How to Develop Decision-Making Power?


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Decision-making is a skill that can be developed by making everyday choices and decisions in your life.

Whenever you face a problem, either you look for the solution or remain caught up with the different choices you receive in the form of a solution. One way to choose from the multiple solutions is to hold patience. It’s the patience in the moment that allows the right solution to come to the surface.

When you make choice in a hurry, you always mess up with the things, but if you show some patience and allow the things to show up, you always hit the right chord.

When you work on your craft you work on it on everyday basis. The same applies to the decision-making. If you rely on others for your every decision, you cannot develop your decision-making power. You have to take control of your life. You have to be the sole driver of your ship.

People are scared to make mistakes or wrong decisions. But it’s a part of developing the skill. Unless you make the wrong decisions, you cannot reach to the right ones. The failures are the stepping stone to success.

Nothing can serve you more than your mistakes or failures in life. It makes you more aware of the moment.

Your focus and concentration grow with the mistakes as well as failures in life provided you choose to move forward on your path.

Every situation and every event of your life are unique. You cannot rely on other person to assist you with every situation or every event of life. You have to take command of your life. Initially, you may face some problem, but if you keep on walking on the path, your every decision will earn a fortune for you.

When you consider taking an important decision in your life, your attention has to be in the present or the future. You should only review the situation of the present as well as the future. If you consider the past, you may revise the same past into the present and that may well turn into the future.

The majority of people live with their past and thus miss to consider the present as well as the future. If your mind gets stuck in the past, you cannot see the present or the future. To get over the past and break the same repetitive cycle of life, you have to look ahead into the future and walk in that direction.

The process of decision-making is all about trust. You need to trust yourself enough. It’s only out of trust you can take bold decisions in your life. A few days ago, I have written a blog about “Take those small steps for a big leap.” The big leap is all about bold decisions, but bold decisions don’t come all of a sudden. Rather you have to take those small steps that prepare you for that major leap in your life.

To make it big in life, decision-making capacity plays a huge role. You have to have a power to change the course of life at any moment. This is not possible with rigidity; rather you have to be flexible with life.

It’s openness towards life that allows you to shift the direction at any time. The life too guides you with its own signs and omens. If you are ready to walk till the end, the life as a whole assists you over the path. You are never alone on this journey called life.

We assume that to make decision, we need inner strength and power, but there are very few who realize that when you make those choices and take those decisions in your life, out of your making those choice and decisions, you are filled with unimaginable strength that allows you to make impossible possible.

Life is divided into two parts. Knowledge and wisdom. People hold these beliefs that if they have enough knowledge, they can make those bold decisions in their lives.

On the other hand, when you observe the truth, you realize that each and every person who walks down this earth carries the life’s wisdom in him. This wisdom of life serves him at every step if he consciously chooses to connect with his inner wisdom and execute in his day to day life.

Knowledge is not important as it can be borrowed from anyone, but what’s important is to recognize one’s own wisdom, that exists in all of us. It’s only the inner wisdom that connects you with the right knowledge that takes you through this course of life.

The power to take a decision of an individual evolves with the time. From time to time you grow and evolve with life if you consciously go through your everyday life. Life is not only about inclusion but it also about exclusion.

When you only live to fill yourself up without leaving what you have on your hands than you cannot catch up with the process of life.

The process of life includes both receiving and giving, accepting and offering, attachment and detachment, inclusion and exclusion, and accumulating and letting it go. If you learn both the ways of life, only then you can grow and evolve with the process of life.

Gautama Buddha called it a balanced way of life. It’s only with the balanced life you develop the inner power that allows you to explore your inner potential and make most out of life that is happening in the outside world.

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