Experience the Movement of Life Energy and Vibrations, Within



Life starts with vibrations. Vibrations give birth to energy, and later the energy turns into the forms and images of the mind. The same images turn into thoughts and emotions and further the subtle energy that comes out of thoughts and emotions gets spread into the physical body through senses, for the physical body to take action.

To experience the process of life, move within. When you know yourself, all the mysteries of life is revealed to you. All the solution for your queries of life lies within you.

If you choose to rise higher with the understanding and bliss in your life, you have to connect with the truth of life, i.e. happening within. The life is happening inside.

If your life’s interest is only outside, you only move in a circle, without having real achievements with life.

When you move within, your understanding towards the situation and people in your life gets improved. The mind gets clear about how the things get formed, and you don’t waste unnecessary energy on the things, that separate you from the natural process of life.

The life follows a process, and it begins from within. If you choose to write the script of your life, you have to connect from within.

The self-realization is all about climbing the inner ladder. The spiritual energy shifts from the bottom of the spine to the top of the forehead. All the experiences of life serve you to cover this energy of life. All the situation and people you face, are there to serve you and bring you closer to yourself.

You cannot understand anything on this earth unless you go through its experience. Once you experience something for yourself, you rise above it.

The life is a never-ending process, and so never create the future, where your life stops, but always keep yourself active with the goal and purpose in life. This serves you to grow, evolve and improve with life.

The life is all about energy, and with the energy, you hold inside, you attract the similar energy from outside. As you connect within, slowly your energy shifts upward and this allows you to experience the purest form of energy.

The process of life moves from vibrations to the purest form of energy, and from purest form of energy to the images and the thoughts of the mind. The similar thoughts turn into the energy that is made out of your thoughts and emotions and this energy spread into your physical body and creates an action out of you.

When you move within, you don’t jump onto your action, without understanding. When you try to understand things, you connect with your mind and with the mind, you hold the positive image for your actions or desires that you wish to have in your life.

This desires or wish later turn into the thoughts, and positive emotions get created out of it. When you are positively inspired, you create positive energy from within and take action out of it.

Now when your actions, are out of your positive thoughts, emotions, and energy you are bound to receive positive outcome out of it.

Look at your life, and figure out the way you move towards your actions. You cannot achieve the result you have desired unless your mind and heart support your actions, and once your mind and heart support your action, even the world cannot deny what you wish to have into your life.

Remember no one knows, what’s going on inside of you, except yourself. But if you are ignorant about your inner life, than you are surely going to struggle with life, in the outside world.

You may work really hard, but unless you connect with the process of life, you will face the disappointment with the outcome of life.

The life doesn’t end with the images and the thoughts of the mind. There is also the higher world within you, that is full of pure energy and vibrations, that lies above your mind.

Every morning you receive the purest form of energy from within, and then with the thoughts and emotions, you give a different quality to your energy.

The enlightened souls, who experience the present moment all the time, and the bliss and wisdom they experience, is nothing but the purest form of energy and vibrations that they turn into their wisdom and bliss.

If this is the truth of life, how can we connect with the purest form of energy and vibrations,?

Your physical body, mind, and heart already carry the past experiences and impression into it, and so before you allow yourself to connect with the purest form of energy, you have to empty yourself from your past experiences and impressions of life.

There is a possibility that you might have the best experiences in the past, or you may have gone through lots of pain and suffering with your life, but to connect with the purest form of energy, you have to live both the experiences behind and be open to experience the highest truth of life.

The best way to empty yourself from the past is a physical exercise. With physical exercise, you allow the flow of purest form of energy from within and clear the images & thoughts from the mind and emotions of your heart.

When the purest form of energy flows through you, make sure to utilize it in a positive way, so that you can create a new path for yourself for the future.

Every day you accumulate lots of the experiences and impressions throughout the day, and your inner world is already filled with the experiences and impressions of the past.

Don’t expect magic with your life, as it takes time to empty your inner world from the past, and to utilize the purest form of energy, that you receive every day, on the positive actions. You have to make the best use of your positive energy after exercise so that you can create a new life’s path out of it.

The path of the inner ladder, asks everything out of you. You cannot hold back at any step. You have to be prepared to give everything each day, only then you can leave your past behind and allow the new future to be created out of the present moment.

Most of the time, people create their present moment out of their past, and so they receive the similar result for the future. When you exercise, you get some time for yourself, where your attention is only in the present moment. If you know how to utilize that time, for the positive action, you can break the patterns of the past, and can write the new script for the future.

Along with the physical exercise, meditation too serves you in your life. In the initial stage, don’t jump directly on meditation, but prefer to sit with yourself only once you exercise. Then it will be easier for you to connect with your inner world.

It’s all about practice and grip. Once you get the grip, then you can switch between your physical exercise and meditation according to your schedule.

Knowledge is equally important to connect with the inner world and to know it better. Once the mind and heart know something, it can be more open to life. Once you know that something is possible for one person, immediately you act, as now you know that if it’s possible for one person, then at least I can try for myself.

The mind and heart are scared of the unknown and you don’t find anything inside unless you cover the path of fear with courage. You have to stand up for yourself. You cannot expect the things to happen, but you have to take an initiative to make the things happen.

To rise up the inner ladder needs a great push. You should have a higher intent to get better than yesterday. Only then you can push yourself from within, to allow the things to happen. You have to manage your today’s work, and give something extra, so that you move forward.

This is how you grow and evolve with life. The process of evolution happens inside. The more clarity you receive from inside, the better approach you have towards life.

If you wake up every morning and move to your office, you cannot add something new to your life. But when you clean your inner system with the physical exercise and meditation and strive hard to get better with life every day, than anything you touch gets better with the time.

The process of life depends on your efforts and how you perceive life. The more you dive in, the better understanding you can have about life, and with the better understanding, you can play a better game of life.

Many times people are lost in the outside world, as they don’t know what they want out of life.

But you can always have a look at what you do the whole day and start removing the things, that doesn’t serve you in your life, or is not uplifting your life in any which way. Then this simple process itself will give you the clarity with your life.

“The clarity with life, can only come from within.”

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