How to Develop an Observer in you?


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To become an observer of life is to experience life direct from the mind. The mind is an observer. When you become the observer of life, you don’t remain, but what remains is mind and life.

The life that is unfolding outside and the life that is unfolding inside. With the observer, you have no-filter view of life. When you exists, you only experience life with the filter.

What is the filter?

Your perception, your perspective, and your ideas about life is a filter, that doesn’t allow you to experience life in its totality. The pure state of mind or an observer in you can experience life in its totality.

An observer is least bothered about the past or the future or even for the next moment, but totally engrossed in this very moment. The observer is complete in this moment. It moves with this moment.

So, how you can become the observer of Life?

Before you move into the process of becoming the observer of life, let us understand how to initiate the process of observing life?

The process of observing life begins when you see life from your whole body. Yes, not only with your senses, i.e. eyes, but if you can see life with your whole body.

Usually, we are trained to observe life only with the senses. With the eyes, you cannot have the full view of life. Even when you observe the outside life, no sooner the flow of thoughts and imagination, takes you into the past and future.

Just with the senses, observing the outside world, you cannot become the observer of life, but you have to train yourself to observe life with your entire being.

The mind that looks into the outside world with the senses, is not limited only to the eyes but is spread all over the body. You can observe life not only through your eyes but with the little practice, you can train your whole body to observe everything that is happening outside and inside of you.

Witnessing the life just with the eyes can make you lost in the activities of the mind, but when you stay aware of your whole body and witness life not only with the eyes but with your whole being, your awareness grows in the moment. You don’t allow yourself to slip away with the activities of the mind.

Your alertness grows in the moment. You are not limited to your senses, but your whole body is involved as an observer.

The process of observing life can very well begin in the morning time, and later you can carry on the process whole day. These will help you to stay aware in the moment, as your attention will not remain limited to your senses, but you are more aware of your entire being, throughout the day.

With life, the most difficult part is to leave the old things and embrace the new ones. When you become an observer of life with your whole being, your energy begins to transcend, and with the vibrant energy, you cannot hold yourself with the old habits rather imbibe the new and positive ones.

This is the magic of life. You don’t have to do anything to transcend your being into more positive and vibrant but all its needed is your presence at the moment, with your whole being.

The act of simply witnessing life adds clarity to life. With the clarity, you don’t need the effort to manifest the life of your choice, but life simply unfolds effortlessly in the moment, and you participate in the process of life.

The clarity with the life allows you to see things in the moment. The mind holds an old habit to get caught up in the past or the future, but you can change that habit by making your mind observe more rather than to worry about the action in the moment.

Remember with the clarity of life, actions are bound to happen in the moment. You don’t have to think over and over to act, but once your mind is absolutely clear with what it wants than action happens effortlessly in the moment.

You create life out of practice and practice allows you to develop much-needed skills. Once you understand the process of life, then you can swiftly flow with the nature of life.

The art of observing life with your whole being is a wonderful tool to transcend your personality into more energetic, vibrant and positive being. You connect with the powerhouse of energy that lies in the dormant state within.

When your mind is already equipped with the past and future, you cannot activate the inner energy and thus, rather living life in the moment, you simply repeat the same process of life over and over again.

Life is constantly flowing from moment to moment. You cannot allow your mind to get stuck in anything of the past or the future in this moment. You need to develop the skills whereby your mind can absolutely get free from the past and future, and can swiftly flow with the moment.

Remember, you don’t have to tie your mind in the moment because life is moving all the time within you. All you need to do is simply float with the moment, and slowly the ways of the mind and the life energy that exists in you will reveal to you.

No matter what you see in life, either outside or within, it’s only the surface reality of your mind. The act of witnessing life is a simple act of observing everything that goes outside and within, without interference.

When you experience the pure state of mind, you will realize that you can see through life without any ideas or beliefs of the outside world. When the pure state of mind looks at the outside world, it simply sees the natural flow of life. When the same mind moves inward, it notices itself, without any thoughts or imagination or experiences or impressions that float on its surface.

The very act of observing life takes you to the pure state of mind, where the life is visible with your whole being.

It’s unfortunate that humans have underestimated themselves like anything, and looked for the wellbeing in the outside world. We all are filled with such a tremendous power that we can never imagine it can ever exist within us.

The only thing requires from our end is a little step towards ourselves. The journey of an observer leads you to your true authentic self. When you encounter the observer in you, you realize nothing but the pure life that is flowing inside out, just like a river.

Life is not divided at any point and the process that works in one, works in every individual. It’s only that few choose to look within themselves, while others remain lost in the chaotic world created by them.

To experience the observer in you, you have to learn the art of observing life not only through your senses, but your whole body. Slowly with the practice you can connect with your body, and as your practice grows, no sooner you will learn to fly from within.

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