How to improve observation skills?

How to improve observation skills?

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Your every action needs energy. The act of observing life too needs energy. When you take action you direct the energy of life in a certain direction. When you simply observe life, again you make use of the energy, but this time you direct the flow of energy inward.

The act of observation is not simply an act of seeing; rather you direct your energy inward. The life energy in you is constantly moving, either in the outward direction or inward. When you observe life, you change the direction of life energy inward.

When you simply observe life in the moment, life reveals its truth to you. But it takes good amount of effort to hold yourself in the moment, and simply observe life.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

It requires practice. Whatever you do in life happens at the level of mind. Whether you do something or not, the life energy and the mind is constantly working in you.

The life energy is already flowing at a great pace, and taking a circle inside depending on the attention of your mind. When you simply observe life, you reduce the pace of the life energy and slowly direct the energy inward.

When the life energy moves inward, you experience the absolute clarity in the moment, as your mind remains still without any movement inside. To attain this state requires practice. You have to set aside some time every day to observe life.

More you increase your power to observe life, more you attain the benefit out of it.

Many times, we are carried away by the small situations or don’t know how to hold ourselves in the critical situations of life. Showing patience at the moment or experiencing silence within the self-remains far-fetched thing for us.

When we experience critical situations, our nervous system becomes impulsive, the energy rushes through our system, and in no time we tend to react at the moment.

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If you take time to observe your reactions in the moment, you will notice that it’s more of a mechanical process, rather than the response coming out of some conscious decision.

You need to devote some time every day to observe life. The point of object could be anything but your whole focus has to be in the process of observing life.

To enhance your power of observation, you can also stay aware of the moment. You can follow this practice throughout the day.

If you closely observe your mind, you will notice that it’s constantly thinking one thing or the other. It never stops even for a moment. The whole force to the mind comes from the life energy that is constantly taking a circle inside.

When you bring your attention to this moment, there are fewer chances of you, to get carried away by the thoughts of your mind. The mind is so volatile that even while you are reading this blog, there are so many things going on simultaneously in your mind.

When you stay aware in the moment, you not only observe more things that are present in the moment, but you also observe the things that are happening in the moment.

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You can do this simple experiment with yourself.

Try to roll your eyes around, and see how many things you can notice around you. Is your mind present in the moment, or its already running somewhere else?

Can you hold your mind for even a minute in this moment?

The mind and the life energy are habituated to follow a certain pattern. When you bring your awareness to the moment you break the repetitive pattern and take conscious control over your life.

The power of observation increases when you stay aware of your awareness. The mind is always roaming here and there, but if you bring your attention back to your mind, you will notice that your mind gets slow down. The pace of your thought flow is reduced.

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Consciously or unconsciously your mind is always thinking about something and your life energy moves in that direction. When you bring your awareness back to the self, you take your attention from unconscious thinking and consciously direct it towards the self.

This doesn’t require any force; rather all you need to do is simply remain aware of the activities of your mind.

Developing a habit of doing one thing at a time also serves. When you consciously put your mind to one thing, it becomes easier to focus on the things at hand. When you try to do too many things at the moment, unknowingly you add chaos to your mind.

As I have mentioned earlier, anything that you do consumes energy. Even the act of observing life requires energy. So it’s important that with your day-to-day life, you utilize your energy well.

When you start observing life, you will notice that in a day, you engage in many activities that don’t serve any purpose in life. You are simply giving energy to things that can be utilized for some useful purpose.

Declutter Your Mind

Many times we are also engaged in the activities that appear to be important, but the same activity can be done with lesser or minimal effort.

The more energy you save throughout the day, the better clarity you will have towards life. This doesn’t mean you have to be calculative about your every action, but you can certainly pull yourself out from the things, that no longer serve the purpose in your life.

When you have a bigger purpose to serve, it becomes easier to drop the unnecessary things from your life.

You can also plan and schedule your daily life. This helps you to get rid of the unnecessary thinking process.

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When you have planned and schedule your things in advance, there is no need for the mind to think in that direction. You can simply follow your schedule of the day, by staying aware in the moment.

The lesser you think about the situations, events and people in your life, the more light you will feel inside.

At every stage of life, we have the priorities that need to serve. It’s very important that we stay clear with our priorities so that we can keep ourselves calm from inside. Unless you consciously give the direction to your mind, the mind always has its memories to direct you in his direction.

The path of observation is a long journey, and at the end of the path, you become one with the source. When the path is long, it’s necessary that you evaluate your path from time to time and correct your mistakes on the path. The more you learn and improvise on your path; the better will be your experiences on the path.

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