How to realize the Self?



The Self is the source of everything on earth. The self is not only the creator of mind, brain, heart, and body but even the understanding of all of these comes from the self. To know oneself absolutely needs to have a realization of the self.

On Earth, the man creates physical reality and manifests his desire’s. Over the time, human evolves and thus with the process of evolution, the experiences of life evolves too. Each person is free to choose his own process of evolution.

You may live within the community, and the community certainly has an impact on your personal growth, but still within the community, you can choose your own process of evolution by creating the right intent towards life.

In the life’s process, either we move forward or fall backward, it all depends on the choice and intent we hold for life. The life is a journey, where all the experiences of life lead us closer to the self. Every experience of life creates an inner impression and this impression leads to further progress or takes us down in life.

The intent in life decides the path of a person. The intent is a purposeful desire. If the intent is to have pleasure-seeking life, all the actions of life and situations will get closer to it, and if the person is looking for material comfort, all his ideas and energy and emotions will flow in that direction.

The best way to connect with the inner life is to connect with the breath. The breath flows in and out all the time. The present moment can be experienced with the breath. The mind likes to travel in the past or the future, but with the breath, we can allow the awareness to remain present in this moment.

The subtle world follows a process. The breath is connected with the feelings and emotions and the feelings and emotions are connected with the thoughts and images of the unconscious mind. These thoughts flow from the images and pictures hold by the mind.

If from breath to feelings to thoughts or images of the mind, anyone thing gets impacted, the change gets noticed, in the whole inner process.

There is no direct way to change the old habits in the unconscious mind, but by creating the new one. The new experience or new response can only be developed by the new habits. When the person holds an intent to grow and get better with life, he looks for the positive sides of the things and tries to make every situation he come across better.

With life, at every step cleansing is required. The desires are like the golds from the mine. It needs to go through the purification process. As the gold is purified under tremendous heat, all the inner desires have to go through the heat of the inner process, before it gets purified and becomes your physical reality.

To purify the desires it’s necessary to know them so that one can differentiate from impure to pure ones. All the fear and insecurity of life is nothing more than the impure thoughts and feelings from the past experiences. When you purify them, you feel secure with life.

This world is full of magic and mysteries of life. Anything that is majestic comes from the mind.

Any person comes up with the idea and executes it perfectly on the existence comes from the mind. Not only the idea but the will to execute the idea too comes from the mind. The strong imagination backed up by the emotions can do wonders on earth.

The mind likes to live in the story of the past and the future. To live in the moment is dangerous. Your energy begins to rise higher. You just cannot vibrate at a lower frequency in the present moment. Life is all about energy and vibrations. Your physical body to hold its own vibrations.

The process of evolution is to accelerate the vibrational frequency of the body, heart and brain so that we can vibrate at a higher frequency with life. The process of life can be understood, when we vibrate at the similar frequency as life.

The self-vibrates at the highest frequency in the body. The realization of self, allows us to experience the natural flow of life. We understand the natural movements of life.

The mind likes to live in the story of the past, and thus keeps us away from the present moment. When you learn to detach yourself from the story of the past, present, and future, slowly your awareness enters into an empty space of the self. The experience of the self is the ultimate experience of the self.

The realization of self is not enough with life, but you have to merge yourself completely into the self. The self should take over the whole mind. Only then the liberation from life is possible.

No other experience of life is needed after the realization of the self, as all the experiences of the life leads to the self.

After the realization of the self, the mind spends all the time, in understanding the nature of the self and imbibe its nature in its daily living. The experience of the self gets deeper with the time.

After the realization of the self, for the mind, it’s easier to surrender itself to the self. The mind comes out of the self, and for the whole life craves to become one with the self. The mind is like a water. Wherever you place your mind, it will take a shape and form of that object. If the mind is directed towards the self, slowly the mind transcend itself with the quality of the self.

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