Follow your Intuition

follow your intuition

Is there anything in you that you can trust?

That’s intuition. We all have the intuition. We always know, what is right or wrong for us, but there are few who listen to their inner instinct, while others simply ignore the inner instinct and follow the path of the outside world.

Before few days, I have written about the right time. How you can hold patience at the moment and connect with the right time. When you follow your intuition, you connect with the right time.

You meditate, exercise, work and handle all the different aspects of life, with a perfect balance. This balance comes by following the intuition. With every aspect of life, you need to know, when you have to hold yourself back and when to move forward.

Many times we miss the right timing.

The only way we know is to keep running afterlife. When you follow your intuition, you connect with the core of life. The life that functions as a whole, knows the right moment.

Many times, we simply get stuck in life. We don’t know how to move forward, and this freezes us at the moment. When you make the connection inside, you figure out the way to move in the outside world.

Move from the Chaos of the Reactive Mind to the Clarity of the Responsive Mind

Following your intuition allows you to live your life in moderation. You don’t overdo in life, rather you serve the need of the moment.

When your mind is caught up in the outside world, you see the outside things constantly hovering your mind. When you connect with your inner world, you pull your energy out of the outside world and direct your attention inward.

With the inner attention, you receive the clarity in life. You don’t get caught up in the outside chaos; rather you lead your life with inner clarity.

Every day your life has its own priority, and you have to give your attention and energy to those priorities. When you focus on your priorities of life, you also receive the hints from inside, to fulfill your daily obligations of life.

You need a focused mind to read the inner intuition. If too many things go into your mind, it’s difficult to pick what’s really important for you at the moment.

Imagination plays a huge role in connecting and developing intuition. If you can imagine things into your mind, you can anytime make it your reality. Your mind should conceive the idea. If your mind accepts something thoroughly, it can also create a path for you, to make it your reality. That’s the magic of the mind. But you need to know, how to use the power of imagination.

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We all are filled with different powers, but we have to recognize our strengths and practice it often to bring it into a reality. The more you focus on your strength and work on your strength, the better you can pull out of your strength.

The path of intuition is all about knowing. No knowledge but knowing. You don’t have a clear picture in your mind, but you receive the glimpse of it. When you follow that glimpse, slowly the picture gets clear to you.

If you ignore the glimpse and follow the road-routine, you miss the path that can take your life forward.

We don’t trust the magic of life. The magic of life wants us to trust first and then act. Most of the time, we want surety, before we take action, and this makes us lose daily opportunities in our lives.

Life can be known while walking. You never receive the clear picture in advance, but once you start walking towards your truth, things tend to become clear to you. This is how life functions.

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Life grows with the time and energy both inside as well as outside. You have to give time and energy to the things to grow and flourish.

Whenever you choose to achieve big things, learned to break the things apart. Small things are achieved easily and once you learn the art of achieving small things, you can accomplish big goals in your life.

For the intuition to work, you need a path. It’s the intuition that allows you to move forward and grow on your path. You accomplish the impossible with the power of intuition.

We all get caught up in the big ideas of life, and thus fail to achieve small things. You can’t accomplish all in one day, but you can only utilize these moments efficiently and make most out of it.

When you learn to take those few steps towards your goals, no sooner you learn the art of accomplishing big things in your life.

The path of intuition shows you one step. If you walk on that one step, further steps are shown to you and this way you achieve your feat.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

To make most out of your life, connect with the life of the moment. Serve the life at the moment. You have to bring your mind to the moment. It’s the moment that reveals the mysteries of life to you.

You require your attention at the moment to decode the mysteries of life. Life is happening at the moment and the mind is consumed with the things of the past and the future.

The life that is throbbing in us is fully aligned with the life that is happening in the universe. When we become aware of the inner life, we also become aware of the life that is happening in the universe. We learn to read the signs and omens of life.

Life talks to us provided we listen to life. You have to become the observer of life. When you observe life, you stay open to life. You are all ears to the life that is happening around you.

Intuition is the language of the life. You have to listen to your heart to listen to life. Intuition warns you about the danger, and intuition hints you about the safest path. It connects you with the process of life, and it’s the path of intuition that leads you to the state of enlightenment.

Intuition: The Highest Rung of the Ladder of Consciousness

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