How to Fulfill your Life-Long Desires?


Everything you wish for life is your desire. Some desires hold our hearts, while others are simply passing desires; those are not necessary matters to us.

The life is full of desires, but there are few things that become an integral part of our life. We want them badly, no matter what.

In the blog, no judgment has been passed on to the desires, as been right or wrong, and only the just and right ways, have been shared so that you can fulfill your life-long desire, and cherish the most beautiful gift called desire.

When you want something really badly, you figure out the ways for it.

Why this blog is important because still there are things, we don’t do, that sometimes allows our desires to slip away from our lives.

When it comes to life, there is nothing you just cannot have it, if you put your mind and heart to it. Along with your dedication and daily commitment, there are certain things that need to keep in mind, to fulfill your desires in life.

Stay connected to your desire all the time.

If you really want something, you just cannot lose track of it. It’s important for you to stay connected with it. You cannot have an on and off approach towards your desires. Once you want something, it has to become the primary center point of your mind.

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You cannot have a laid back attitude. One thing should be clear in your mind. Either you want it, or not. If you want it, you are ready to go to any limit for it.

Walk towards your desire.

Every day you have to do something to get closer to your desire. To accomplish your desire in life, you have to understand that, it’s just like building a house. You have to lay a brick with each passing day so that you can create a wall and soon the four corners of walls along with the rooftop turn into a house.

This is the magic of life that can be experienced by walking. If you want something, walk in that direction, by taking one step at a time.

Don’t worry if you have no clue about the path. Don’t worry, if you have no experience of it. If you keep walking life itself, is gracious enough to bestow, all the knowledge and all the experience requires to fulfill your life-long desire.

Your desire has to be a primary goal or purpose in your life.

Life is not only about desires but as you move forward on your path, you have to take care of many things, so that you can take care of the life around you. Life comes with its daily obligations. You are part of the whole, and thus it’s important for you to serve the life around you.

But, while fulfilling your duties, you should never forget your desire, but amidst of everything that goes around you. Your life-long desires should remain your primary goal.

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Learn, Grow, Improve and get better with your approach to fulfill your desire.

Remember if someone fails in achieving his desire, then it’s not the situation or circumstances but the person himself. If you give up, the life that supports you to fulfill your desire also gives up with you.

It’s all about you and your passion. It’s you who push the situation and people and circumstances your way to make the impossible possible.

With each passing day, when you move towards your desire, your approach has to be of learning, improving, growing and getting better with life.

This forms a habit in you. You don’t live to fulfill your desire, but you also live to improve your life while fulfilling your desire. It’s necessary to stay open to life. You try as much path as possible to reach your desire. You don’t live with the pre-conceived idea; rather you remain open for the magic of life.

There has never been a ready-made path already available for anyone, but as you take that first step towards your desire, the whole new path is created for you, that take you to your desire.

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The newly created path can only come up by walking and never by dreaming about it. Every situation and every experience of your life remain fresh and new for you. Nothing exists in the future, but you create the future by taking those steps towards your desire.

Life holds a signboard at every point. If you learn to read those signboards and holds courage to move in the direction of those signboards, it becomes easier for you to reach to your desires.

Life is filled with excitement at every point if you are deeply connected with the self. You can only read the flow of life if you can read all the different movement that happens in you.

The biggest mistake anyone does on his path is not to walk till the end.

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When we want something, there is no reason for us to give up, in the middle of the path.

Gautama Buddha has described it beautifully, “Human makes two mistakes in his life. First one, by not taking that first step and the second one, by not walking till the end.”

This truth of life has to be always kept in mind. If you really want something, go till the end. You never know, how life can shape up at any moment. It certainly can go your way, if you keep on moving on your path.

The magic of life can be experienced if you walk till the end. You understand how life connects different dots to take you to your desires.

Nothing is impossible in one’s life if he determined to achieve. Life is beautiful and the desires and the path to the desired add beauty to it.

If you really want something in your life, no matter how much time has been passed, or if stands against the beliefs of everyone around you, if it belongs to your heart, you hold the absolute rights to fulfill your desire. All you required to do is take that first step and walk till the end.

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