How to make Each Day of your Life, Sunday?



Sunday is a Lord’s day. The day for prayer and rest. Make work your prayer, and turn each day of your life as lord’s day.

Why only Sunday? Each day has to bring the same love and beauty to life. Everyone has their own way to express his love towards God and life. Some chose to go church, mosque, and temple to say their prayers, while you can choose to express your prayer through your work.

Love towards work and for the people around us too is a prayer. Prayer is not limited to the church, mosque or temple, but you can make every act of your life as prayer. When every part of your life becomes prayer, then you don’t have to wait for the Sunday to relax and rejuvenate but every day of your life becomes Sunday.

Make Yourself the priority of Life.

You cannot do something for others unless you chose to do something for yourself. The life of the people around us changes, if you start to bring the change from within.

When you are the priority of your life, you don’t try to look for anything in the outside world, but you search for the solution from within. Life seems hard not because of the outside situations but when you are less connected with your inner world, where the actual blueprint of life take place.

When you are the priority in your life, you begin life setting yourself as a priority and not your family or work. You are the source of everything. Family life and work comes out of you and cannot exist separate from you. It’s your own mind, that holds the family and work. If you don’t take care of yourself, you certainly create a mess of your family and work life.

When you place the things in order within, you see the arrangements of things in the outside world. People in the outside world exist as much as in you, as they are outside. If you are able to sort the things in order in your inner world, it becomes easier for you to arrange the things in the outside world.

Love towards work comes from within.

When you make yourself the priority of life, you look forward to living life inside out, rather outside in. Here you come to terms with the understanding that love towards work comes from within, and not from work itself. The source of love, joy and enthusiasm towards any aspect of life comes from within.

If you are searching fun from your work or love in your relationships, you are bound to fail. Life energy flows inside out. If the life is flowing from inside, you can make anything out of life, but if your inner world is empty, you struggle to manage even with the small things.

It seems impossible to connect with the inner world but its simple. Just make more choice with your life that makes you happy and see what add fun to your work and life and make it a part of your daily habit.

When you make your own choice and decisions with life, you empower yourself, even if the decision doesn’t go in your favor. You learn from your mistakes, and move on with the better decisions for the future.

The home life and work life seems difficult for those, who consider themselves helpless and doesn’t use the inner power to bring the necessary shift with life.

People are looking for life in the outside world because they see the brightness of the external reality, but they forget that the source of the outside light lies inside.

When you move inward, you not only enlighten your inner world, but the inner light becomes the guide for your external reality.

Make your work, the form of your Expression.


When you see your work as an expression, you try to add your inputs even with the smallest part of work. Expression means to express your inner life outside.

If people cannot see the Sunday with each day, because their inner expression is covered with so many unwanted layers, that they cannot see the everyday beauty of life. They wait for the sunday, so that they can breath with life.

When you express your inner most thoughts and emotions in the world, you also encourage others to express themselves freely.

Every person is suppress from inside for one or the other reason, but if they see someone living his true authentic life, they try to search for their truth inside. You can be that truth for others. You don’t have to wait for the role models, but you have to look for your inner light, and become the shining light for others.

The outside world is full of expression. When you express your thoughts and emotions, you create your physical reality out of it. The cars, buildings, roads, structure of the cities, and countries are the expression of thoughts and emotions in a physical world. Each country and each city is different from other, because of their people. It’s the people who creates life in the city, states or country. All the expressions of an individuals matters, as it adds beauty to life.

People are afraid to take that first step. The life only shows up after that first step.

Add Fun Elements to your Work.


Fun is an emotion. A healthy emotions that keeps your energy going. For work, you need to allow the energy to flow freely from within. When you add fun element to your work, you always stay charged up, and this way you bring the best out of you.

Never allow the boredom to take over even for a moment, but do anything to take your energy level higher so that you can express your best at the work place.

It may take years to grow in the material world without understanding doing the same stuff, while the same growth can be noticed within a months time if you work from your inner world with understanding.

Life follows the natural process of evolution, whereby your growth and development with the life depends on the growth of your mind and heart. If you make a conscious choice to connect with your inner world, just the choice itself makes you more aware with life and your every decision change the direction of your life .

When you carry on with the old ideas or beliefs related to work, its hard to break the patterns of the past, and do something fresh and creative with it. But when you realize that life is, what you make out of it, and depends more on your present choice and decisions, than you move out to create the life of your desire’s.

It’s always easy to follow the external life, as its happening since hundreds of years. But it takes courage to move out from the routine, and create something unique and authentic out of life.

Live a Complete life of Twenty-four Hours.

Life is available for twenty-four hours, but for most of the people its only the working hours that counts. People don’t know, how to utilize every hours of their life. Life is continuously happening.

It doesn’t end with the day and night nor it ends with twenty-four hours, but it constantly rotates in a circle. Life is eternal, its only your mind in the momentary space and time, experience the limitations of yourself.

Learn the ways to come out of your mind, and you experience the eternity in this moment. When the sun rises, you expect the same old life, and thus most people are scared of Monday, as they have already lived it before and they don’t find any reason to be happy about it.

When you grow and evolve with life, you can drop these Mondays and Tuesdays from your life, and create a life, where each day can be a Sunday.


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