Your Energy attracts the similar energy to you

Your Energy attracts the similar energy to you

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You have the life energy working in you. It’s the movement of the life that attracts similar life in the form of people, situations, events or different experiences of life.

Life is no fluke and gives you what you actually savor in your heart. It’s not about what you think, but what kind of intent you hold inside.

No way can life be a deceiver. Many of us try to deceive life out of our ignorance, but we forget that the life energy that works in you, allows you to go through different experiences of life. You try to deceive something that allows you to experience life. It’s the source of all your different experiences of life.

You attract what goes in you all the time. All your thinking, dreaming and desiring about the things create sufficient energy in you and you attract those things in your life.

Life in no way based on fluke or chance, rather everyone attracts, what they carry inside.

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The process of life works at the level of energy and not at the level of body and mind. You purify your body and mind to match the necessary energy that you wish to attract in your life.

When you consciously connect with the life energy in you, you connect with the truth. When the mind becomes your center point, there are fair chances of you to get caught up into the illusions of life, but when you consciously connect with the inner life energy, your every choice and decisions remain closer to the truth.

All our choices and decisions of life are based on the illusions. We serve the illusions and not the reality and this illusion gets bigger in our mind along with our identity. By connecting with the life energy we connect with the actual reality of life.

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Our present life is driven either by the needs or desires. When we chase our desires, we unnecessary spend our energies on the things that consume lots of time for its manifestation, and at the end of the day leave us empty-handed. It takes time to manifest those desires but when those desires get fulfilled, we don’t receive any fulfillment or contentment that we have expected to attain after accomplishing those desires.

Life is all about understanding. It’s very rare that people think and chase the things in their lives, which hold some worth. Everyone is after accumulating the wealth but they don’t know what to do once they accumulate necessary wealth.

When you consciously choose to bring the shift in your life, you have to take your attention inward and consciously connect with the life energy that is working inside.

We all are aware of the life that is happening at the level of mind, but we don’t know the process that works beneath the mind. The real shift in life comes at the level of energy. When you don’t understand your energy, you also misinterpret the life around you.

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Your success turns into a failure and your fortune turns into a misfortune. To turn your failure into success, and your misfortune into a fortune, you have to bring the shift at a ground level, which is at the level of energy and vibrations.

The inner moving energy connects you with the wisdom of life. You always know the right time to act, and the right time to hold yourself back.

Life can move at a great pace in the moment and the same life can slowly shift in the moment. To understand, both the movements of life need wisdom.

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Remember wisdom has nothing to do with the information or experiences of life rather wisdom is a pure knowing in the moment. In the moment, you always know how to respond. All you need is your presence at the moment. The inner energy connects you with the moment. You come out of your mind and connect with the life that is happening in the moment.

The clarity of life comes at the moment. When you can directly look into life that is happening in the moment, you can see through life. The mind lives with its own idea, while the life that is happening at the moment, is completely separate from the perception you hold in the moment.

By connecting with the energy in you, you detach yourself from the outside life and thus have a better view of life. Usually, our mind thinks thoughts and our body follows. But when you connect with the energy inside, you give less importance to the things of the mind and keep your attention more on the movement of life energy inside.

Every day you attract things into your life that can take your life forward or backward. When you connect with the inner moving life energy, you only pick things that take your life forward.

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Life is happening moment by moment and thus your awareness in the moment is very important.

Many times, we lose the opportunities in life, because of our lack of attention. The present situation shows everything, provided we are attentive in the moment. The point is, nobody, likes to stay in the moment, and everyone wants to run away from the moment. Everybody wants to reach somewhere.

When you are with the inner moving energy, it’s easier to hold yourself in the moment.

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The mind keeps you running all the time if you are unaware of your mind. At the same time, if you direct the attention of the mind to connect with the inner moving energy, naturally all your thinking and imagination slows down, and you can stay with the life that is happening in the moment.

Knowingly or unknowingly you gather lots of stuff inside. All these experiences and impressions simply turn into your thinking patterns and create chaos in your mind. When you connect with the life energy inside, slowly you detach yourself with the things that are happening both in the outside as well as inner world.

When you look outside, not everything serve your goal. There are very few things that can serve the purpose. With the inward attention, you only pick the things that are essential and can serve the purpose in your life, and this helps you to slow down your thinking process as well as the chaos of the mind.

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Your daily life needs a path. With the attention on the inner moving energy, you can create a path for yourself and walk on that path. When you don’t have a path, your life moves in a different direction and you do get tempted by different desires, but when you have a path, you stay close to life and create life of your choice.

You need to do justice to every moment of your life. Only then you can create life of your dreams. Everyday life brings you, different twists and turns, which become hard to understand. But at the same time, if you stick to your path and keep your attention to the life that is happening inside, no sooner you overcome the obstacles of life and create the life of your choice.

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