How to Experience the Pure Consciousness?


Pure consciousness is the purest state of mind. When the mind becomes a witness and no experiences or impressions remains on the surface of the mind, you experience the mind as pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is a state of mind, where it acts like a mirror.

Anything that comes in front of the mind either from the external world or internal world, it reflects as it is. The mind as we all know, thinks, imagine things, forms perception, stores experiences, and impressions, and allows us to experience the external reality of life.

The process of mind takes place on its surface, but when you take your attention beyond the surface of the mind, you experience the mind which is absolutely pure. That is the state of pure consciousness.

In the state of pure consciousness, the movement of life energy (spirit) is easily read all the time, and even the source of life is reflected in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness can be experienced, once the dormant energy gets awakened in the body.

It’s the dormant energy that ties the mind in a way, whereby the mind remains engaged in the external cycle of life. But once the dormant energy gets unlocked inside, you free yourself from the external cycle of life and a new reality is experienced both inside and outside.

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The mind is covered with different layers of experiences and impressions of life, that makes us hard to perceive life in its natural form. That’s the reason the mind remain engaged in the life cycle of past, present, and future.

The natural process of life is eternal and remains the same, but as the humans understanding gets clear with the natural process of life, he begins to align his life’s effort in developing the deeper understanding of life.

The life transcends at a level of perception. Your perception moves deeper with your understanding. When you break the surface reality of the mind, your perception to view life gets deeper. You perceive life closer to the point of consciousness.

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It’s the mind that perceives both the external and internal world. The senses act as a window for the mind to perceive the external reality and then the internal process takes place to understand the external life.

The external reality needs to be understood to satisfy the basic needs of life and to make the external reality better, so that we can create comfortable life outside, that can serve us all, but in the process, one thing needs to be clear to the mind, that everything is taking place inside and not in the external reality.

In the external reality, you work to create comfortable life, but it’s the inner mind that does all the work. If you don’t understand the nature of the mind, then rather creating the comfortable life outside, you will add mess to your inner world.

The mind has a capacity to expand, provided you work upon it, and make a daily effort to improve your perception towards life.

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The perception towards life is formed with the idea’s and thoughts that you carry from the past. If you allow the new experiences from outside, to become a part of your life, you can gradually improve your perception towards life.

You expand in the physical world, according to the capacity of your mind. If the mind expands, you develop the long vision for life, and you take bold steps, following the larger vision for life.

When you perceive the world through the subtle reality, you connect with the world through thoughts and emotions and get less intimidated by the physical reality. Physical reality is the manifestation of the subtle world, i.e. thoughts, emotions, and energy. When you connect with your thoughts and emotions, it’s easier to perceive the thoughts and emotions of others.

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The mind holds the capacity to transcend itself from the physical consciousness to the subtle and from subtle to pure consciousness.

Your ego or individual identity gets developed in the mind with your identifications with different activities of the mind. You identify yourself with your perception, thoughts, imaginations, dreams, desires, and everything that goes into your mind.

With the inward attention, you can look into everything that goes in your mind.

If you can practice keeping your attention inward on a daily basis, slowly your attention will move deeper and deeper into the subtlest part of the mind. More the truth of the mind will be revealed to you, lesser your identification with the mind remain.

The purest state of mind doesn’t have its nature but is a reflective mirror. When the mind becomes the witness, with its purest state of mind, it doesn’t have anything to reflect of its own, and thus, it reflects what comes in front of the mirror.

The experience of pure consciousness is just like a reflective mirror that reflects both the external and internal reality in its natural form.

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With pure consciousness, you see the whole and doesn’t conclude the thing in a part. Whenever you come across different situations or people in your life, you see the things in a part and not as a whole. Any situation of life is only a part of the whole and it’s only when you see the situation with its past, present and future, you see the whole.

All the religion and spiritual organization carry its own method to improve your consciousness towards life. All the sages develop their own path to reach the peak of the consciousness.

There might be thousand and one ways to improve your consciousness, but there are only three things on which you have to work upon to reach the peak of your consciousness. Body, mind, and emotions serve you to connect with the pure consciousness.

Any form of physical exercise serves the body to remove the negative toxins from the physical and subtle body and helps to raise the energy level from within.

The mind and heart can be expanded through, knowledge, meditation, and love. A daily habit of physical exercise, meditation, and reading serves to expand your body, mind, and heart and brings you closer to the pure consciousness.

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Wisdom allows the things to happen. Only out of ignorance, you use an effort or force for the manifestation of things. The inner wisdom makes you aware of the process of life and you follow the process.

When you follow the process, you improve upon it, grow with it, and transcends everything that comes your way. With pure consciousness, you transcend everything for the better, that comes across your path.

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  1. Pure consciousness is the awareness which illuminates the thought in mind, so purest state of mind cannot be called as Pure Consciousness.It is the awareness through which the thought get illuminated, so pure consciousness is not an object but it’s a very subject.

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