary changes required in your food habits.

The senses also allow you to read the vibes of the environment. With the skin, you can read the vibes of the environment. Your whole body is covered with sensation. As soon as you walk into any environment, you will sense the vibes of that environment. This happens through the skin. Your presence at any place can sense the vibrations of that environment, provided you are aware of yourself.

The information is available everywhere. Now, the information is not only limited to the thoughts or words, but the information can be available in different forms. The images are information. The situation or events are information. Even energy and vibrations work as information.

When you are deeply connected with yourself, you can sense the information from the outside environment in the form of thoughts, feelings, images, energy or vibrations.

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The smell too plays a huge role in life, if you are conscious of it. The smell of the environment can help you to sense the situation. The smell is not only limited to good or bad but just with the smell, you can decide whether you want to be a part of the situation or not.

The broader meaning of life lies in the small meaning that exists in every situation, and every event of our lives. Everything that we do in our life holds a purpose and if we look life closely, putting our mind behind, we can also figure out the actual meaning out of every situation and event we face in our life. All it requires from our end is little awareness in the moment.

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