Focus on your Strength and create your Life around it


You have to figure out your strength. You need to know, what you are good at. It gives you a psychological edge in life. Your focus has to be on, what you want out of life.

In life, you don’t have to convince the world, rather you have to convince yourself, and if you convinced yourself, anything is possible for you in life. Don’t spend your time thinking about others; rather utilize your energy on focusing your strength and making most out of your life.

Life is not difficult but what perception we carry about life, makes it difficult or easy for us. Many times, situations, events or people overpower us, but it’s not them, but it’s what we think about them that makes it difficult to face them. The time we sort the things inside of us, everything becomes simple for us.

Always choose simplicity over complexity, and you will over-ride any puzzle of your life.

Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy

Life shifts every moment, and each moment you have the choice to pick either strong brick or weaker brick to build your dream life. If you choose strength, it adds up to your life, and if you choose weakness it too adds up to your life. Your life represents what you carry inside. If you stand tall within the self, you can see the reflection of it, in the outside world, but if you choose the weak self, then that too reflects in the outside world.

You have to consciously choose the path of strength, and create your life around it.

It takes time to build the life of your choice, but remember nothing happens in your life, without your choice. If your life is a shit, it’s you who knowingly or unknowingly chose that life for you, and if you want your life to be a miracle, then it’s only you, who have to create that miraculous life for the self.

Life gives us what we offer to life. We don’t receive something that we haven’t offered to life. If you have offer support in life, you will receive support, and you have empowered others on the path, you will find the situation, and people on the path, that will support you and empower you on your journey called life.

The outside life is a reflection of what you carry inside. Whatever consciously or unconsciously you grow inside, you experience the same in the outside world.

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Life can be a joyful ride or a sad one, depends on your attitude towards life. At any stage, life remains an open platform for you, and you can choose to rewrite the script of your life.

You have to learn to see life beyond the self. Our mind holds ideas for everything and doesn’t like to move beyond those ideas. You have to show courage to shred the ideas of the mind and experience the life of the moment. More you embrace the life of the moment, more you come closer to the natural ways of life.

Each day of your life should follow the upward arc, and when each day, you take that step upward, you not only experience the challenges of life but at the same time, you also experience the miracle on the path.

All the struggle and challenges are part of life, but it exists to take you to the next level. Unless you overcome your daily hurdles of life, it’s not possible to experience life at the next level.

The attention is the key to life. Wherever you put your attention, that part will grow in your life. You can choose either strength or weakness. If you choose strength, you attain the impossible in your life, and if you choose weakness, you attract the same into your life.

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Always hold the desire to grow and evolve in your life, no matter at what stage you are, and you will evolve with your perception. It’s your inner desire that creates the similar situations and attracts similar people into your life. The best will only attract the best into his life.

Life is all about service. You have to serve first before you expect anything back from life. It’s the process of giving to life that opens the door of possibilities and opportunities for you.

When you give, you create the capacity to receive. When you give, you expand but when your intention is only to take back, you seclude yourself from within.

At every moment, you have enormous possibilities to achieve whatever you want in life.

The point is, are you able to see those opportunities in your life and make most out of it?

To see life beyond the self-need eyes, and these eyes need to get developed out of a conscious effort in the right direction. Life is no chance or fluke rather it follows the natural order. To make most out of your life, you have to understand the natural order of life and align yourself with it.

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Strength to life comes from your imagination. It’s your power of imagining things allow you to create order in life. You don’t sort out the life outside; rather you sort out your life inside. The execution part comes later, but first, you have to spend the time to organize life within the self.

Once the things are in order within the self, it takes no time to execute it in the outside world. The real effort is required not in execution, rather putting the things in order inside. Once the things are in order inside, it takes no time to execute it in the outside world.

You have to think in terms of delivering goods to life. Your mind should constantly enroll in giving, and the life will take care of your needs. If you serve life, life too serves you back in return.

Life is sometimes hard and sometimes it opens all the doors for you. This is life, and it has its own ways to serve you and bring the best out of you.

You have to stay aware every moment of your life. It’s the awareness in the moment that allows you to see life beyond the limitations of the mind. The things of the mind keep you limited to its perception, but when you keep your attention in the moment, you will experience life beyond the limitations of the mind.

Life opens the door for you if you take one step at a time. Every situation and every person in your life can become an opportunity for you, to take your life to the next level.

The Journey through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility

You have to stretch every day, to see life which is beyond your present self. Repeating the same process of life gives you the same experience’s in life, but if you consciously stretch yourself to experience life which is beyond, you experience the un-experience into your life.

Life is how you mold it. There is no definite path of life. You have to create your own path that can take you to your destination. The path of strength will fill you up with more strength and you will add up the similar experiences into your life. Your desired life will not build up in one day; rather you have to constantly strive each day to build the life of your choice.

The only thing that you have to remember on the path, is to keep moving on the path, no matter what life brings to you, and as you learn to move on your path, you not only fulfill your desires but you also reach your ultimate destination.

Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

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