Give yourself Some time to Adjust to the Moment



Life is in the moment, and we have heard these, millions of time, but to experience the truth of it, you have to give yourself some time to connect to the moment.

It takes time for your mind and spirit to get adjusted to the moment. Look at your daily schedule of life. Have you ever bothered to slow down, and tried to connect with the energy and vibrations of the moment?

Life is all about connection. Once you connect with the natural flow of life, you don’t need anything else to take you forward, but the natural flow of life is enough to take you to the other shore.

Life has a natural flow that flows inside out. Whenever you get into any action, make sure you take some time out for yourself and get yourself accustom to the action. Don’t try to hurry up with life. Try to align your inner world with the outside world. Once the inner, as well as outside world, moves in alignment, you don’t have to think and act rather all your actions flows effortlessly.

All your stress and problems of life are due to the misalignment of the inner as well as outside world.

Your mind and spirit is part of the cosmos and it has everything that you need to take your life forward. At any moment, if you can hold yourself back and simply connect with the present moment, you connect with the cosmos of the universe, and then you don’t have to do anything, rather the process of life runs through you.

The mind is filled with all the memories of the past and future. Lot many things simultaneously runs within the mind. If you take a moment for yourself and take a back seat, you can guide the mind in the direction of your choice. The mind and spirit need time to get adjusted to the things of the moment.

No matter what you do in the moment before you proceed, take some time to connect with the moment. Consciously put yourself aside, and bring all the energy to the moment. Even when you practice the simple act, connect with the moment and then move forward.

It’s only when we bring our awareness to the moment, we realize that we were not present in the moment; rather mind was wandering somewhere else.

The time you disconnect from the moment, you disconnect from the life that works as a whole. When you come closer to the moment, you come closer to life.

The magic of life lies in the moment, but to connect to the moment needs conscious effort. Before you direct your mind in the desired direction, you need to bring it to a neutral state. The mind that is present in the moment is always in a neutral state. The neutral state of mind can be guided into any direction.

All the hard work and strenuous effort are required when you separate yourself from this moment. When the mind is present in the moment, there is no hard work, but a simple flow of life, with which the things happens. You flow effortlessly with life, no matter what you do with your life.

With life, all your actions are part of an expression. No matter what you do with your life, it comes out of you as an expression. You can only express yourself in the best way possible if your mind is completely present in the moment. If your mind is wandering here and there, it will be impossible to focus in the moment.

The mind needs time to gather all the memories for the relevant expression. You already have everything in you. All you need is enough time in the moment so that you can pull out those relevant memories from your mind. This cannot happen, if you go on taking a circle of life, without holding yourself back in the moment.

For your professional life, you need a different part of the mind. For the personal life, you need the mind that behaves differently. When it comes to your own life, your personal skills, and talent, you need altogether a different state of mind.

When it comes to outside life, our life depends on the memories of the mind. It takes a while for the mind to get accustomed to the present moment and pull out the similar memories from itself. Even the improvisation with the present situation needs your complete attention in the moment.

If you take some time for yourself, before you get into any act, you allow your inner world to get arrange itself, according to the outside task. Once the inner world gets arrange according to the need of the outside task, it brings great intensity to the task in hand.

With life everything needs preparation. The mind needs time to get adjusted to everything. The mind is already equipped with all the necessary information, but you need to give some time to the mind so that it can adjust itself to the outside needs.

No matter what you do with your life before you jump into the action, give yourself some time. Either you practice meditation, or go for a workout, start your work or take your dinner, develop a habit of giving yourself sometime to adjust to the action. This will not only give you clarity in the moment, but life will flow through you with effortless ease.

When we look at life, we see life only from the physical perspective. We only see or judge the situation, out of what exists physically, but we cannot see the subtle reality of things.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, there is always a subtle reality exists at the moment, i.e. energy and vibrations. Life may appear to be physical but it also has its subtle reality to it, and more importantly, everything that is physical only comes out of subtle reality.

If you get into any situation, events or daily experiences of life, you never look for the subtle reality; rather you simply jump to the moment. When you give yourself some time to adjust to the moment, you can also read the subtle part of life that exists in the moment. When you can sense the subtle reality, you adjust yourself not only according to the physical need, but you also take into consideration the subtle need of the moment.

The real push to the action comes not from the physical effort or your thinking of the mind, but it comes from the spirit. It’s the spirit that arranges and rearranges itself within the body and forms necessary energy to manifest the subtle reality into physical reality.

When the spirit, mind and body fires together nothing is impossible for you to achieve on this earth, and you can go on and on, for the longest period of time. But before you understand the mechanism of the spirit, mind, and body you have to learn to slow down with life and connect with the present moment.

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