How to Develop a Positive State of Mind?

positive state of mind

The positive state of mind develops over the time. It requires time and effort. Just to achieve anything you need a road map, in a similar way to attain a positive state of mind, you have to develop a daily path and add positivity to it on a daily basis.

The positive state of mind is a state of mind that needs to be developed out of the daily experiences and impressions of life. Whatever you choose on a daily basis becomes part of your experience.

So, your everyday life should come out of your conscious choice, and those choices should add positivity to your life with each passing day.

The key for the positive state of mind is the mind itself. You have to figure out the way to connect with your mind, and know the thing that goes on in your mind.

When you understand the nature of your mind, you also understand how memories of the past and the future churn in the mind. To fill your mind with the positivity, you need to know how your mind works. Only then you can direct the things of the mind in a right direction.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master

The life is not limited to the memories of our mind, but there is a higher life exists in us, which governs the things of our mind. The memories of the mind result in positive or negative, but when we experience life beyond the memories of the mind, we develop necessary control over our mind.

The life beyond the memories of the mind can be known through the practice of meditation. Meditation is an effective way that not only helps us to achieve a positive state of mind, but it also connects us with the life that happens well beyond the mind.

The change to life comes when you accept the life of the moment. No matter what the situation reflects at the moment, but if you wish to proceed in the right direction, you have to learn to accept the things of the moment.

It’s only with the acceptance you can guide the situation in the direction of your choice.

It’s the ignorance of life that many times fills us with negativity. We live with our own projection of the situations, events, and people and when these projections turn into a negative one’s into our mind, we simply add mess to our life.

Life is not about our projections, either the positive or negative ones; rather life has its own truth that exists at the moment. When we consciously make effort to connect with the life of the moment, we experience life with clarity. It’s the clarity of the moment, that allows us to shed the illusions of life and the wisdom of life flows from within.

You experience the positivity of life when you shed the illusions and experience the true reality.

When you take your attention inward and try to know yourself, you understand how the illusory identity develops in your mind. Your whole life circles around this illusory identity. The truth exists in you beyond this illusory identity.

To experience the positive state of mind, you have to be prepared to drop all the false from your life. It’s only the illusion which gives rise to the negativity in our life.

It’s not that only the negative exists in our life, but when we live with our illusions, we develop a lot more negativity in our mind than it actually exists.

When you know your nature of mind, you will understand that the mind works in three state. Negative, positive and neutral state. When you experience the negative things in your life, you want to shift to the positive ones. When you go through the positive experiences of life, you get so engrossed into your happiness, that you don’t bother to look for life beyond happiness.

Beyond the positive state of mind, exists the neutral state or no-mind state. When you see your mind from the neutral state, you realize how the state of mind shifts from the positive to the negative one or from negative to a positive one.

It’s only from this state you develop enough control over your mind and guide your mind as per the choice.

Meditation is a key to experiencing the neutral state of mind. Once you practice meditation for a period of time, you achieve a meditative state.

The meditative state is a state of mind, where you are more present in the moment. You are part of life that is happening around you, but from within you are absolutely detached from everything including the self.

This doesn’t happen by force, rather everything transcends naturally in you, and life appears to you with absolute clarity.

The positive state of mind is part of the meditative state, but with the meditative state, you can also experience the truth of life that is happening every moment. In the meditative state, you can also know the deeper memories of your mind that exists in your subconscious mind.

For most of the people, their life is controlled by the mind, but there are few who goes through the unnecessary pain and suffering, because of the stored memories in their subconscious mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

In the mind, when something comes to the surface you react, but deep inside, there also the memories that keep circling in you and bothers you from inside.

When you practice meditation, all those deep down memories come to the surface and is visible to you, be it the memories of pain, suffering, emotional debris, fear, anxiety or some past experience that holds you back in life.

It’s only when you see your past memories as a detached observer, you free yourself from it.

The truth of life can be experienced not by engaging in life, but by getting detached from it. The detachment has to be the temporary process until you gain the necessary understanding of life. The positivity can only become part of you if you learn to see life as a third person.

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