Everything happens out of Nature

Everything happens out of Nature

Everything happens out of nature. Nature is a way. The way the things manifold. No part of life can be claimed in any other way, except its nature.

Enlightenment or realization of the self is to know the process. Knowing the process is to know the nature of things. You don’t add or subtract in life, but you simply align yourself with the nature of things, out of your understanding towards the process.

Images come to the mind, out of the process. The source of the image is your external reality. Your perception accumulates the images from the external reality and the process of images in your mind begins.

Nothing happens in life, out of the blue and everything comes out of a process. Everything that exists in the Universe follows its nature. There is nothing called good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, except the things manifesting out of its process.

What you put in comes out. Wherever you direct your energy, you experience the consequence of it. All your choices and decisions come from the external experiences of life. You only pick things, from the images, that move into your mind.

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All your daily living is part of your internal process. Whatever you think, feel or act happens out of nature. Out of your intrinsic nature that you develop over the time.

You have a choice, to transcend your nature and move into the deeper process of life. Life is a process of evolution, whereby, you rise the ladder, by understanding the natural process of life.

More you understand, more you come closer to the process of life. Your understanding too is part of the process. You have a choice, to understand the process of life, and transcend your life out of it, by aligning your daily path with it, or you have a choice to simply repeat the same circle of life.

If you experience the same experience on a daily basis, your mind will reflect the same images, and your choice and the decision will reflect, what you carry in your mind.

All the actions, which you take with your daily life, are only the surface reality, while the real life, takes place at a much deeper level.

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You are part of the process, and your role is to recognize the process and be with it. Most of our life are lost in struggling with the process of life. It happens to be, like we are thrown into the ocean, without learning how to swim. More often, we struggle into the ocean but never try to learn how to swim.

Once you know how to swim or once you understand the process of life from within, then you don’t have to fight with it, but simply be with it, and life as a whole, is enough to take you on another shore.

It’s not the eyes that understand life, but the understanding behind it. You utilize this understanding to understand the petty things, but you can also utilize the same understanding to understand the process of life, as a Whole.

You can utilize the same understanding to understand the Self beyond your present self. Life is perfect and beautiful, but this perfection and beauty of life can be known, only with the perfect state of mind.

At the deepest level in your awareness field, you are not divided, but you are one, with everything that exists in the universe. The process that takes place within happens to be such that, you seem to be separate from everything that exists in the Universe.

We are not aware of this fact of life, that we are not caught up somewhere else, but with our own understanding of life.

There is nothing that exists outside or inside to punish us or take a note of every action of ours, but it’s our own understanding towards life, that allows us to experience, different pain and pleasures of life.

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More and more the process of life becomes clear to us, more and more freedom we begin to experience from inside.

Your present external reality is your own creation and if you experience something in your life that you cannot identify with, then that part of the experience is carried into your life, from your past efforts.

The only way to rise above your past experiences is to serve them, in a way, whereby, even if it comes in the future, it only serves you to take you forward with life, and for some reason, that experience is not required in the future, then you have the choice, to nullify that experience forever in the present moment.

The natural process of life doesn’t initiate from the thoughts and images of the mind, but there is a deeper reality that exists in each individual to reveal for himself.

The thoughts and images in the mind, floats on the awareness field of the mind, just like the images passing on the television screen. When we look at the television, we are very well aware, that the images are simply passing on the television screen, but when our life images passing on the screen of our mind, we never take the pain to look into it.

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With whatever you attach yourself with the television screen of your mind, becomes the part of your life.

Television runs twenty-four hours of the day, even if you switch off, but there are certain series on the television, that you like to watch on a daily basis, and thus become a part of your life.

In a similar way, the images, on the televisions screen of your mind, works twenty-four hours, and the series that you associate with becomes the part of your external experience.

The television screen of your mind, where all the thoughts and images pass through, is actually the awareness field of the mind, which is absolutely clean. Everything floats on the surface of the awareness field, just like the passing images on the television.

Your personal identity to gets develops at the moment, with the momentary experience you associate with, on your awareness field, and as soon as the experience gets over, your identity to gets collapse with it. The awareness field of your mind is plain subtle clothing, where the whole process of thoughts and imagination takes place.

When you understand the internal process of life, first time, you realize that the personal identity that you carry in your mind, exists only at the time of momentary experience, and as the experience is forgotten, so the personal identity too gets forgotten.

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It’s like, you carry the identity of a son, brother, sister, father, mother, or a friend in a momentary experience. You even switch the identity with a different experience and as the experience gets over, you get back to, who you are.

Try to recognize yourself within, beyond the identity of a husband, wife, father, mother, son, brother, sister, friend, or businessman, and see what you find inside?

Everything grows and vanishes on the awareness field, in the moment. The awareness field of the mind is just like a television box, where all the images simply pass by.

If you move deeper, and figure out, how the television box works than you can also see the connection that allows the process of television to work. In a similar way, when you move deeper into the awareness field and look for its source, you find the subtle strings, or the energy, that allows the process of awareness field to take place.

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The subtle strings work as a current within the body. The sensation that you experience in the body is experienced, only because of the subtle strings.

With life, everything follows its nature, and the subtle strings along with the awareness field too follow its nature. With life, nothing happens by luck or chance, but everything happens out of its process. Unless we understand the natural process of life, it’s not possible for us, to come out of the chaos of our mind or suffering of life.

The time we choose, not to limit ourselves to our own understanding and begin to look for the ways, to develop better understanding towards the process of life, more and more closer we come to the natural process of life and more and more clarity we receive towards the process.

With the clarity, we align ourselves with the natural flow of life and with the natural flow, we become the part of the eternity and with the eternal life, we remain less concerned with the process of birth and death, and we live each moment of life with eternity.

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