How to Experience Stability and Contentment in Life?


The Stability and contentment with life are to have an understanding that, wherever you are present in this moment, is complete in itself and every step you move takes you further towards perfection with your life.

There is nothing that lacks with your life, and still, you move forward towards betterment with life.

Life unfolds out of the natural process and everything that happens around you follows that process. Everything that exists in the universe, is very much alive, the way you are alive in your body.

The process that goes into your making, the same process goes through everything that exists in the universe.

We do differentiate from one another out of our individual nature and the time you realize your own nature and truth behind your nature, you recognize the nature of everything that exists in the universe and the source behind it.

God, Allah, Bhagwan, God-Father is a constant phenomenon, and part of it exists in everyone. Many call it soul, part of God, Atma, son of God, and many different names. The nature of soul or part of God in you too is constant.

You have the spirit within the body, that plays a different role through the body, heart, and mind. The spiritual energy, breathe, and sensation is part of the spirit and thus experience life through the physical body. The physical body from the time of mother’s womb, grow and expand, as the spirit expands into the body.

When the spirit gets attached to the physical body, Ego or personal identification naturally develops into the brain, in the interest of the physical body. Personal identification or Ego is a natural process and is required for the protection of a physical structure.

If you don’t have personal identification, in the initial stage, with the body, heart, and mind, it’s not possible to carry on with the process of life, with the body. As your understanding grows and evolves with life, you begin to handle your life, without any attachment to your physical body, thoughts, and emotions.

As your understanding develops towards life, and you move deep within, you realize yourself as a spirit, and then it becomes easier for you to drop the identification with the body, heart, and mind.

After the self-realization, you realize the soul in the body, and also the illusion of personal identity, that is developed in the mind.

The personal identity or “I” of an individual depends on the sensation within the body, and until the time, you have the sensation, the “I” stays attach itself with it, in different forms.

With the brain, heart, and body, the personal identity, identifies itself with the body, and the experiences and impressions of the body, both inside as well as outside.

Personal identity also attaches itself to the feelings, emotions, thoughts and imaginations, as everything takes place inside the body.

There is a spiritual process, through which, one can disassociate the spirit from the physical body, and thus the personal identity, that identifies itself with the body, heart and mind and different experiences of the body, and functions of the mind and heart such as thoughts, feelings, and emotions, gets drop from inside.

The personal identity, i.e. the personal image that gets developed of oneself into one’s own mind, not only of the physical body but of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience, impressions, everything gets drop in a split of a second when the spirit gets detached from the body.

All the experiences and impressions of life do get stored into the spirit, in a subtle form, but gets active when the spirit gets attached to the physical body. The spirit doesn’t carry the image but when it comes in contact with the physical brain, the image and thought process begins into the brain, out of the experiences and impressions transmitted to the brain.

Once the spirit, is realized within the body, the mind understands the process of unfolding the spirit into the soul. The unfolding of the spirit is the detachment from the physical body and journey towards the soul, within the body.

At the realization of the spirit, the mind simply expresses what’s going on into the body, through words. All the experience of bliss is conveyed by the mind.

The spirit is part of the soul and the physical body is accumulated over the time, by food, air, and water, while the experiences and impressions of life, is only because of the body, and thus the personal identity, that you create over the time, is a false identity and the time you realize the spirit, it simply gets drop by itself.

The personal identity is with the brain, heart, and body, while the spirit is part of the soul. When the spirit rises higher and merges into the soul, no sense of self-remains for the mind to claim.

At the highest experience, nobody remains to experience, but the only experience remains, which is the ultimate experience of life.

If you live with the mind, the nature of mind is to go on developing and nourishing the personal identity, and thus creating more illusions out of life.

The process of the mind is to go on multiplying the experiences and impressions of life, and to create more and more experiences, to continue the process of life.

“The truth lies beyond the imagination and images of the mind, where all your relationship with the personal identity cease to exist and what remains for the mind, is to observe an unfoldment of the spirit and getting merged into the soul.”

The mind lives according to the personal identity over the time, and all your future experiences depend on out of it. When the identity itself, is a big illusion, you can never reach to the state of stability and contentment with life.

With mind, you only move in a circle and repeat the same process of life. At the most, you expand your experience and create a fresh experience out of it, but you don’t realize the truth of life.

Stability and contentment with life can only happen if you have something stagnant. The thing that doesn’t change the nature of life. With mind, neither the thoughts nor imagination and neither your personal identity gives you a feeling of stability and stagnancy.

With life, everything is changing, as the nature of life itself is to change. The stability and contentment can be realized, when you rise above the changing nature and experience life both in the inner as well as outside world, as an observer.

With mind, there is no stability and contentment, and you have to run, the way mind wants you to run, out of the past experiences and impressions of life.

Yes with the outside world, you might have several obligations to life that you cannot escape, but these obligations to life go on increasing with time and never cease to exist.

You may think one day, you will have time to sit and relax and enjoy life, the way you want, but then it becomes too late, as you train your mind to work in a particular manner then it gets difficult for you to stop your mind, and keep aside even for a moment.

Only when you begin to look for life, beyond mind and look for the experience, within, which is the existential truth of life, in a real sense, you find the peace and security with life.

Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment

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