How Soul-Consciousness is Important with your Daily Living?

How Soul-Consciousness is Important with your Daily Living?

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The perception of your mind restricts the reality, to your perception. Mind perceives things, out of its experience, and sooner or later changes its perception with time.

Soul is another name of pure consciousness. Mind understands things in numbers and not as a whole. Mind likes to bifurcates, divide; make everything small, so that everything gets into its perception.

Pure consciousness is an experiential state. Its a pure empty space. Pure consciousness is a whole. The function of mind is limited, to serve the personal identity. Soul-consciousness together is used, so that mind can understand and can relate with it.

You need understanding of something, till the time you experience it for yourself. The time you have an experience, all the knowledge, information or understanding about the experience comes from within.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Mind over the time, develops a personal identity from all the different experiences and impressions of life. The role of the mind is to, serve this identity.

The personal identity identifies itself with different experiences and impressions of life go on accumulating similar experiences along the path.

With the experience of pure consciousness, the personal identity drops its identification, from all the different experiences and impressions from the past, and become one with the consciousness.

Soul consciousness is a term used, when you relate yourself not with the personal identity of the mind, but see yourself as a soul. Soul is an experience of pure emptiness, but this pure emptiness, doesn’t stands for nothing, but holds all the wisdom and blissful experience.

When you see yourself as a personal identity, you relate yourself with the physical image along with all the accumulated experiences and impressions of life.

These narrow down your perception, to your personality. Anything you view, you carry your own perception towards life, and more surprisingly your life too remains limited to this perception.

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Life is not limited to the perception of your mind, and thus the outside experience of life differs, from what you have planned with your life, or what you think, has to be the consequence of the action, differs from the absolute reality of life.

To remain in soul-consciousness, is to stay with the pure space of emptiness.

When the personal identity experiences the pure space of emptiness, it notices that, both the personal identity and mind can be observed from the space of emptiness.

The personal identity can notice the entire process of mind, heart and body, along with the consciousness.

The personal identity is a developed identity of the brain, and can relate itself with anything, it desire’s. If the focus of the mind is outside, the identity identifies itself with the outside world, and when it realizes the soul-consciousness, it identifies itself with soul-consciousness.

Remember the personal identity gets stronger, as it accumulates more and more experiences and impressions of life. When you move inward, slowly the experiences and impressions that no longer serve you with your life tend to shed away, and what remains is necessary.

Even after the experience of soul-consciousness, it’s not possible for the identity of the mind, to keep itself all the time, with the soul-consciousness, and again and again it gets back to its old routine.

The real transcendence phase of a person begins, when it realize soul-consciousness and begin to relate himself as a soul. The realization of consciousness by the mind is to know the goal.

Living life with the mind is living life like blind-folded. You never realize where you are heading with life. Only with the realization of consciousness, you know the real destination with life.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

With life all the pain and suffering is born by the identity of the mind. The identity that is born out of the mind is natural. As soon as the child is born, the identity begins to develop of the child into his mind. It’s a natural process.

The personal identity is flexible and can be modified by changing the nature of experiences and impressions of life. When the soul-consciousness is realized, the identity only identifies itself with soul-consciousness, and strives to become just like soul-consciousness.

Life seems hard, and a complex thing. It’s just because you hold too much of impressions and experiences of life within.

Whenever you look at life, or any situation of your life, you cannot see the life that is happening in the present moment, but you only see the situations, the way you have experienced it, in the past. This keeps you away from the reality.

Soul-Consciousness is a truth of realized souls. So, even if you consider yourself as a soul, you direct your mind to focus on one, and while considering yourself as a soul, you go through different experiences of life.

Right now, what happens, when you go into different experiences of life?

Your identity simply relates itself with the present experience and impressions, and you cannot see or experience the truth of the present moment.

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When you identify with the present moment, your identification comes from the past.

Now in the past, either you had pleasant experience or unpleasant experience. If you had unpleasant experience, you will only see the present situation from the unpleasant experience, and if the experience was good, in the past, you will relate with the good experience from the past.

When the identity of the mind relates with each and every situations of life from the past, it simply repeats its past, into the present moment, and never actually live the present moment.

It’s good to repeat the pleasant experience with life, but either you repeat the pleasant or unpleasant experience, both the experiences keeps you away from the existential truth of the moment.

When you see yourself, as a soul, you begin to get clarity with life. You tend to see things, out of its nature. When the mind considers itself as a soul, it doesn’t comprehend the present situation, from its past or the future, and thus can see the reality of the present moment.

Seeing yourself as a soul, you shed many unwanted experiences and impressions from life. By being in a Soul-consciousness you can look into your subtle as well as physical life, and anything that you don’t like, you can consciously choose to drop it, from your life.

To consider you as a Soul is a reverse process. Soul-consciousness is behind the brain process, and not the front part of the brain. Consciousness is located slightly higher side, from the location, where different functions of the brain takes place.

Act of Consciousness

Thus from soul-consciousness you can look into the brain, but with the brain, if you turn around inside, and try to look beyond the consciousness, you find nothing. Consciousness is an end to itself.

When you simply consider yourself soul, you can go through many experiences of life, without allowing them to drop any impressions on the mind. You have a soul-consciousness and transcending spirit, which works through the brain, heart and body to experience life.

People are more fond of sensations, but sensation is the one, that gives you all the pain, and suffering, along with the stress with life. Soul-consciousness, takes you into an experience, which is beyond the sensational experience of the body.

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  1. Soul-consciousness is the element that leads to happiness. With the mind we observe vacillations, the ups and downs of life, but with the soul we are tuned into the life principle and every moment becomes nothing more than a rich unfolding of it.

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