How to Realize the Forgotten Self?



People ask me, I want to know life, how can I know Life, and sometimes I too have that repetitive answer for everyone, know yourself and you will know life.

The point again comes to the same query, how to know oneself?

This is the biggest puzzle, that doesn’t allow any individual to settle down on this earth. You may achieve everything on this earth, but unless you figure out, the source of your own existence, or what is life or how you are formed, life always seems puzzled for you.

At the level of mind, the ultimate truth is hard to digest. If I tell you, you are the one, who has created his physical body, subtle body and everything that you experience as life, both inside as well as outside, it may sound like the strange thing to you, but that’s the truth.

You are the creator of the whole thing, including your body, heart, brain and mind. You not only choose your thoughts and feelings, but you are the creator of everything with which you experience life.

When your mind experiences the limitations of time and space, anything that is beyond your understanding seems hard to digest. That’s the only reason, personal experience has been termed as key to life. Everything that you wish to know with life, you have to go through the personal experience.

It’s just like somebody wants to experience physical life on earth, and he makes the choice to get into the womb and allow himself to get through the natural process, and gets into the physical body, and allow himself to develop the spirit and experience life.

The realization of self is important so that we can know our true identity. We are not limited to the identity of the mind, but we are the creator of everything that exists both inside as well as outside. The life in the external reality is something that we have chosen for our experience, rather we are not limited to what exists outside, but we are also beyond what exists inside.

You are an empty space, which allows you to enter into this life so that you can experience different experiences of life. You have the liberty to walk this earth like a king, and create and manifest whatever you want, by utilizing all the faculties that are available to you, or you can remain a slave to your limited understanding of your mind.

Unless you realize yourself beyond the identity of the mind, you cannot become free from life.

Life has its process and everything takes place out of its process. The earth rotates out of its process, and the sun remains still out of its process, serves the earth with its energy. The sun is the source of life for the earth, and everything in the universe follows the process.

The earth rotates around the sun, not for you, or somebody sitting somewhere rotating the earth, but everything is happening out of the process.

You too come to life, out of the process and begin to experience different aspects of life. The time you choose to figure out the truth behind your existence, you unveil layers upon layers, to come across the true identity that resides within you, deep down inside.

Unless you recognize and realize the self in you and become absolute conscious of it, life remains a repetitive process. When you realize yourself as pure consciousness, beyond all the internal and external experiences of life, then for the first time, you experience yourself as the self.

You create your life out of your understanding. Whatever understanding you carry with life, you create a circle in you, and simply rotate into that circle. If your effort with life, is not to remove the present layer and look beyond for the truth, then you simply rotate into that circle, unless life itself works on you, to remove your present layer.

When you make a choice to experience life as a human, you also choose to get into the process of life, where you are covered with different layers, that needs to be unveiled.

Now, imagine yourself get tied into one after another box, and there are many boxes, in which you are tied up. Now, when you look at yourself it doesn’t seem you are tied up, but in reality, your present personality has been tied up, into your mind, into a little box.

The personal identity that you carry into your mind gets tied up into one after another smaller boxes. More you are tied up, more your box gets smaller. The thing is, unless you open the box in which you are in now, you have to play into that box. Unless you unlock the present box and experience life from the higher box, you will never realize, you have ever been tied into a box.

You are the whole, but part of you, have been tied at different points into different smaller boxes. The self which is the whole knows he has been tied around, but the present personality of the mind doesn’t know, he has been tied around and it simply plays where he is hanging in the moment.

Few people choose to unlock one box after another and make all the efforts to connect with the true self while others simply rotate into the present circle and don’t know why life plays with them in a certain way.

When you know you are tied around in a small box, and that is not who you are, then you certainly make all the efforts to free yourself and realize the truth behind your identity, but if you think, you are the present identity of your mind, then you will simply be rotating the circle of life not knowing why life plays in a certain way with you, rather, in reality, you are the creator of life.

Remember when life will come to open the box, it will be full of pain, suffering, stress and emotional tragedy, but when you consciously choose to drop your present box and make all the effort to move higher, than the same path will become adventurous, exciting and joyful.

Life is what you make out of it consciously.

You are the self, who has chosen to come to life to experience life in different forms. You are the one, who has created the sun, the moon, and this earth, the entire universe and you are the ones, who has created the natural order of life for this existence and for the universe to follow. You are the creator of everything, and the process of life is to realize yourself as the creator.

The self in you is equivalent to the creator of life itself. The self-carries the spirit, which is a subtle thread, along with the awareness field, to experience life through the brain, heart, and body. The self and the spirit enter into a womb and create the physical body, heart, and brain. All the play at the level of mind happens in your awareness field, and the spirit and the soul always remain aware of it.

When you relate yourself to the personality of your mind, you cannot observe the play, which is going on inside, but you get so engage into the play, that you forget that, a simple process that is going on, out of which everything takes place.

The self-knows his true identity all the time, but it’s only our understanding at the level of mind, limits us to the identity of the body and mind. The time we look for the truth, beyond our present personality, slowly we unveil the layers that cover the self.

The self is your true identity, which is the creator of the universe as well, and the self in you chooses to enter into life to experience life. Your role in life is to understand all the different layers, that binds you with life and free yourself from it. More and more understanding you develop towards different layers, more freedom you will begin to experience within the body. After all, you are the creator of everything and thus everything that exists inside or outside is created and experienced by you.

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