Do the Work, but Give Ownership, to Your Higher Self.



All your tension, stress, pain and suffering with life, is because, you either want to run away from life, or you want everything to be done, by yourself. Both the ways you call for the above problems. The life is complex, because the process of mind, heart and body is not well understood.

Whatever the solution, you figure out for life, you create a bigger problem for yourself, and this is not true, for the dumbest souls of this earth, but the people to whom the world considers the wisest.

Consider the person in your life, who you feel is the wisest of all, and sit with him for sometime, and ask him, does he understands life well, and you will have your answer.

Life cannot be understood without the creator or the higher self, within you, that exists beyond mind. Life happens with the mind, and more you act on your thoughts, more complexities you create for yourself.

The spirit, may not be savored by many, but it’s not the mind, that runs the show, but it’s the spirit within the body, that works through mind, heart and body.

“The spirit is a subtle thread, that carries the functions of life, through physical body, heart and brain, and this can only be experienced, if you can slip back, into the nothingness of the mind.”

The mind only knows, how to form thoughts, and further feelings, emotions and sensation takes you further to take actions on those thoughts. When you sit back, and simply bring your attention back to your breath and direct him inward, it can help you to unveil the mysteries of life, that lies within you, and not outside.

Whenever you create a desire, and take actions towards it, you create one more complex web, for yourself. More desire you have, more you tie yourself with the subtle thread, within the body.

It’s hard to understand life, because you look at life from the threads, which is full of the past experience and impressions of your life.

You only see, the present from the past, and thus your actions too comes out, from your past experience. When you get the things done, but don’t take ownership of it, rather simply pass on the ownership, to your higher self, you stay light from inside.

The thread of the spirit, doesn’t tie you from inside. The mind, heart and body can only function because of the subtle thread of the spirit.

You can feel the subtle thread in this moment, if you wish to.

The sensation of your body, is part of the subtle thread. The spirit works through body through sensation. Either its your brain, heart or any part of body, you can experience or realize the body, because of the sensation. In the out-of-body experience or near-death experience, the spirit along with the sensation leaves the body.

More you bring your doer-ship in your act, more the subtle thread of the spirit will tie around your body, and even at the end of the day, you may feel you have achieved a lot, but if you turn around and look at your life, you will find nothing out of it.

“Transferring the ownership to the higher-self, is one of the oldest ancient practice to realize the wisdom and bliss, while going through different experiences of life. This way you not only rise above the mundane process of life, but on the way, you also receive the understanding towards the natural process of life, that goes within.”

The path of spirituality, is to untie the knot of the spirit from the physical body and rise higher within. The path of spirituality is to realize the spirit within the body. You cannot understand anything, unless it’s a part of your experience.

Knowledge and information is of, the outside thing, and its useful to encourage the person, to move towards the experience, but if the person, simply rely on the information or knowledge, than he again creates more complexity, out of the knowledge or information itself.

Life is about experiment, and with experiment you gain experience and the same experience, when you allow to take it, over your entire life, than it really adds meaning to life.

Life is not only to realize the god within, out of experiment, but once you have an experience of god, you have to bring it, into a reality, so that you enjoy the beauty of life, with your higher self, and others too, can look for something within themselves, beyond their petty ego of their mind.

The process of life begins with the mind. Before any act, you receive the image in your mind. Further thoughts, feelings and emotions follows, and you take action. Now the quality of action depends upon the quality of thoughts, feelings and images of your mind, and the quality of image depends upon the level of energy you have in the present moment.

For the same person, you have different thoughts, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. When you have positive thoughts, it’s because the mind creates positive image and if you have negative thoughts, mind creates negative image. Now, the spirit along with the sensation, carries the spiritual energy or say energy that allows the functions of body, heart and mind.

If the position of the spiritual energy is high within the body, the images of the mind will be positive and if the position of the energy will be at the lower end, the image of the mind will not be positive. When you carry the doer-ship with life, the energy slips downward, but when you allow the life to happen, and simply let lose yourself from within, the energy begins to move upward.

You can experiment with your life, only for twenty-four hours. You won’t lose anything. You have to do the same task, you have to live the same life, and you have to meet the people, in your life, the same way, like you did, in the past. The only thing that will change is, now you don’t carry the responsibility or accountability of anything that happens through you. It’s of somebody else. Somebody, who is higher than your personal identity.

You will notice that the spiritual energy will begin to flow freely. You will be able to complete the tasks, effortlessly and more efficiently, and more importantly even after completing the day, you will not feel, that you have done anything, but you will feel relax. Somewhere, you will find the purpose and meaning, in the most mundane things of your life.

The untying of the spirit with the body is possible, only when you let lose yourself with life. Remember when you let lose yourself or surrender yourself to life, you can work more freely and you receive more from life, than you can ever achieve with your mind.

True understanding of life is, only possible when you rise above your present identity. Your present identity, only asks you to take the ownership, when the things are good, or when everything goes according to the plans, but when the things seems to create a complexity with life, your own identity wants to just get rid of himself.

In the first place, when you begin to practice, to let lose yourself from within, slowly rather to accumulate, more experiences and impressions throughout the day, you will begin to drop the experiences and impressions, while going through the daily tasks of life.

“Life is never complex from outside. All the complexity lies in our understanding. When we fail to understand life, even a simple situation seems like a problem.”

Transferring of ownership, allows you to see your daily life with clarity. You can see, how your life takes place. When you are too much involved in your life, without understanding, you only get tied, with the complexity of your own experiences of life. All you have within yourself, is your own experiences and impressions of life. Your experiences and impressions, certainly have come out of, your own choices and decisions of life.

If you experience the stress, pain or you suffer with your life, its the result of, your past actions. If you cannot see clearly through your life, you create your future, out of the same experience that you had in the past. It may happen, that sometimes, you may have one or two experiences of life, that makes you feel good, but that’s not the actual reality of life. The truth is, life is full of wisdom and bliss, and for these, you don’t have to go anywhere else, but simply move inward.

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