How to become Observer of a Present Reality?


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The present reality is in front of your eyes, and still, it seems like a far-fetched thing. When you perceive life, you don’t see it through the eyes, but you see it with the mind. If you can see your mind, looking at the outside reality, you can directly look into life.

The life is simple, but you add your color to it. Your mind knows, how to add stories, narration to every situation you experience in your life. This makes life interesting and this makes the moment interesting, but this also adds illusive reality to life.

You have observer in you, that can directly look into a present reality. It may appear in the moment, that you are looking into the present reality but hold your mind at the moment, and you will know the truth for yourself.

The mind makes stories out of every situation, people or event that you experience in the moment. All these stories of the mind are nothing more than fictional.

Say, for e.g., you meet a person, with whom you had some conflict in the past. You saw the person coming to you. Now you see the external reality with your mind. Can your mind only show you the person or every impression that you have about that person in your mind?

In the present moment, all that exists is the person standing in front of you, without any past. He will come to you and start the conversation. Now, if you are already in your head perceiving the outside reality, from the past impressions, rather trying to understand the words of the person, or what he means in this moment, you will only see what your mind wants to show you from the past.

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What will be the result?

You have missed the present reality, that could have altered your past and you go on doing this, throughout your life, every moment. This way you miss the life of the moment and live from the past experiences.

You cannot directly observe the life that is happening outside. You have to initiate by observing the life that you live in your mind.

Now, how to observe the mind?

It may take some time, for you to connect with the mind, but before you connect with the mind, at least you need to know, what you live on a daily basis. You can observe your daily life.

You have to have a daily schedule in writing for twenty-four hours of the day. Once you have the schedule and you go through the day, sometimes according to the schedule and sometimes missing your schedule, you will have something to observe another day.

Very few people have day-to-day schedule, and even out of them, there are very few, who even bother to observe it on a daily basis and improve on it.

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The very next morning, all you can do is, sit with yourself and observe what you did yesterday. You already had the schedule, so did you followed the schedule, or you miss the schedule, and if you miss the schedule, was it out of your ignorance, or because of some genuine reason.

Once you learn to observe your daily life, at least you will learn how to observe. You need to connect with yourself before you connect with the present moment.

The present moment is always present, but you are not present in the moment with the mind. With the mind, you are always present somewhere else.

You are looking for, many things with life, but unless you are connected with the present reality, you are separate from the natural process of life.

The life follows a certain process, and unless you understand the ways of life, and mold yourself accordingly, the success will always remain a far-fetched thing and you will have the fate to blame for.

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The art of observing your life or observing the present reality is a key to unlock any mystery of life.

You just cannot know anything in regards to life, unless you know yourself.

You know, where your past and future meet?

In the present moment. Your past and future meet in the present moment. You can look into your past and the future, if you can observe whats going on in your mind, in the present moment.

Your daily life reflects your past, present, and future. When you observe your daily schedule you can figure out, what you have lived in the past, and what you can expect from the future.

The past is already past and the future is only an anticipation but it’s only your present, that will help you to transcend your life for the better.

When you observe your daily schedule, it doesn’t connect you with the reality, but it connects you with your mind. You can see how your mind thinks and imagine things. You come closer to understanding the nature of your mind.

Here is a key to connect with the present reality. When you can see clearly your past and the future, with your present action, you can set aside, both the past and future and directly look into life.

The present reality already exists but your mind cannot see directly into life, as lots of chaos always runs through the mind.

It’s your power of observing your present life, allows you to dive into the deeper secrets of life.

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Life is not a process of evolution but life is moving into a deeper awareness. Your understanding towards life comes out of your awareness in the moment. The life grows in you, in the form of awareness.

You don’t evolve with the body, brain, and heart but you evolve with the mind, with the awareness in the moment. You can see more with life, not with a big brain, but with an open mind.

The art of observing life helps you to improve your awareness in the moment. The present moment is important because the present moment connects you with the process of life.

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When you can directly look into the life, without the disturbances of the mind, you connect with the intelligence of the existential life. Everything that you need to know about life, exists in the moment.

When you directly perceive life, you don’t see reality with the past and the future, but you see life with the purest state of mind. The pure state of mind is a simple observer of life. It observes both the internal and external movement of life and adjusts its life accordingly.

All the fuss with life exists by not knowing oneself. The very reason to observe oneself is to connect with the eternal process of life, that exists not only in the external reality but also in you.

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