Enlightenment is not an End to Life



Life is a continuous process. It goes on forever. You come here to play your role and as your time gets over, you get off the stage. This understanding has to be a part of your life. The life happens in mind. The thoughts and images pass through the mind. When you hold onto something, it becomes the part of your life, and when you let it go, you move away from that aspect of life.

The mind has to be like an open hand, through which you allow the life to pass by. You enjoy the moment and let it go. Don’t try to hold onto your pleasures, otherwise, you prepare the mind to hold onto the pain.

All the different thoughts and images are part of the mind. You have to know and understand your mind. Everything else changes, but the basic nature of your mind remains the same. The natural process of the mind is to think thoughts.

You make a choice to hold onto life. You teach your mind the art of holding onto things. If you teach him the art to let it go, the mind will not hold itself, either with the desires or pain and sufferings of life.

The way you train the mind, it rolls over in that direction. The mind acts out of its nature, and you have a power of choice. You are separate from your mind. You are not your mind, but you have the mind, just like the body, and other things that can be made good use of, out of understanding. You cannot blame others, for the consequences of your life, as you hold control to direct your mind, irrespective of the situation and circumstances of life.

The life is like a flowing river, and if you allow it to pass, just by observing different events and situation of your life, happiness flows into your life. Joy, happiness, love, even pain, sorrow, suffering are the natural process of life, for the inner growth. It may seem that you receive all those things from outside, but in reality, the outside situation, people, and experiences show what you carry inside of you.

If you are going through pain and suffering inside, & still move, among the people those who are having fun with their life, you cannot enjoy yourself but you suffer because of the inner state, even in the most joyous situation of life. Your life has nothing to do with what happens outside. It reflects, what you are from inside.

“When you are weak from inside, the outside situation and people aggravate your feelings and emotions, and thus it seems like outside situation and people are responsible for your inner state.”

When you make a practice to observe life, you notice that one situation is connected with the other. The problem doesn’t come alone, but always carry its solution with it. All the problem and solution lies within you  stay with you, and passes by from this earth, along with you. In reality, in the outside world, there are no problems, but it’s only because of humans, who carry their own problems inside themselves, make more complexities in the outside world.

Let lose yourself and allow yourself to flow with life. Everyone holds too many complexities into their mind. This complexity creates the complex perception towards the world. As gradually, you start to solve the complexities from within, you start to make a correction with the outside world.

Life is a straight path in your mind, with no end and no beginning. You choose to participate on the path with your mind, heart, and body and when you associate yourself with the body, mind, and heart, which is natural, you take everything personal, and thus you go through a different perspective of life and get into the cycle of life.

“To get away from the cycle of life, one has to rise above the personal identity & identify the higher self, within.”

Everyone on this earth is part of the existence, but this realization happens, once you create an intent to look into that direction and work towards it. If you limit yourself with the worldly life, you live half truth.

Many people carry an idea, that enlightenment is all there is, nothing exists beyond enlightenment, but this is not true. Life doesn’t end with enlightenment, but the new process of life begins with the pure consciousness, where the wisdom and bliss of life expand each day, for you to share with the world.

The idea of the continuous process of life has to be clear in mind. This allows you to have an expanded vision for life, and you see every moment eternal and your life’s effort too depends on upon the continuous process of life, rather keeping the short picture of life in mind.

“The mortal souls perceive and live in this world differently than the immortal souls. The immortals are the one’s, who live life, beyond their personal self, for eternity in this very moment, while mortal souls, only live for the personal gratification, at different levels.”

Move with life moment by moment. Once you train the mind to keep moving forward, it learns the  art of detachment. With the detachment, you can see how the patterns of life are formed and how they are interconnected.

One moment follows by other, in a continuous process. As soon as you get stuck into any situation, event or experience of the past, you actually stuck in the mind, and stop the natural flow of energy. The life is a free flow. Embrace the moment, give everything to life, without expecting anything out of it. Your seeds will sprout at the right time.

If you allow the life to pass by, while actively participating in it, you get one with the existence and follows the natural patterns of life. When you hold onto something, either your desire or any situation of life, the mind moves away from the natural process and all the energy gets drained thinking about the desire or the situation of life.

If your desire is in alignment with life, then you can flow with it, but if the life asks you to flow somewhere else, and you hold onto your petty little ideas then you get stuck in mind.

As soon as you are born, life has designed a flow for you. All you have to do is recognized the flow and keep on moving into the gap. The flow itself will take you through the process of life. You always have all the wisdom needed in the moment. But when you hold onto your ego and wish to have the life in your direction, problems start to arise.

When you are flexible with life, all the path’s are open for you. When you remain rigid with your own idea of life, you miss life at every moment. The life has nothing to do with good or bad. It simply flows like a river. If someone wants to wash his dirty clothes, he doesn’t stop them and if someone choose to quench his thirst, he allows him to do so.

This is the real idea of life, where you simply flow with it. When you have arrived till this moment of your life, that means you have already covered a long path. All you have to do is look back and see your dots from the past, and you will notice the certain patterns of life. Follow the same pattern and you will always have a way for the future.

Life has its own challenges, but it carries its thrills with it. Life will be utterly boring if you don’t have different types of life’s situations, events, and experiences to live by.

Embrace life in the moment, and broaden your perspective towards life. Try all the things that serve you to understand life. Anything that impacts your mind, body, and heart in a positive way, serves you to perceive life in a better and with a broader perspective.

Your internal feelings should give you the sense of growth and satisfaction with life. The purpose of life is not to reach somewhere, but to understand it, by realizing and recognizing one’s true identity, and then participate in it, with the highest wisdom, wherever you are placed in life, for the good of all.

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