How does Spirit works?



As a human, beyond our human desires, we have a deep longing to know life. The desire to know the truth is something that we all are born with. Sooner or later, the query arises, to search for the purpose of our existence.

Do we all are, the wandering creatures just like animals, with little higher intelligence, or there is something else, that is hidden, for us to know?

Our very build up is such that, everything exists inside of us. It’s not that, something is hidden within us, but it’s the very nature of creation.

If you look at anything outside, simply with its appearance, you cannot know, its creation, but you have to look deep inside.

Imagine the person first time, comes across the fruits or flowers, can he ever know, where does it, all come from?

Simply looking at the outside appearance, you cannot figure out the truth of life. You have to move deeper into the grass root level, to know its source.

Life follows a natural process, whereby, whatever appears, in front, has its source inside of it. Fruits have its source, under the roots of the tree, while the flowers have its source, in the roots of the plants.

Things that appears on the surface, is the consequence, of the process, that takes place behind it. Nothing appears under the sun, out of the blue and everything has to go through its process.

Humans are born with the spirit, but at the level of mind, it’s impossible to comprehend. You can never understand the spirit, or the nature of spirit because it’s the spirit that works through you and not the other way round. Now, it’s impossible to even imagine, that the things are happening through you, and you are simply an instrument through which everything happens.

This truth is impossible to grasp for any mind, which has yet to experience the spirit in him, or has little or no knowledge, about what’s going on, in the internal world.

There are certain functions that are possible, at the level of the brain, heart, and body that gives us the impression, that we are the driver of our life.

Let’s dig deep into the most important functions, that we go through each day, without which life itself is not possible.

The basic function of the brain, heart, and body, is respiration, ingestion, excretion, procreation, and sleep.

Now, inflow and outflow of breath, takes place, without your consent and thus you cannot claim to have right over it. Yes, if you wish, you can stop your breath, for some time, but then again, you have to let lose yourself, if you wish to survive.

The process of breath is natural or mechanical and doesn’t require your involvement. You can observe the inflow and outflow of breath, that’s the only thing you do, and the rest of the things takes place, by itself.

You are a mere spectator of what’s going on, both in your internal and external world. It’s only your ego that creates an illusion, that you are the one, who runs your life.

Moving forward to ingestion. When you are hungry, you need food, but have you imagined what makes you aware of your hunger?

Do you choose to be hungry, or when your stomach pulls inside, to give you a sign, that it needs something to eat?

Yes, you can delay your hunger for some time, and that power you have, or you can eat more than your hunger, but then both the thing, is against the natural process, and you have to suffer for the same.The process of ingestion, digestion, excretion, procreation, sleep is a natural process and you are a mere spectator of your system if you have the little awareness to look into the present moment.

The process of ingestion, digestion, excretion, procreation, sleep is a natural process and you are mere spectator of your system, if you have little awareness to look into the present moment.

Whenever you eat less, you feel into your stomach. You don’t do anything, but you have been told by your system, at different times, what is needed by your system.

The process of procreation too is a natural process. You can avoid the process of procreation, but you cannot avoid the desire itself. The process of procreation requires two, and thus the simple desire is not enough. Out of the natural process, all your energy slips down, within the body, and you feel an urge for the procreation.

You cannot stop your inner desire to emerge of procreation. When the energy slips down to the sex center, you need strong will-power to hold yourself back. Unless you realize yourself beyond the body, heart, and brain, you may stop yourself to act out of desire, but you cannot stop the desire itself, as its part of the natural or mechanical process, of the brain, heart, and body.

Brain, heart, and body follow a mechanical process. It’s a mechanical system, and this truth can be realized, once you realize the spirit within the body.

Moving beyond the ingestion, digestion, excretion, procreation, the last thing that body, brain, and heart require is sleep. Now, with sleep we all are aware that, we have no control over our sleep. When your body needs sleep, you have to sleep.

Then what is that thing, on which we have control, and which gives us the impression, that we are the sole driver of our life?

Our physical body, brain, and heart are operated by the subtle strings of the spirit.

We do have a mind, different than the brain, where all the images, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sexual desires take place. The cause behind all your thoughts, feelings, and sexual desires, is the images of your mind. All the experiences and impressions of life get stored in you, in the form of impressions.

Your mind is not part of the brain, but its part of the spirit. The appearance of the mind is like subtle clothing that covers the whole brain, heart and body, and all the images, thought process, feelings, emotions, dreams, desires, experience and impressions of life, take place, inside of that clothing.

The spirit carries the subtle thread or string that passes through the brain, heart and body and experience life. To experience the physical reality, you need brain, heart, and body, and spirit alone, cannot experience life, without a brain, heart, and body.

Brain, heart, and body are an instrument for the spirit to experience life.

The strings or subtle thread of the spirit carries the energy and sensation with it that allows the spirit to work through the brain, heart, and body. The creation of brain, heart, and body in the mother’s womb, is possible only because of the spirit.

The process of brain, heart, and body is possible because of the spiritual energy passes through the spirit.

The sensation that you experience in the body, is your spirit, but it’s so attached, that it’s hard to imagine, that the sensation can ever be separated from the physical body. In long hours of meditation, you can separate your sensation from the physical body.

The appearance of the spirit is the subtle string of the web that is wrapped around the physical brain, heart and body to carry out the functions of life. The subtle strings carry the sensation along with the spiritual energy so that it can work through the brain, heart, and body. The subtle cloth, that allows the functions of mind, too is part of the spirit.

Before the subtle thread or subtle strings passes through the brain, heart, and body, the subtle cloth of the mind, covers the brain, heart and body and then the subtle string passes through the brain, heart, and body to carry the functions of life.

In the out-of-body experience or the higher state of Samadhi, initially, it’s the subtle thread that gets detached from the physical body and later the subtle cloth of the mind, pulls itself, to experience the higher state. When the sage enters into the body, from the higher state, all the spiritual experiences of the subtle world, is experienced by the mind.

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