How to beat Procrastination in Life?


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Procrastination is about delaying things. You know it’s important, but you have the tendency to delay it for the future as if something is going to change in the future.

Procrastination happens by two ways, either its conscious procrastination or unconscious procrastination.

When you unconsciously delay the present actions, you have no clue what is happening with you, and what is the actual cause of delaying, but you have something going on, inside of you that just doesn’t allow you to move forward with your life.

The conscious delaying of the things comes out of wisdom.

You consciously avoid some task, as you wait for the right time. You realize this is not the right time to act, as you want the life to unfold so that you can have a better picture of it. If you learn how to consciously delay your present task, you develop a better picture of the present task and act more efficiently on it.

Conscious delaying of things asks for wisdom and comes out of life’s experience, while unconscious delaying of the task, simply pull you backward in life.

The Circle Blueprint: Decoding the Conscious and Unconscious Factors that Determine Your Success

What can you do to beat your unconscious procrastination with life?

When it comes to the present task, there is always a reason, for the mind to delay the task in hand.

One of the major reasons is clarity. (How to develop Clarity with Life?)

You only delay or postpone the task on hand, if you are not sure of it. Unless you are absolutely clear about the task at hand, you go on postponing for the future. The point is, even you don’t know, why you are simply delaying the things on hand, but one of the reasons is the clarity with the task.

So if you choose to beat procrastination, either in your personal, professional or student life, one thing that needs to be clear with you, is the absolute clarity of the task.

Either you are studying, or there are some personal problems, that you go on delaying to solve in the future (before it turns out to be a major), or you have a bad habit of delaying your business decisions; the main reason of all, is the clarity.

Unless you are absolutely clear about the task at hand, it’s easier to postpone it for the future. Delaying is not the solution but understanding the task definitely is.

Once you understand the problem or understand the purpose of your study, you get absolute clarity about the task. You realize why you are into the task. Once your mind understands the clear purpose behind the task, it starts to co-operate to take you forward with it. Then the task in hand doesn’t appear to be a problem, rather you start enjoying the task, and make most out of it.

The mind always knows the way, if you learn how to bring your mind to this moment.

The next thing that stops you from moving forward with the task is your approach.

Till the time you don’t know how to approach the task, you cannot move forward with it. You have received the clarity about the task, but you don’t know how to proceed with the task.

You don’t know the next step, and even if you know, you wait for the whole staircase to be clear in your mind before you take that next step. This way, you go on prolonging the things on hand, as the whole picture never gets clear to you.

Life only shows the next step and if you take that step, further steps are shown to you. (The Wonder of Life is in the First Step)

The point here is whatever the task you have, get the clarity of it, in the first place, about why you are into the task and once you are clear with it, don’t wait for the whole picture, rather start taking action on that first step that you see. This will allow you to move forward with your life and as you move forward, further steps will be seen on the path.

Moving forward, with the clarity and your approach, next thing that stops you from moving forward with your life is your own body and mind. The biggest hindrance on the path of life is not the outside problems, but your own body and mind.

Unless you take a due care of your body and mind, it will gather enough waste inside, that will unable you to move forward with life.

The physical body needs to be taken care of, with the proper balance of sleep, food, and exercise. If you miss any of these, you simply put imbalance into your body that again becomes the cause of delaying things in the moment.

Laziness is not a negative trait of your body, but you acquire it over the time, by creating an imbalance with your habits of sleep, food, and exercise.

Once you are physically fit, it’s easier to take control of life in the moment, and move forward with life. Once your body supports you in the moment, no task remains big for you.

Moving forward from the body, the mind is another obstacle that keeps you engaged in the past events of life. You just cannot move forward in the moment, by thinking of the past or the future.

Life wants you to move here and now, and if you don’t know how then it’s easier for you to fail with life at every step.

You can train your mind to beat procrastination. The mind is always comfortable in doing one thing at a time. If you give the mind, more than one thing, it remains confused in itself and shows you so many options in the moment that it becomes hard for you to pick any.

The best way to train the mind to beat procrastination is to give the mind, one thing or one task at a time. (One Step at a time to cover the Thousand Miles)

Although you cannot do more than one task at a time. So when you do one thing at a time, the mind remains receptive in the moment and serves you to move forward with the task.

When you are unconsciously avoiding your present life, there are few things that can be followed, to bring your mind back to the moment and make most out of it.

Absolute clarity with the task, figure out the way to move forward with the task (even one step will do) and take care of your body and mind.

The whole process of beating the procrastination in your life is to bring your unconscious mind to the conscious state. It’s only the conscious mind in the moment, makes most out of life.

When your mind is unconscious, it has millions of reasons to avoid the task at hand, but when you bring your awareness to the moment, your mind is more than willing to serve the task.

The unconscious mind takes a thousand circles to complete the task, while the conscious mind needs one circle, at a right moment to complete the same task.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Remember, procrastination is not the real problem, but your unconscious mind is.

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  1. Great stuff Roshan, thanks for sharing! ?

    Procrastination can sometimes be a reminder that we are mentally or physically exhausted. I often find that by taking time out of the task I’m procrastinating and take time to myself to recharge, I come back refreshed and much more prepared to fulfill the task. Oftentimes I am actually more productive as well.

    Sometimes we are not aware of why we are procrastinating, like you’ve talked out. Like habit forming, we need to remember our reason why, as this will help to make the habit/task stick when we remember the importance of what we are trying to achieve. As you say, as we gain that clarity and we know what approach to take, we can move into the concious state of mind and become productive again.

    Loving the content, keep doing what you’re doing! ?

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