Grow Your Awareness, by observing Your Daily Life


Awareness is the pure presence in the moment. It allows you to see things, in its natural form. The more you develop your awareness, the more you come closer to the natural laws of life. The mind is a closed entity, that expands with different experiences and impressions of life.

The awareness is developed, when you observe, analyze and contemplate different situations and experiences of life. In the moment, what else can you observe, other than your daily tasks of life?

The awareness expands when you simply observe. The natural process of the mind is to think thoughts, out of each impression and experiences of life. When you do your daily task, the mind hovers in the past or the future, but while doing the same task, if you keep the attention on yourself to observe your efforts, the mind expands in those moments.

When you observe your daily course of life, it allows you to create a balance between your body, heart, and mind. Your efforts and the result out of efforts come out of the synchronicity of the body, heart, and mind.

The power to observe in the moment connects the mind with work, and you produce amazing things, out of your day-to-day tasks.


The daily life designs your future. In the present moment, all the efforts count, as it becomes the stepping stone for the future. When you are aware of your efforts, the awareness allows you to see far-sighted things, and you adjust your efforts in the moment accordingly.

The successful people always look at things, that’s not visible to their contemporaries at the moment. It’s not that it’s only available to them, but they practice enough to get their inner system right, and align themselves with life, and make most out of their natural instinct.

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The life on earth knows one language of manifestation, which is daily effort and practice. You cannot create something without efforts, either in the physical world or on the path of self-realization. To excel in whatever you choose to do in your life asks for sincere and dedicated practice.”

Anything you wish to have in your life, you have to go through the process of mind. Life begins and ends in the mind. Enough Space has to be created within, make the right adjustments, and direct the mind in a specific direction, to fulfill your desire’s of life.

All the efforts of life come out of energy. The quality of energy pour into an effort attracts the similar result in life. When the mind observes the action, at the time of an effort, proper synchronization gets formed in between the thoughts, emotions, and efforts and it allows the higher quality of energy to flow.

The kind of thoughts and images you carry for work decides the quality of energy and your input in the moment. When the thoughts and images are positive, you feel good about your work, and this positive thoughts and feelings add positivity to the action.

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Daily efforts of life rotate in a cycle of seven days. Most of the activities of life, repeats itself. The people in life are so engrossed in their past life or with the assumptions of the future, that they miss seeing the repetitive process of life. When you observe your daily life closely, you see the repetition of the cycle, and once you connect with the cycle, it’s easier to understand and follow the patterns of life.

Ignorance about life wants you to seek the happening of events or situations of life, to go your way, but once you develop the understanding, towards the patterns of life, you don’t run to get the things done, but you simply follow the process of life and wait for the things to happen rather force yourself upon life.”

The basic nature of human is to look for happiness, and once he is happy, he likes to catch hold of happiness, so that he can keep it forever.

The power to observe and growing awareness allows you to experience the happiness and understanding of life every moment. The more you observe your daily life, the more you grow with awareness, and with more awareness, you allow more happiness and understanding from within.

“Life is an internal thing and all the process of life flows from inside out. Even the things that you may think is happening outside, comes from within.”

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Say for e.g., you are attracted to some person, and you want that person to be a part of your life. Now it may seem like the person is outside, but the feelings and emotions that person has aroused in you comes from within. The more you see that person, and think or carry the image of that person, you create feelings and emotions within, and this emotion creates an energy within you, that influence your actions, in the direction of that person.

You experience different life’s situation and experience outside, but again the process of life happens inside. If you observe closely, the person you love may change and next time you may fall in love with some other person, but the internal process of life still remains the same.

If you connect with the internal process of life, the outside things can never deceive you, on the contrary, you influence the outside situation of life, by adjusting yourself from inside.

Your personal identity, allows you to carry on with different situations and experiences of life. You already have a certain idea, about what to expect, and how to react to different situations and events of life.

When you already carry an idea with life, you are less bothered to look out for the fresh things in the moment.

At the same time, when you simply observe life and go on moving with your daily routine, not with a specific idea, but with an open mind, then you hold a possibility to see something fresh every moment, and this freshness brings joy to your life.

When your awareness expands with the present moment, by continuously following the process of observing the repetitive circle of life, the body, mind, and heart to get tuned with the circle of life.

You begin to see things with the expanded awareness and slowly your understanding takes you higher from the repetitive cycle of life, while the process still goes on with the body, mind, and heart.

It’s a long journey of observing one’s own life and growing with awareness, which has to be followed a day in, day out with the same repetitive cycle of life, and slowly with the time, your awareness expands and understanding gets in, to take you higher with the process of life.

To observe the daily life, and expansion of the awareness of it is the simple process to take you higher to the state of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is a state of self-realization, beyond which there is no experience remains for the human to realize or experience.

With pure consciousness, you simply remain present in the moment and awareness grows and develops, out of the natural process of life.

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