Difference between Spiritual Experience, and Situation based Experience

spiritual experience

Experience in life is important to take your life forward. There are two types of experiences, either spiritual or situation based experience. With situation based experience, you experience different aspects of life and once you grow with the experiences, it serves you in the outside life.

Situation-based experiences are important to go through your day-today life. On the other hand spiritual experiences connects you with the core of life.

You realize your true self.

Situation-based experiences remains limited to the mind. All the experiences and impressions of your daily life, takes a form of one or the other situation, and it creates your daily life cycle.

Sit down with yourself, and quietly observe your daily life. You will notice the daily process, that lead you no-where. You live only for the survival. Life is much more than that.

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In the mind, both the impressions and experiences gets rooted. The experiences have long-lasting effect, while the impressions still leaves its prints on the mind. If you think something in your mind, it only becomes your experience, if you act on it, in the physical world.

If your thought remains your thought, it only remains an impressions in the mind and slowly disappear from the mind. Even the experiences that you dont nourish on a daily basis, slowly tends to disappear from your mind.

All the accumulated knowledge and information only remains an impressions unless you apply into your life. All your impressions only turned into an experience, if you sufficiently act on them.

Knowledge or information is not sufficient but you have to have first hand experience of the situation by yourself.

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When you simply share the knowledge or information of others, you don’t have the knowledge of the path. With the experience comes the knowledge or wisdom of life.

Just by accumulating the information, if it appears to you, that you have known something than just try to apply that information in your daily life, and you will see the result. All the information or knowledge doesn’t serves its purpose, unless it becomes an experience. It only remains a broken impressions in your mind, which serves no purpose in your life.

With the spiritual experience, you can’t even accumulate the false information. The spiritual experience always remain limited to an individual. In spiritual experience you experience the truth or the reality of your inner world. The life flows inside out. Whatever you experience in the outside world comes from the inner world.

Sometimes it happens, that when you go through some situation based experience, and you learn the deep lesson out of it, out of which your life transforms, then it’s not a mind based experience, but it’s a spiritual experience.

I Am That

Transformation or transcendence happens only when you have a personal encounter with life. Your daily repetitive process of life, without understanding, takes you nowhere. No day of your life should pass, without learning any real lessons out of it.

The spiritual experience stays with you for the lifetime, because it’s the truth and it doesn’t change with the impressions and experiences of life. Situation-based experience changes often and doesn’t remain constant, while the spiritual experience stays with you forever.

Spiritual experience opens you up to the process of life that happens within.

When you live at the level of mind, you realize that life is limited to the body and mind, but when you realize your inner truth, you realize that you have the life energy in the body, that constantly works within. The life energy is the actual source that takes care of the body and mind.

The spiritual experience helps you to understand the natural process of life, that happens inside.

The natural process of life is same in each one of us. The source, soul or spirit, mind, feelings, emotions, sensation, breath remains the same.

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It’s the nature of the mind, that’s differentiate one from another. You accumulate your daily experiences and impressions of life, out of the nature of the mind. Its your mind that not only creates your life but it also attracts life to you.

With your life, you go through the situation based experience that keeps your understanding limited to life. You go on repeating the same thing of your mind. Your problems remains the same and so does your solution.

Its the nature of the mind that keeps you engaged into the circle of life. You experience your outside life based on the perception of the mind. When your mind is filled with the chaos, the outside life appears to be a problem, but when your mind is relax, everything gets clear and you receive clarity of life.

Each day you can choose to repeat the same process of life, or you can bring your awareness to the moment and learn the daily lessons of life.

The daily situation of life means nothing if you don’t learn the necessary lesson out of it. Try to figure out the cause of things. That will allow you to dig deep into your past and into your mind.

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When you closely observe your life, you will notice that your present life appears out of your past actions. Its your past that becomes your present and your response in the present that will create the future situation, but your life will remain the same, until you die, if you dont learn necessary lessons out of it.

The life’s lesson serves you to rise above the mundane process of life and takes your life to the next level. As your experiences expand, your act in your daily life too moves to another level, as you don’t get into the trivial activities of life. You choose your life well and act out of understanding, which brings you closer to the natural process of life.

“You grow, evolve and expand from within, out of the spiritual experience.”

The Flight of the Eagle

If you don’t learn from your experience each day, you will have nothing to move forward for the next day. It’s your daily life’s lesson that serves you to take your life forward.

Every human is capable of understanding his life. You have all the wisdom and bliss of life, exists inside. You don’t have to study somebody else’s life, to learn the life’s lesson, rather all you need to do is take your attention inward and know yourself thoroughly and you will acquire all the wisdom of life.

The wisdom and bliss with life can be achieved by walking one step at a time.

Before I Am: The Direct Recognition of Truth

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