How to Experience Life from a Fresh Perspective?


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Its hard to leave the story of our mind behind. Whatever you have heard, seen or came to know from any source, creates an impression in you. Now, this impression gets hard to drop from the mind.

You start perceiving things from the point of this impression. Your views towards the situation remain limited to the impressions, that you have accumulated over the time.

This is how we live and perceive life and simply repeat the same old memories over and over again. We never try to look for the different ways to explore life or sometimes, people even don’t know, that some other life does exist in them.

Every moment of life can be lived from the fresh perspective, by dropping the things of the mind. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life, you can view each day of your life differently and have a fresh response to your daily situations of life.

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Every moment of your life offers you more than you imagine. It all depends on how you perceive the life in the moment. If you already remain hung up in the memories of your mind, it becomes impossible to see the truth of the moment.

Remember the present moment has no relevance with your past or the future, and the present moment is an end to its own. There is no surety, that you meet or greet the same people again in your life or you live the same moment again.

We remain too rigid with our past’s and thus lose all the charm of the moment. When you live in your past, your present actions too reflect your past. You always think in terms of your past life and it’s always the past that becomes the center point for your present actions.

The present moment is separate from your past and the future. The moment you are experiencing here and now, has no relevance to your past and the future.

If you choose, you can cut the subtle rope from your mind and jump to the life of the moment, or if you wish you can stretch your past, into the present moment and also take it along into your future.

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

When you realize that the present moment has no obligation with any of your past or the future, you start living the moment, with a different light. You don’t see the moment, out of the past, rather you see the present moment, as it is, in its natural form.

In our mind, we live with the cause and effect. For every action, we calculate the cause and effect. We are always ready to react in the moment. Our mind has been so reactive, that it doesn’t even bother to see the thing of the moment, rather the reaction to the moment remains spontaneous within the mind.

To experience life with a fresh perspective, you have to slow down in life. It’s important that you understand and analyze the present situation and then after considering everything you respond to the moment. This requires time. When you simply jump to the conclusion into your mind, you miss all those necessary steps that are required to understand life and project your own idea onto life.

Remember what you perceive in your mind, has nothing to do with the actual reality that is happening in the moment. Your projection of life always remains limited to your own understanding, while the actual reality remains far from your projections about life.

To understand the actual truth, you have to prepare yourself to drop your own projection of life and stay open to experience a new dimension of life.

Our views towards life are biased and this biased view separates us from the actual reality of life. We never bothered to understand the actual reality, rather remain caught up in our biased view of life. When you are ready to drop your individual view, you also receive the clarity of, how the people perceive life around you.

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The one who grows in their lives understands that the people grow and evolve with time, and so they deal with their surroundings accordingly.

You can never anticipate the life to remain the same, rather it changes over the time, and if you have consciously worked on your life, it certainly changes for the better. The life is always fresh in the moment. The only deception exists is, in our perception.

Before you experience life from the fresh perspective, first of all, you have to understand your own perception towards life.

You have to look into your mind and understand how do you perceive life. At-least your perception should be clear to you, and more and more you dive into your perception, you will experience the detachment from your own perception.

It’s with the detachment, you will realize that your perception is only limited to your own ideas and beliefs towards life, and there are different ways to experience the same life.

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The need to experience life from the fresh perspective is to have a solution-based approach towards life.

When you live with your own limited perspective, then that limited perspective becomes the truth of your life.

The fresh perspective connects you with the actual reality. You come out of your mind and experience life that is happening in the moment. Many times we miss noticing the things that are present in front of our eyes. We remain so engrossed in the activities of our minds that the things that are visible to our naked eyes get unnoticed.

Life holds beauty in the moment. We hardly notice the things of the moment. Whether its flying butterfly, or birds chirping in the morning, or dogs playing around or even falling of the leaves.

We wanted to run away from the moment and jump into the future, as this moment holds no importance in our lives.

All our miseries of life are because of getting away from the moment. The time we connect to the moment, we regain all our lost happiness. To experience life with a fresh perspective is to experience the life of the moment.

The Remarkable Ordinary: How to Stop, Look, and Listen to Life

The attention in the moment holds the keys to life. All the omens and signs are present in the moment. All it requires from your end is to stay present in the moment and see life that is happening in the moment.

To experience life with a fresh perspective, you need to stay present in the moment. Your presence is required in the moment. When you are present, your mind cannot be shifted to the past or the future. It’s only your lack of presence that allows the mind to shift the attention from the moment, and shift into the past or the future.

All the assumptions come from the past and the future. The mind that is present in the moment never lives with assumption rather always remain in check of the reality of the moment.

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