How to Grow your Understanding towards Life?


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Before you understand something, you have to come out of it. If your mind is thoroughly occupied with that one thing, it becomes difficult to understand that thing. The same happens with life. The life that you live on a daily basis is completely occupied by your mind. No space remains in your mind to understand life, which is happening to you.

You have to consciously move out of your life before you develop a certain understanding of it. These can happen by going through the process of meditation.

The idea is not to understand life, rather the conscious effort has to be made to free yourself from the life that exists in your mind. Many people struggle hard outside and try to make a shift in the outside world, where as when it comes to their mind, everything they try to get rid of, remains intact into their mind.

So, no matter how they try to get rid of the things they don’t want or try to bring the change in their lives unless they drop the things off their mind, no change is possible in their lives.

To understand the life that is happening to you, you have to understand the life that is happening in you. Your outside reality comes from inside and simultaneously your inner reality too creates your outside life.

To understand the mechanism of inside as well as outside life, you have to move deeper into the space of your mind, where you can experience the empty space of your mind. Yes, you have an empty space in your mind, where you experience yourself completely detached from the life that is happening both in the inside as well as outside world.

From this space when you consciously try to understand the life that is happening to you or the life that is happening outside, everything becomes clear to you. You figure out the synchronization between past, present and future life.

All the wisdom of life comes from this space of the mind. If every individual brings his focus on himself and practice to slip beyond the life that exists in his mind, he or she can experience the space of the mind, which is absolutely empty. From this space, when you experience any aspect of life or even try to understand any part of life, everything appears to you, with utmost clarity.

Meditation is one such tool that can help you to understand life as a whole. When you only perceive the outside reality, you only see the half truth of life. In meditation, when you take your attention inward, you come across the similar life that you experience outside.

To understand the life as a whole, you don’t have to get caught up in the life that is happening inside, rather you have to take your attention beyond the life that is happening inside of you.

All your thoughts, feelings, emotions, imagination, memories create a subtle world in you. You have to slip beyond the subtle world of your mind and come across the space, where nothing exists in your mind. This space is also known as state of no-mind.

Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind

From this space when you perceive life, everything appears clear to you. Wisdom is not the information or knowledge that comes from the mind, rather the eternal wisdom is to see life, in its natural form.

When you see life as it is, without any interference of the memories of your mind, you directly see the truth of life. It’s only our own memories, that separates us from the true reality of life.

Life is just another game, and to understand the game you have to move out of the game. The game of life not only exists outside but it also exists inside. To move out of the game, you have to figure out the way, and the way is not from outside but inside.

Till the game of life is going inside of you, you can never have absolute clarity of life. It’s only when you find the way from inside, to drop the game altogether, you receive an absolutely new perspective to view the game of life.

All the understanding to life comes from inside, and this understanding comes not in the form of knowledge or information, rather this understanding comes while directly looking into life.

After practicing meditation for long hours, your mind reaches at a stage, where it can directly look into life. All the understanding towards life comes from directly seeing into life.

All the information, knowledge or imagination separates us from the true reality of life. The truth is visible only to the naked mind.

Wait and See

Without the understanding of life, all efforts are made to develop the personality of the mind. Your individual identity only grows with the information of the outside life. You only serve your individual identity with all your thoughts, feelings and actions without having a real understanding of life.

It’s only when you experience the empty space of your mind, you realize something which is beyond the identity of your mind. From this space, you realize the life in you that exists beyond your individual identity. The truth of life is realized beyond the individual identity of the mind.

When your life initiates from the truth, you don’t serve the identity of the mind, rather you live to serve the life that works as a whole. You try to synchronize every thought, feeling or action closer to the life that is happening out of the natural process. You become part of the whole.

At every moment truth remains clear to you. No confusion remain in your mind. Your perspective to life appears from the empty space of your mind which gives you absolute clarity in the moment.

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