How Individual Perspective differs from Consciousness?

How Individual Perspective differs from Consciousness?

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Individual perspective is the perspective of an individual person. Consciousness is the state of mind without any perspective. With the consciousness, you directly look into life.

When you see life on earth, there are almost 1000 crore individual perspectives living and breathing and making life possible. Well, life is only possible because of all our perspectives.

Everything that you see and experience life in different forms comes out of individual perspective. Every person carries his or her own perspective and only see life out of his own individual perspective.

One perspective doesn’t match with the other one. Remember one thing, when it comes to perspective, it’s no good or bad, or right or wrong, but there is only an individual perspective.

Life as a whole doesn’t bifurcate with different perspectives and serves each individuals perspective equally.

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You separate yourself from life, from your individual perspective. For every person, there is only one way to experience life and that is from his perspective. In this context, very few even realize that there is another perspective exists, out of which you can perceive life and get absolute clarity of life.

This is the perspective of consciousness. The process of transcendence is to move from individual perspective to the perspective of a whole, i.e. experiencing the consciousness.

With the consciousness, you don’t lose your individual perspective, but you rise above it. You receive an absolutely fresh perspective to experience life.

With the individual perspective, life remains limited. There is no freedom with the individual perspective, no matter what you achieve outside. You always remain limited from within, with the individual perspective.

With the individual perspective, you remain the priority, but with the consciousness, life itself becomes the priority. With the altered state of mind, you serve the individual perspective, but don’t get attached to it.

Let Go Now: Embracing Detachment

Every individual is interested in serving his or her own perspective. Every person wants the life to unfold in his way, but very few understand that life unfolds on its own, and it has nothing to do with the individual perspective. Life has to consider the perspective of a whole.

Yes, every person has an option to leave his or her own perspective, and look for life, beyond them.

With the individual perspective, you want to solve all the problems at once, and you want to control the whole cosmos, but this can never happen, as your own perspective comes out of the whole, and holds very limited capacity to understand life.

More and more you hold your individual perspective towards life, more your understanding gets narrow towards life. Unless you know, how to let lose yourself, you just cannot rise above life.

Your perspective is futile when it comes to the life as a whole. Unless you make an effort in experiencing life beyond yourself, you always remain disconnected from life.

All the Life’s striving has to become one with the whole, only then and then you can add meaning to your life. Its’ only when you rise higher with your understanding towards life, you can experience the bliss and wisdom of life.

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Life happens on its own with all the individual perspectives. Life situations, events, experiences, impressions get formed out of individual perspective. If you simply participate with life without your own perspective, you can sail through life experiencing the beauty of life every moment.

Life is possible without individual perspective. With the consciousness, life appears more clearly. It’s only with the individual mind; you feel an impulse to act on everything.

With the state of consciousness, you don’t act, but you see the unfoldment of life. You observe how things are connected at every point.

Life is beautifully connected and flows as a whole. If you learn to observe life at the moment, you can participate in life, and simply move along with life.

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Life is perfectly designed and everything has the right time to manifest. Life only seems a puzzle when you force the life to happen before time.

To move towards the consciousness, it’s important to move towards yourself. The way to the consciousness is from the individual’s perspective. You cannot understand everyone’s perspective and experience the consciousness within.

You only have to understand your own perspective and rise above it to experience pure state of mind. All the individual perspectives only appear beautiful when you will understand your own perspective towards life.

Yes, it’s possible to see how you perceive life from your mind, but for that, you have to moved inward.

3 Steps to Awakening

Rather spending your life understanding everything that is happening outside, it’s better to understand yourself and rise above it, so that at least you have something to experience that is worthwhile.

You can never get to the truth of life unless you rise above your own perspective towards life. The outside view is beautiful and the outside world manifests out of every individual’s perspective, but to understand the truth of life, you don’t have to dive into the outside world, but you have to look within.

The experience of consciousness is possible when you rise above the individual perspective and the individual perspective can be known when you keep your mind focused on the self.

 Road Map to Consciousness

You have to understand the limitations of your individual mind. The ego or personal identity cannot experience the whole. Your small mind cannot accumulate the whole. You have to leave yourself to experience the whole.

To experience the pure state of consciousness is to experience life with the whole. With the state of pure consciousness, individual perspective is not required, but life flows effortlessly. Things happen without any effort.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t act, but your action doesn’t reflect your individual presence. Your actions come out of the whole. You serve the need of the moment, but don’t strive to serve tomorrow.

When your thoughts and feelings and actions are few, life becomes clear to you. Your priority becomes visible in the moment. Your striving with life stops and you serve the life moment by moment.

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